A discourse of military discipline devided into three boockes, declaringe the partes and sufficiencie ordained in a private souldier, and in each officer; servinge in the infantery, till the election and office of the captaine generall; and the laste booke treatinge of fire-wourckes of rare executiones by sea and lande, as alsoe of firtifasions [sic]. Composed by Captaine Gerat Barry Irish.
Barry, Gerat.
Page  73
A squadron square of men of 576. Souldiers of the whiche 256. are pikes, and 320. musketes devided proportionally as by the figure folowinge yove see.

Fronte of the Battel.

〈 math 〉
  • 256 Pikes.
  • 64 Musq.
  • 64 Musq.
  • 96 Musq.
  • 96 Musq.
  • 576.

For the framinge of all suche squadrones eyther of greate or smale numberes, whiche yove woulde have to be proportionally lined withe shott yove shall wourke in this maner folowinge: Firste take the num∣ber Page  74 of pikes whiche is 256. oute of the whiche take the square roote, whiche is 16. and say that so many pikes shall the fronte and flanke of youre battell containe, and that it is of equall strenghte every way as well, to offende as to defende, and when yove woulde drawe them into squadron, for the more breuity yove may devide the fronte ther∣of into two maniples eache one contayninge 16. rankes of 8. pikes in eache ranke, nowe to proportionally guarnish the same withe the shot take youre full number of pikes, and shot whiche is 576. oute of whiche nūber take the square roote whiche yove shall finde to by 24. that don, substracte 16. the square roote of the pikes oute of 24. the square of the full number of pikes and shot, and there shall remaine 8. this digit devide into two equal partes, whiche is foure in eache par∣te, and say that the squadron of pikes is to be lined every way withe 4. shott as by the devision of the same yove see, meaninge that youre fir∣ste division of shott is to marche withe 16. rankes of 4. musketes in eache ranke, whiche is to line the righte flanke of youre squadron of pikes, and so many more rankes shall marche to line the lefte flanke of the squadron of pikes, meaninge 16. rankes of 4. musketes in every ranke, so the two flankes of youre squadron are lined. That don say that the fronte of youre squadron is 16. and therunto ad 8 the linen∣ge shott of the two flankes, and it wil a monte to 24. To line the fron∣te of youre battell, say that yove are to marche withe 24. rankes of 4. musketes in eache ranke, and so many more for the linenge of the rer∣warde of youre battell as the figure and divisiones shewethe, and soe shall yove finde youre squadron proportionally lined every way; whi∣che by the rule forme, and divisiones of the same yove may plainly un∣derstande This rule will serve to frame all suche sortes of squadrones eyther of greate or smale numberes, whiche yove woulde have to be proportionally lined withe shott, as plainely the figure and divisiones before sheowethe.

In many countries hardly can youe finde the one haulf of there pi∣kes armed withe complett corseletes, soe that this rule will sheowe yo∣ve how to guarnish the unarmed pikes, withe the complett corseletes proportionally every way, advertisinge that the culoures is to marche in the center.

A cross battell of 1416. Souldieres of the whiche 512. are pikes, and 904. musketes, whiche are to be divided into 4 batteles, and li∣ned proportionally on the two flankes, as by the figure and divisiones followinge are reasoned. Page  75 To wourke the whiche, firste take the number of pi∣kes, 〈 math 〉 for eache squadron of the 4. required for youre cross battell. Nowe to youre purpose take the square roote of 128. pikes of youre firste squadron, whiche will be 11. and 7. pikes remaininge, and say that 11. pikes is the fronte and flanke of youre firste battell of pikes, as alsoe of the other 3. batteles, and 7. pikes re∣maininge in eache battell, whiche shall serve to gua∣rinsh the culoures; soe that 11· is the fronte and flanke of eache one of youre 4. batteles of pikes, and 7. pikes remayninge for the linenge of the culoures of eache battell of the 4.

Nowe for the division of youre propounded num∣ber of shott. Double the one flanke of eache one of the 4. batteles of pikes, whiche double will by 88. this 88. the double flanke of the 4. batteles of pikes divide by 904. youre propounded number of musketes, and the number in the quotient will by 10. and 24 musketes remayninge, and say that the two flankes of eache of youre 4. batteles of pikes are to by lined withe 11. ran∣kes of ten musketes in eache ranke as by the figure, and deutiones folowenge yove may playnely see, and wi∣the the observation of this rule withe any other num∣ber eyther greate or smale yove shall withe facility kno∣we how to proportionably divide yovre shott for to guarinsh the two flankes of yovre squadron of pikes.

Thiese cross batteles are esteemed to be wonder∣full stronge consideringe well the framinge therof. It is also of wonderfull safegarde, for the security of the ba∣gadge amunitiones and hurte men, and if the enemy shoulde chance to charge the firste battel, or any of the other 3. whiche beinge a lone are but of litle force. Wherfore consideration oughte to be taken of the stratagemes of the enemy, and withe what order they do marche, and then yove may double or tribele yovre fronte acordinge as occasion shall require and the situation shall per∣mitt. And if the enemy are stronge on horse, regarde oughte to be ta∣ken in due time of the bagadge that it goe deposito, or be twexte the two laste batteles, and for theyr better security in suche ocationes, I woulde cut two rankes of eache of the two laste batteles and therwi∣the Page  76 guarnishe the fronte and regard of the bagadge and also withe shott under the shelter of this guarnison of pikes so that they may be shadowed and defended every way and give a triple fronte to the two laste batteles.