A discourse of military discipline devided into three boockes, declaringe the partes and sufficiencie ordained in a private souldier, and in each officer; servinge in the infantery, till the election and office of the captaine generall; and the laste booke treatinge of fire-wourckes of rare executiones by sea and lande, as alsoe of firtifasions [sic]. Composed by Captaine Gerat Barry Irish.
Barry, Gerat.
Page  84
A Squadron of so muche and one thirde parte more in fronte then in flanke.

〈 math 〉
  • 208 pikes.
  • 2 pikes.
  • 42 musk.
  • 42 musk.
  • 88 musk.
  • 66 musk.
  • 12 musk, remaininge.
  • 1 1/ 460.

SOme times occasion and situation may offer to frame a squadron of so muche and one thirde parte more in front then in flanke, whiche the Spaniarde Caule tanto y un tercio, whiche i supose to be of 460. Souldieres of the whiche 210. are pikes and 250 musketes, and consideringe that asargent mayor or any perfect souldier oughte not to be ingnorant in the framinge of all sortes of squadrones as tyme occasion and situation shall require, wherfor i tought Page  85 fitt to set downe the rules for the framinge of any suche or semblable sortes of batteles, nowe biginenge withe the aboue nūber. To wourke the whiche firste take the propounded number of 210. pikes, that don devide it by 3. the quotiente wherof will by 70. this 70. the 3 parte of the propounded number, ad to it the propounde nūber of pikes and it wilbe 280. oute of whiche take the square roote whiche wilbe 16. and 24. remainenge and say that 16. is the fronte of youre battell; that don, to finde oute the flanke devide 210. the propounded number of pi∣kes by 16. the fronte, the quotiente wherof will be 13. and two pikes remainenge, and say that 13. is the flanke and 16 the fronte and two pikes remayninge, to see of youe have don well, multiply the fronte by, the flanke addinge to the producte of youre multiplicatiō the remain∣der, and if it agrie withe youre propounded number of pikes it goes well.

Nowe for the devition of youre propounded number of short whi∣che is 250. musketes take the whole number of short and 〈 math 〉 pikes, whiche is 460. and divide the same by 3. whiche quo∣tient youe shall finde to by 153. and one remaininge, nowe thiese 153. the quotiente of youre laste devision of the pro∣pounded number of 460. the producte of whiche 2. adi∣tiones wil by 613. that don take the square roote of 613. which will by 24. the fronte of the number, nowe to finde oute the flanke, take youre principall number of pikes and shott whiche is 460. whiche youe are to devide by 24. the square roote of 613. and the number in the quotiente will be 19 and 4. remayninge and say that 24. is the fronte and 9. the flanke, that don deducte 13. the flanke of youre squadron of pikes oute of 19 the laste flanke and there shall remaine 6. this 6. divide into two partes and yove shall fin∣de 3. in eache parte, and say that the firste division of shott is 14. ran∣kes of 3. musketes in eache ranke comprehended one ranke of 3. musketes for the lininge of the culoures of the righte flanke of youre squadron of pikes, and say that the leifte flanke or side of youre bat∣tell of pikes are to be lined withe the self same order i meane 14. ran∣kes of 3. musketes in eache ranke; soe is the two flankes of youre bat∣tell of pikes proportionally lined withe musketes. Nowe to finde oute the shot that will line the fronte and rerwarde of youre battell of pi∣kes deducte 84. musketes the lininge shott of the two flankes oute of 250. the full number of shott, and there will remaine 166. muske∣tes theese 166. divide by 22. the full fronte of youre pikes of the two Page  86 linges the quotient of whiche wilbe 7. this 7. divide into two partes the one will be 4. and the other of 3. and say that the guarnison of mus∣ketes that is to line the fronte is 22. rankes of 4 musketes in eache ranke, and 22 rankes of 3. musketes for the linenge of the rerwarde, so is youre battell proportionally guarnished or lined every way, ad. vertisinge that 12. musketes remainethe oute of youre division vvhi∣che vvill serve for to guarinsh the culoures, so vvithe this observation and rule youe may divide youre shott of any other suche semblable battelles.

Advertisinge that tvvo pikes, vvhiche dothe guarnish the culou∣res are above the number the devision of the battell yealdeth, vvhi∣che at leaste are to be taken oute of some ranke for that inescusable purpose to guarinsh the culoures, as also to be rekoned but once in theire firste division; so that in all squadrones when in the divisiones of theire pikes and shott, shall not reste the conueniente number re∣quired for the due lininge of the culoures, then of force must that number be taken oute of some parte of the battell, advertisinge that this number so taken is not to be rekened but once, and that is vvhe∣re theire first division sheovveth, as declared in the tabell of the bat∣tell, vvhich is the true observation, and explication of the divisiones bothe of the pikes and shott. So is it to by vnderstoode that the num∣ber takē oute of thies divisiones for the culours the battell shall con∣taine so many above the number alued in theire firste division, and so for not to err, the divisiones of the table are to be observed for bien∣ge infallible, and for cause that moste comonly of force order and ar∣ray muste be broken to orderly place the culors in the center as also to guarnish them vvithe the conveniente pikes and shott.