A discourse of military discipline devided into three boockes, declaringe the partes and sufficiencie ordained in a private souldier, and in each officer; servinge in the infantery, till the election and office of the captaine generall; and the laste booke treatinge of fire-wourckes of rare executiones by sea and lande, as alsoe of firtifasions [sic]. Composed by Captaine Gerat Barry Irish.
Barry, Gerat.
Page  140

The election and office of a Master de Campe of a Regi∣mente of Infanterie.

THe office of the Master de campe of a Regimente of Infanterie is an office of greate reputation, which by all reason oughte to be recomended to one of greate prudence, brave conduction, and skillfull in martiall affaires, for beinge the heade, leader, and or∣dinarie justice af all the Companies a pointed under his chardge.

He be all reason oughte to by one of greate consideration, because that by him are all the orderes, and necessarie prevensiones for the generall goode and utilititie of his regiment delivered to the Sargen∣te mayor, alsoe to the Captaines, Souldieres, and other Officeres of his Regimente, as alsoe to all sorte of people, whiche do followe and depende on the same: To him apertaineth the ministringe of justice, and reprehendinge of faultes, and unrulie factes comitted in his Re∣gimente, in suche places, as his Master de campe, Generall, or Cap∣taine generall, are not in presence, to whome he is to presente many matteres whiche doe ocurr, Whiche by right in suche places as they are presente muste governe all.

But as an ordinarie justice the Master de campe is to by comuni∣cated withall, in all matteres whiche ocurr in his Regimente; the exa∣minationes of thies causes are to be taken, and examined by his Au∣tor, and if occasiones of appellation shoulde represente they are to be remitted to the campe master generall.

This election of a Master de campe, or Coronell is made by the Prince, with the advice of his Counsell of state and warr; And in this election greate consideration oughte to be taken. For beinge suche an honorable chardge of highe degree; as chieftaine or head above all the Captaines, and other Officeres of his Regimente, havinge do∣minion and jurisdiction over them all: By whiche may by perceived the highe dingnitie and degree of suche a person, and the a proved partes brave conduction, valeoure, and goode examples, whiche of him is to be expected, (to the ende that the Captaines may imitate his prudente perfection and brave govermente.) In suche places whe∣re the Captaines of his Regimente do assiste with him, of all occurran∣ces and occasiones of warr they are to advertice theyre Master de cā∣pe, Page  141 and if any Officer or Souldier by a prehended, for faultes comit∣ted, they can not by put at libertie, withoute the Master de campes order, beinge in his jurisdiction.

In time of the Romaines Polybe writeth that this name we call Co∣lonell or Master de campe was then cauled Tribunus, and they cauled Legion, of that whiche we call a Regimente, theyr legion was of 4200 foote men, whiche they divided into 10. partes, as if it were betwex∣te 10. Captaines, eache division they cauled Cohortes, which we call a Companie, each legion had 300. horse, theyre Captaines Cintu∣riones, some of 150. and some of 200. Otheres were Centenarios, whi∣che had but 100. men. For the ministringe of equitie and justice, and reprehendinge of faultes and disorderes, and that military discipline may by duely, observed with infalible punctualitie; he is to choyse an Auditor of a man well learned and of goode judgemente, withe his Clearke and Augusill, whiche are used a monghste the Spanish and Italian Regimentes, to take informationes of suche injuries, and dis∣orderes as are comitted, this Auditor is to give the sentence, but no auctoritie to execute the same, withoute consultinge firste with the Master de campe, and getinge his firme to the sentence, for other wise he hath no auctoritie to execute nor dispatche the same, the A∣gusill serves to assiste the executiones of the Auditores a faires, and alsoe to by imployed, and sollicite many other thinges, that doe pass trough the Auditor is handes.

For makinge or dividinge of quarteres marchinge in campaina or garison, he is to get a skillfull Quarter-master able in readinge and writinge, and specially perfecte in Arithmeticke, for to him apertai∣neth, the receavinge of all sortes of amunitiones and armes given, and delivered by the Prince, but the distributinge of the same belongeth to the Sargēt mayor, to see that all thinges by duly and equally distri∣buted. Of al sortes of amunitiones received of the Kinge, the furiell mayor is to yealde a cōpte, when it is soughte for, for bienge his office and dutie. The furielles of the Companies are to assiste him in all oc∣casiones in marchinge, and to receive theyre orderes from the furiell mayor, and he from the Quarter-master generall; and the from the general. Greate care oughte to be taken in seinge that the Sutleres be well provided with all necessaries, and to see that they by well paiede; A speciall care oughte to by taken that they do not deceive the Soul∣dieres with faulce weighte and measure, nor nothinge above the pri∣ce ordained by the Master de campe.

Page  142It is necessarie that the Sutleres and Marchantes, whiche doe fol∣lowe the Regimente, that they be well garded, that theyr vituales and wares may depende uppon goode securitie, for thies affaires the Ca∣ptaine de campaina and his Leuetenante oughte with care to assiste in executinge his dutie and office.

In occasiones of marchinge he and his teniente and men are to by verie vigilante and carefull, in not permitenge the Sutleres nor they∣re boyes to stragle, or fall a spoylinge the countrie and povre inhabi∣tances, nor to take perforce any thinge that cometh to by soulde in the campe, as alsoe to have a speciall care to lett no Souldieres pass, causinge them to fall into theyre rankes, rather then to be permited to run straglinge and spoylinge the countrie; And suche as are found gilthi in breakinge the proclamation to see them presentlie executed. Soe beinge earneste and carefull in thies affaires shall he oblidge all suche Souldieres as are inclined to minester goode justice and exam∣ples, and esteemed for a true father and brave conductor. A necessa∣rie thinge it is alsoe to have a goode Doctor of Physicke well learned and of longe practice, as alsoe a Surdgente mayor one well knowen to have had longe practice in handelinge of woundes and other dis∣ceaces, suche a one chosen by favor or affection (and not havinge the partes befitinge) causeth the death of many Souldieres trough his lit∣le skill, to the disgrace of him that made choyse of suche a one.

Verie necessarie it were that in his Regimente doe assiste a Chaplen mayor, and preacher to over see all the Chaplenes, that all thinges touchinge there obligationes, may by observed and ministred in due time, givinge goode examples, and still assistinge with gravitie and vertueuse cariadge, alsoe to be carefull that the Captaines of his Re∣gimente give goode examples for it importeth for many respectes.

In the election of a Drom mayor he is to by verie well informed that he be one of goode fufficiencie, for beinge an instrumente very necessarie in warr, who is to instructe, and give goode examples to all the Dromes of the Regimente, whiche beinge chosen of one who hath the goode partes and sufficiencie in him required, is an instru∣mente of greate importance in a Regimente, and specially to the Sardgente mayor, in carieng orderes, and beatinge of the proclama∣tiones, he is to by skillfull in beating the drom, or at leaste in under∣standing all sorte of marchinges, to beate an a larme, a call, a retire, a disafie, a battell, to knowe who to carie him selfe verie discret in ca∣rienge any mesadge to a campe, towne, cittie, or castell, and knowe Page  143 howe discretly to deliver his mesadge, and answer many demaundes, as alsoe in understandinge, and well relatinge his answer, and to in∣forme him selfe in as muche as he may posible of whate occurreth, if he be permited in takinge a viewe of the walles ditches, and if the dit∣ches be dry or with water, and who deepe, and whate place or places of the walles or fosses may by won with moreease, as also of the necessi∣tie or plintie of vituales, if by faire meanes he may spie the same oute it is necessarie that he speakes many languadges, to beate afuriouse a larme, and battell when ocasion shall require, as alsoe a presumed reti∣re. A necessarie thinge not to be permited (but rather defended) that no officer nor souldior by given to winchinge, and that for many goo∣de respectes, but som publicke woomen are wonte to be permited in eache company, some three or foure for a 100 men, which are to be in a separated quarter, and specially if in garison lett them be in as se∣cret and as hidden a place as can by posible, for by reason it impor∣teth to honeste men and negboures, and the cause why this is permi∣ted and tolerated, is to shun greater danger: In the oulde lawes or statutes six or eighte woomen were a lued for everie 100, men, to thies is wonte to be given lodginges and service as to the souldieres, all whiche is thoughte profitable to the negboures, that the lesh sus∣pision and ocasion of scandall may by of theire shisteres wifes and children, and for many respectes it oughte not to by permited that a ny souldier doe sleepe withe thies woomen oute of his quarter uppon paine of severe punishmente, alsoe suche weemen as doe nott obser∣ve thies constitusiones to punish hir in the purse, whiche will grive hir moste, for this busines is wonte one to by a pointed to ouersee if thies lawes by observed or no. For it importeth muche the souldiores health, wher fore the barber mayor is wonte to uisitt nowe and then. The Captaine de campana is to tak aspeciall care to see that thies or∣deres by dulie observed.

The Master de campe is to be earneste in informinge him selfe well of his regimente, as well of secret as of publike matteres, that he may prevente and remedy in due tyme all, and cause to be severely pu∣nished such as doe breake the proclamationes by him comaunded, and suche as are inclined to base factes, as theives, quarleres, disho∣neste dronkardes and base mutineres, of litle pascience and lesh ho∣noure, of no discression, feare, nor love, nyther of god nor of theire prince, suche base fellowes are to by severelie punished in publick, and to by driven a way like men tatched with uglie crimes, unwour∣die Page  144 to equall themselves withe brave souldiores, of honeste life, ful of pacience, obedience, feare and goode examples; of which perso∣nes, the master de campe Sardgente mayor, and Captaines, are to ta∣ke notice, and have a speciall care in honoringe and preferinge them, sheowinge them a faire and lovinge countenance, and givinge them greate hope of avancemente, and let triall of time and ocasiones ve∣rifie the same with deedes, whiche shall by a greate comforte to suche as are inclined to uertue, and greate greefe to those given to vices and unrulie factes and bad exemples, whiche oughte to a mende theire li∣ves, and imitate the steppes of those of honeste life, prudente and ver∣tuse cariadge, full of love, feare and obedience, given to continuall goode applicationes, shuninge idelnes and bad company, which of righte oughte, by there Superiores to by highlie estimed, (whereunto they are bounde in conscience) For the securitie of ocasiones in mar∣chinge and in preventinge of sodaine and unprovided incursiones, ambuscados, and stratagemes of the enemy: A necessarie thinge it were to imitate the Romaines, in a luenge fiftine horses to everie 100 foote, so that in many plases in marchinge where theyre may by any suspicion of the enemy, the Master de campe, then shoulde a pointe a conductor to leade and governe thies horsemen, and in offeringe time or occasion, to divide them into as many partes, as the occasion shall require, (apointinge a leader for each division) and for the inter∣tainemente of thies horsemen they shoulde inioy so much meanes as other horsemen; so that in ocasiones of marchinge, the Infanterie may goe with far greater securitie, beinge divided into thre or foure par∣tes, to recnoledge the places of moste suspicion of ambuish, and other secret stratagemes of the enemy, whiche beinge recnoledged and dis∣covered, necessarie prevention may by taken in due time, thies men may serve bothe for horse and foote acordinge as ocasion shall requi∣re: Of eache division or parte of thies horse it is necessarie to name a Comaunder or leader, who shall take care to governe them, forbidin∣ge and comaundinge that by no meanes they lende thies horses, but get them alwaies readie to by imploied, when or where occasion shall require. Thies horses may serve for many goode purposes, in pasinge the Infanterie over riveres, in recnoledginge pasadges, as alsoe in co∣minge in possession of pasadges, whiche beinge feared that the enemy shoulde come to posess the same before oures.