A discourse of military discipline devided into three boockes, declaringe the partes and sufficiencie ordained in a private souldier, and in each officer; servinge in the infantery, till the election and office of the captaine generall; and the laste booke treatinge of fire-wourckes of rare executiones by sea and lande, as alsoe of firtifasions [sic]. Composed by Captaine Gerat Barry Irish.
Barry, Gerat.
Page  124
Three thousande men divided into six battelles of broade fronte ordered to figh∣te, as by the figure followinge yove see, the fronte of each battell is 41. and flanke 12. and 8. remaininge in the divisions of each battallon.


SEverall opiniones are for the divisiones and orderinge of the firy weapon, some use winges of 200. some 300. shott, but in my opi∣nion it were far better to divide them into smale troupes of 50.60.70. and so till a 100. for by experience i knowe the same to by of for greater execusion in ocasiones of service, and more ready eyther in plaine straighte or narowe places, for the more troupes of shott yove have beinge prudently ordered and conducted, the more shall the enemy by a plied, the one orderly secondinge the other, which questionless theire execution shall by far greater then if they were divided into greate troupes. When yove shall come to any narowe or straighte pasadges, consider whether the straighte by suche as will suffice that yove may pass trough the same with the order yove march, if not conforme the order with the pasadge, and let the order not by so broade in fronte but that it may convenientely marche wit∣houte breakinge order or array, nor lesher then the thirde parte of the fronte of the battell of pikes, if the situation so permit; for cau∣se Page  125 thatt all prevensiones posible to be had for the breefe framinge of battelles are to by more esteemed, rather then fall abreakinge often times order and array, as very many unable Sardgente mayores co∣monly do, but rather prudently with grace and brevitie, and withou∣te any crossinge or confusion or breakinge of any ranke fall into bat∣tell, thies and many more dificulties are with facilitie reduced into theire iuste perfection by prudente and brave conductores, and with grace and brevitie.

The rule to frame triangle battelles is to bigin withe one man in the firste ranke, 3. in the seconde, 5. in the thirde, seaven in the four∣the, and so consequenty augmentinge 2 in every ranke untill youe fi∣nish youre battell, this unused proporsion i put downe to contente those whiche woulde faine knowe the forme of suche battelles, and bisides that à Sardgente mayor oughte not to by ingnorante in any maner of forme or proporsiones of squadrones, and that withe facili∣tie and speede he may change the forme and proporsion, as time oca∣sion and situasion shall require, and that bisides ocasion may offer that situasion shoulde presente fit for suche formes, so that a Sargen∣te mayor oughte not to by ingnorante in no forme of squadrones.


Page  126〈 math 〉

A Battell of broade square of 6000. men of the whi∣che 〈 math 〉 1930. are complet corseletes and 4070. musketiers, ordered and divided as folowethe: firste take the propounded number of pikes whiche is 1930. this number divide be 3 the quotiente wherof will by 643. oute of this quotiente take the square roote whi∣che will by 25. whiche is the flanke of the battell of pi∣kes. That don to finde oute the fronte of the battell take the propounded number of pikes, and divide the same by 25 the flanke; whiche quotient wil by 76. and 30. pikes remaininge, and say that 76. is the fronte and 25. the flanke of the battell of pikes, and that the 30. pi∣kes shall be to guarnishe the coulores, nowe for the divi∣sion of the 4070. musketes put in case that yove woulde have the battell to be proporsionally lined every way wi∣the shott, consideringe that five shott is the moste that can be conueniently defended under the shelter or de∣fence of the pike, and say that yove will have the battell to by guarnished withe five musketes in ranke, to wour∣ke the whiche take 27. the flanke comprehended: the two rankes of the coulores and say that the firste divi∣sion of shott is 27. rankes of five musketes in eache ran∣ke whiche is the girdelinge shott of the righte flanke and iuste so many for the linenge of the liefte flanke, no∣we to finde oute the shott that shall guarnishe the full fronte of the battell of pikes and the two linenges, take 10. the linenges of the two flankes, and ad it to 76. the fronte whiche two aditiones makethe 86. and say that the guarnision of shott of the fronte of the battell of pi∣kes, and two linenges shall marche withe 86. rankes of five musketes in eache ranke; nowe for the linenge shott of the rerewarde of the battell of pikes observe the self sa∣me order meaninge 86. rankes of five musketes in eache ranke, so the two flankes, fronte, and rerwarde of the bat∣tell Page  127 of pikes is proportionally lined whiche 4. divisiones 〈 math 〉 of shott makethe 1130 musketes nowe for the division of the reste of the shott substracte 1130. the 4 lininges oute of 4070. musketes the principall some, and there shall reste 2940. musketes whiche can not come under the shelter nor defence of the pikes, whiche i divide into 40. maniples of 74. musketes in eache maniple, exepte one troupe that conteines but 54. musketes whiche i divide on the flankes of the battell of pikes to skirmishe in singell or double fiele as tyme, ocasion, and disposi∣tion of the grounde shall permit, so all youre shott are divided as before set downe, and as by the divisiones, and figure folowinge ordered, and howe oute of there marche they fall into squadron advertisinge that the coulores shall marche in the center and midele mani∣ple of pikes, and the 30. pikes that remainethe for to guarnishe the coulors shall also marche in the same maniple all whiche divisiones are plainly ordered as by the figure folowinge yove may see, who oute of there marche they fall into battell withe grace and brevity, in observinge the divisiones ordai∣ned when of a sodaine yove woulde have the pikes oute of there mar∣che to fall withe grace and brevity into battell, cause the firste divi∣sion of pikes to marche withe 25. rankes of 16. pikes in eache ranke, then another maniple of 25. rankes of 15 pikes in eache ranke then another maniple withe the self same order withe the coulores in the center guarnished withe the 30. pikes that did remaine, after the ma∣niple of the coulors shall marche two other maniples of 15. rankes of 5. pikes in eache ranke as hire folowēge yove shall see.

The firste division of pikes is divided into 25. rankes of 16. pikes in eache ranke maketh.400 pikes.
The seconde division of pikes is divided into 25. ran∣kes of 15. pikes in eache ranke whiche shall folowe the firste monted.375 pikes.
The thirde division in whiche center the coulores are to marche is divided into 25. rankes of 15. pikes in eache ranke and dothe conteine in all the some of.375 pikes.
The fourthe division and maniple of pikes is divi∣ded into 25. rankes of 15. pikes in eache ranke whiche dothe conteine.375 pikes.
Page  128The fifthe and laste division also.375 pikes.
And 30. pikes that did remaine for the coloures.30 pikes.
 1930 pikes.

FOr the framinge of batteles bastarde square whi∣che 〈 math 〉 the Spaniarde and Italian call prolongado, that is to say longe in flanke, the rule whiche is used for the framinge of theese sortes of batteles is the self same of the broade square, and the diference is, that the fron∣te of the one is flanke of the other, as for example supo∣se yove woulde have abattell bastarde square to be fra∣med of 700. pikes. To wourke the whiche, do as yove did in framinge the batteles of broade fronte, in divi∣dinge the saied number of 700. pikes by 3 the quotien∣te wherof will be 233. oute of whiche quotiente take the square roote whiche will by 15. whiche is the fronte of the bastarde square, nowe to finde the flanke take 700. the propounded number of pikes, and divide the same by 15. the fronte, the quotient wherof will by 46. the flanke of the bastarde square, and restethe 10. pikes. And if of this self same number of 700. pikes yove woul∣de frame asquadron of broade square the flanke of the bastarde square will by the fronte of the broade square, so that the rule whiche is used for the one will serve for the other. The diference is that the fronte of the one wil serve for the flanke of the other.

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〈 math 〉

Table of the Battell.

25 rankes of 16 pikes.400 pikes.
25 rankes of 15 pikes.375 pikes.
25 rankes of 15 pikes.375 pikes.
25 rankes of 15 pikes.375 pikes.
25 rankes of 15 pikes.375 pikes.
Pikes remaininge30 pikes.
 1930 pik.

27 rankes of 5 musketes.135 musketes.
27 rankes of 5 musketes.135 musketes.
86 rankes of 5. musketes.430 musketes.
86 rankes of 5 musketes.430 musetes.
50 troupes conteininge2940 musketes.
 4070 musk.

Advertisinge that the 20 musketes for the lininge shott of the culoures are comprehended in the divisiones of the lininge shot of the two flankes; which 20 muskees were cut of the laste troupe on the liefte flanke, whiche troupe remaines with 54 musketes, and all the reste 74 musketes.

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Page  129No souldier (i hope) oughte to be ingnorante but that the squa∣dron of pikes being framed, it is to be empaled and girdeled withe shott as many rankes of shott as pikes. But the righte and naturall girdelinge shott indeede oughte to be no more shott in ranke, then that the pike may well cover and defende, espesially where the ene∣my are stronge of horse, and so under the favor of the pike, there can nott conveniently be defended but one ranke of three or foure shott at the moste, and so many in my opinion shoule the girdelinge shott containe and knelinge upon one knee under the coverte of the cou∣ched pikes, shoulde at the charginge of the horsemen discharge there voley in there face, and bosome; whiche woulde be no smale gallinge unto them, butt when this danger of horse is not to by feared, then the impalement may be made of more shot in a ranke, acordinge to the quantity of shott, and the reste of the shott into smale slives or trou∣pes to troupe rounde aboute the battell in reasonable distance from the same, the whiche divisiones of smale troupes, i esteeme to be far better then the greate inproportionate winges, whiche many do use, containinge far greater numberes, and are muche more ready to be broughte to skirmishe eyther in single or double fiele, and every seve∣rall troupe to be led by a Sargente or Corporall, and some Captaines to oversee the whole, and at every angle of the battell it were not a misse to a pointe certaine troupes of shott, whiche woulde flanker itt every way even as the Cavallero or Travessos do the curtine of a for∣te.

Let none be ingnorante but that for the severall divisiones of pikes and shott is required greate considerationes, as time, occasion, and si∣tuation shall require; continuall application in the theoricke and pra∣cticke of warr togither withe perfection in arithmeticke makethe easy many difficulties of deepe judgemente, and rare importance in warlike affaires, all whiche cōtinuall use and exercice make the easy, for the se∣verall divisiones of shott many considerationes are to be had acordin∣ge as occasion shall require, and the situation and disposition of groū∣de shall permitt, for the girdelinge shott some use three some 4. and five is the moste that can conveniently be defended under the shelter or defence of the pike, and specially when the enemy are stronge on horse, so that for the righte guarnision of shott oughte not to be mo∣re then the pike can defende, but in suche occasiones as the enemy is not to be feared on horse the divisiones of shot can be ordered of grea∣ter numberes to skirmishe, acordinge to the judgemente of the Sard∣gente Page  130 mayor, dividinge them in wings or maniples, as he shall thinc∣ke moste conveniente, observinge theyr juste proportion in theyre di∣visiones, some use greate wings of shott, whiche are not comendable in occasiones of fighte, for the smale troupes are more apte and easieste to by governed, and of a sodaine youe can skirmishe withe them ey∣ther in single or double fiele, and that bisides they bringe more men to fighte at once, but when the enemy are superior on horse, and wee feo∣we or none it is goode to gett the 4. frontes of the battell of equal re∣sistance bothe to offende and defende, so that the enemy may not take advantage of one place more then of the other. The wings or mani∣ples of shotte are not to go any greate distāce from the battell of pi∣kes; and specially when the enemy are stronge on horse, but rather un∣der the shelter, and defence of the pikes, that therby the squadron may by the stronger and more safe in receiuynge any domage when theyr force is united in one boddy as happened to don Alvaro de Sandy in the journey of caruan in barbery when the exercito of Ciderfa Kin∣ge of the moores charged on him, one of his Captaines named Luis Bravo de Laguna seinge a winge of shott a goode distāce from the squa∣drō cried on don Alvaro wishinge him withe spede to tourne and recei∣ue that winge for freare that for loosinge the same he shoulde incur danger to loose the body, by dayly experience we see that smale num∣beres doe repulse far greater, and that the army whiche is beste orde∣red, and disciplined moste comonly is master of the victory, wherof there are verie many examples in writinge of famouse and antiente au∣ctores, so that theese happy proceedinges resulte of the goode order, prudence, and approoved experience of the chefe and brave Comaun∣deres and of the resolute valor of the Souldieres, as Vegetio de re militari give the reason how the antiente Romaines came to Master all other Nationes, sayinge that they were not so greate as the Germaines, nor so greate in number as the Frence, nor so prudente as the Greeckes, nor so many in nūber as the Spanardes nor so subtill as the Africanes, nor so fu∣riouse as the Britanes, butt by theyre continuall practice and experi∣ence in warr they overcomed al theese difficulties, by onely mantayin∣ge there people wel exercised in armes and practice of warr, when a re∣gimente dothe marche some times greate disorderes are comited, the Souldieres runinge away from there culoures, robinge and spoylinge the country, and poore inhabitantes litle regardinge in not acompli∣shinge there obligationes, in beinge absent from there culoures; litle respectinge or fearninge there Officeres, and no respecte to milita∣ry Page  131 discipline, wherof resulteth greate ruines and revoltes in many countries, some superiore and inferiore Officeres, are culpable in thiese intolerable disorderes offencive to the lawes of god and comon wealth in not procuringe, sollicitinge and dayly instructinge theyre Souldieres as a father is bounde to doe for his children, and that as farr as his ability and power can reach, and not to be inclined to steale or wronge the poore Souldier, in keepinge any thinge wronge∣fully from him, but rather sheowinge him self very, lovinge and kinde to them.

In equalinge him self in all dangeres and travayles withe them, in cōtinually, givinge them goode instructiones, and comfortinge them in all necessities, yea and in assistinge them to his ability, in ministrin∣ge equitie and goode justice a mongste them, in honoringe and pre∣ferenge those of brave cariage, and goode examples, that otheres may imitate thē, in redresinge in due time disorderes, in seinge severely pu∣nished factioneres wholy given to vice and bad examples; whiche are more dangerouse then the divell, so shall he bothe by beloved and fea∣red by the Souldieres, in knowinge that he is carefull in ministringe and procuringe justice to eache one acordinge his deserte, and spe∣cially to se base factioneres banished, and severly punished, when there is no hope of there amendmente.

In occasiones of marchinge the Sardgent mayor is to take a speciall care to procure all thinges to be in a readines to bigin his jurney verie early that the Souldieres may come in goode time to theyr quarter for many considerationes to theyr comodity and ease, and in theyre mar∣che not to opress them, but keepe an ordinary pace, for otherwise verie many shall stay behinde: To make al to nowe, and then where he shall hit uppon good water, and he ought to have aregarde in pasinge naro∣we pasadges, and make alto a distance of till they all have paste and fal into there former divisiones and rankes, a Sardgente oughte to be leif∣te in eache division of the Regimente, that he may yealde acompte of them at all times, and observe the order as it was ordained by the Sar∣gente mayor, withe so many rankes and the self number, so that withe facility oute of there marche they may fall into squadron, when occa∣sion shall require, and suche a Sardgente or Sardgentes as troughe ne∣gligence shall not acomplish his obligation, to reprehende him in pu∣blike. In time of the Romaines suche as were inclined to disobedience in not acomplishinge there order and obligation, they were so severly punished, that no Souldier durste by absente from his ranke, and the Page  132 Sardgentes and Officeres of eache division of theyre marchinges had suche care in acomplishinge whate was referred to there charge withe suche punctuality, that full satisfaction was yealded.

In extraordinary heate weather in somer when the Sardgente ma∣yor marchethe withe his Regimente greate consideration oughte to be taken as before spoken of, by cause of the extraordinary heate, and heavy burden of the Souldier, some times they are chockte, and bur∣ned with heate, and for shame, and regarde of there honor they ra∣ther try danger of deathe then stay behinde there culoures.

When the Sardgente mayor shall marche withe his Regimente in any place or contry where the enemy is to be feared the divisiones ought not to by greater then that they may comodiously marche, nor lesse thē the thirde parte of the squadrō of pikes, some times withe the one haulfe, and some times in battell, allwayes takeng regarde ofthe situation and occasion.

The Master de campe in marchinge withe his Regimente as chee∣fe of the same is to marche in the vangarde nexte to whose person is to assiste the Sardgente mayor as a principall minister to whome he deliveres the orderes of his Regimente, but if the enemy shoulde chance to charge on the reregarde he as a cheefe conductor of his Regimente is to assiste in the place moste to be feared of the enemy, to comaunde and execute in due time whate is moste fitt.

The Sardgente mayor beinge in campiana, and beinge informed that his Regimente is to marche the nexte morow, he is to repaire to the Captaine generall of whome he is to demaunde order where his Regimente shall marche in the vangarde battell of reregarde, and he is to advertice, and give order to the Captaine de campania to gett all the bagadge charged uppon the a poincted houre ordained, and not to faile in acomplshinge the same, and if the vangarde belonges to him he is to comaunde the Captaine de campania to get all thinges in a redineshe at the breake of day, and to give order that the culoures and companies of his Regimēte, withe speede drawe oute of the quar∣ter, and to marche on to the place of armes, and there to frame his squadron, givinge order to eache Captaine, where he shall marche that day, and divide the Sargentes and sheowe each one his division, and givinge thē straighte charge that they acomplishe there obligatiō withe care and punctuality, and that no Souldier doe misse his ranke, nor breake the order given, if the narownes of the pasadge do not constraine him, and let no Souldier pass to spoyle the poore inhabi∣tantes, Page  133 and if he wante any Souldier of those of his division, or if any come unto them more then the order given to adverice the Sardgent mayor, and for recompence of his punctualitie and care in acompli∣shinge his obligation he shall gaine the benevolence of his Master de campe and Sardgent mayor, and in reason they oughte to have a me∣mory of his punctuall care, and to prefer him into a greater office for his obedience and punctuallitie a monghste other Sardgentes, and not once nor twice but still makinge knowen his aproved partes, care and diligence in acomplishinge the orderes of his Superiores, soe can he not by forgotten by the superior officers till he by advāced for his undeniable care and obedience.

Moste necessary it is for a Sargent mayor to be couriouse and ex∣perte in executinge well his office, for in tyme of framinge of squa∣drones the Judges of his errores are many, in time of framinge of squadrones, some Sardgēts mayores do fall into many errores, by rea∣son of there litle exercice, and specially for not appliēge them selves withe care and diligence bothe in the theorike and practike of this ar∣te, and specially to by skilfull in Arithmeticke, whiche withe practice makethe easy many rare occurrantes in warrlike affaires, and suche as are not curiouse in well appleinge them selves in learninge the rare and deepe curiosities of this arte do some times finde them selves pu∣sled and amased before there enemy in time of moste neede: A mo∣ste unfitinge thinge it is for one to be ingnorante and unhabele in his office, soe i supose that suche as do not diligently apply them selves, can hardly reduce into perfection that, wherof he is ingnoran∣te and knowethe not the arte, by dayly experience, we see that favor▪ frendshipp, enteres, and affection, hinderethe muche prosperity and goode successes, and specially in this noble arte of warr.

Many opiniones there are for the divisiones of shott, and specially when the enemy are stronge on horse, and that youe have two thirde partes of shott, unto one of pikes, youre battell beinge empaled and girdeled proportionally withe shott, there will yett remayne goode store of shott. The question is how they shall be bestowed to be safe from the fury of the horse, the sureste and beste way is to put them into the center of the battell of pikes, where they are more safe, and if any shott be killed or hurte youe can take at all times oute of the center as many as youe shall neede of.

For the framinge of thiese battelles withe centeres i have already declared howe they oughte to be framed, and proporsionolly lined, Page  134 and if the enemy horse shoulde chance of a sodaine to chardge on yove, and that youe have no tyme to place the overplusse of youre shott in the center divide them betwixte the rankes of pikes all alon∣gste from the fronte to the reare warde, so they shall by safe and yove can use them at any tyme when ocasion shall require, but havinge in∣teligence that the enemy are stronge in horse, and we feowe or none in suche ocasiones i woule firste bigin in framinge the cener of the overplusse of the shott, havinge oportunity for the same, and also lea∣ve place for hurtemen in the cēter and divide them into so many ma∣niples that they may of a sodaine fall into squadron square of men in the center, withoute any crossinge aluēge there iuste fronte and flanke and then divide the pikes into maniples to proportionally guarnishe the center on every side or fronte of the same, and then divide in pro∣portion the girdlinge shott that is lefte to guarnish the 4 frontes of the battell of pikes, and center, this is the perfecte and right way, but when urgent necessity requireth the overplusse of shott may be pla∣sed and divided betwexte the rankes of pikes as before sett downe, ad∣vertisinge that the coulores is to goe in the center.

As the battell dothe marche on towardes the enemy and cominge once within reache of the musket then the firste rankes of the win∣ges of musketes are to marche in this maner; the firste rankes step∣pinge some two or three paces, forwarde havinge in the meane ty∣me made them selves ready, and cocked there matches, then with rea∣dines and expedition all those of the firste rankes (there musketes byenge uppon there restes or forkes) to discharge at once, permiten∣ge other rankes to proceede, then presently those of the seconde ranke to stepe upp before the firste ranke, as the battell or batallon do marche, and so to discharge as theyre former followes had don before, and then the thirde ranke before the seconde, and the four. the before the thirde, and soe all the other rankes consequently wi∣the this kinde of double marche and at the traine of the laste ranke those of the firste to folowe upp a gaine, and so consequently the re∣ste. But if chance that the squadron of pikes be distresed, or con∣strained to retire, they are to discharge at the enemy, retiring bac∣ke uppon a counter marche eache feele or ranke, consequently, and withe expedition one after a nother, and withe speede fall bake into there ranke, to give place to the nexte rankes, that no time be idell, employed.

Sundry opiniones there are of comparisones betwext the Infan∣tery, Page  135 and Cavallery, whiche of them is moste utill in the warres, the one and the other are moste necessary in occurantes of warlicke affai∣res, but in my opinion the Infantery is to be preferred firste beinge well disciplined in the arte of war, never the lesse the cavalleria bein∣ge well monted and armed and beinge experimente, souldieres, beinge conducted by prudent and brave conductores douptlesse theyr executiones and resolutiō is to be feared, but they are not com∣parable to deale, withe resolute foote, excepte uppon manifeste and greate advantages and in place or grounde of greate favor for them. For beinge well knowen that a resolute stande of pikes well ordered, and girdeled withe shott, will give them sore stoppes, and retournes as plainely apeered when Marques de Pescara withe 800 short aptay∣ned the victory of Charles de noy then Visroy of Napoles, withe his Cavallery at the battell of Pavia, a nother example wee have of the Conte Francisco Carmognolla, beinge Captaine generall of Filip Viconte Duke of Millanes army, goinge withe 6000. horse a gainste the Swishe∣res army, was by them repulsed by the valeure, and lenghte of there pikes, who havinge regathered this disordered troupes, consideringe from whence there disadvantage greowe, turned head againe uppon the enemy: and he him self and his companies disamounted on foo∣te, and withe there lances in hande framed afoote squadron, and charged the enemy afresh, and brake and overthrewe them in num∣ber above fifteene thousande when by force of horse coulde not by removed, imitatinge herin Marcus, Valerius, Cornelius, who beinge consull and Captaine againste the samnites in the firste punny war∣res, and in theyr laste battell not able to enter uppon them by reason of there lōge pikes where withe they defended them selves, comaun∣ded his horsemen to disamounte, and on foote they arived as they were withe there lances, to fighte withe there enemy, and over threwe them and putt them to flighte optaininge the victory, and remay∣ninge withe there baggadge, and in the battell given by Constantine Roxianus Captaine generall to Sigismund Kinge of Polonia withe Basilius the greate Duke of Moscovia by the river Brisva, who surmoun∣ted him on horse backe, three thousande foote men; onely, he had in his army, won him that day the honor and victory, also as did apee∣re by the memorable batteles of the Inglishe againste the provde cavallery of the frence at agincourte fielde and other places, many more examples mighte be recited bothe antient and moderne, re∣membringe that amonge the antiente Romaines there foote was al∣wayes Page  136 of more estimation then there horse, allwayes houldinge a true opinion, that the Infanterie well disciplined is the right sinue of the warr, the walles of the citty and fortress of the realme.

I have hearde say that in thies warres of the netherlande after that the grand Comendador died that Don Alvaro de Vergas, who at that time comaunded the Spanish Cavallerie, did greate exploictes in en∣counteres, he had withe the states foote and horse, but it muste by considered that those were oulde and experimented Souldiers, resten∣ge uppon a resolute and valerouse determination.

The otheres for the moste patre Bisones, and rawe people raised up∣pon a sodaine conceipte, in whiche actiones is marvelouse to be mar∣ked the diference betwene men of experience, and rawe Bisones the prudent cariadge, resolute valor and goode conduction of the one, and litle practice, and experience of the otheres, as did apeere in the reincounter at tilmonte, and at the souckeringe of monts-dog beinge Taken by them of Mastricke, and moste notable in the sacke of An∣twerpe where lesse then withe the number of 5000. Spaniards inclo∣sed within the sitadel gave the overthrowe and foile unto 16000 of the Anturpianes. Bravely armed and incamped within theyre owne towne. In like sorte at the overthrowe of Gibleo where not above 600. horse, of don Iohn de Austria his troopes defeated above 15000 of the states, (moste strange and wonderfull) onely for wante of goo∣de conductores and the enemy spyinge theese advantages resultin∣ge of there simple conduction founde them selves amased.

And for as muche as i have spoken muche of this office, i will con∣clude in sayenge that he oughte nowe and then to visite and revisite at diveres and differente houres all thinges by him provided and a pointed, and see that they be prudently ordered and performed, re∣prehendinge whate he shall finde wourdie of punishmente, but that to be don prudently and in curtouse sorte, and presentinge good rea∣sones withe amiable and gentle wourdes, with gravitie and naturall grace, and not with puffinge inconciderate pride and bad examples, so shall he by obeyd in such sorte that when he woulde determine to execute his designes and orderes of his superior comaunderes, all of∣ficeres and souldieres mighte beare him that due respecte and obe∣dience, whiche shoulde by required to bringe his purpose to effecte, and let not griddy couetousnes overcome him in wronginge or per∣mitinge to by wronged the poure souldieres of theire righte, and spe∣cially in tyme of extreame necessitie, but rather make knowen his Page  137 gentle inclinationes and true love, soe shall he by beloved feared and respected.

Let him not by inclined to any odiouse rancor nor malice in wai∣tinge oportunitie of revenge of some wourdes or disputes, whiche ha∣pened betwexte him, and some Officeres or Souldieres of his Regi∣mente for defindinge theyre honour and righte, and findinge that he be so inclined is signe of aloe unconsiderate and base minde. All Officeres and Souldieres of his Regimense oughte to have a speciall care in not loosinge him his due respecte, and suche as do not a complish with theire obligationes hirein are righte wourthy of re∣prehension, soe all thinges don with moderation and justice is lauda∣ble.

Page  138An army of 11200. men divided into five batteles Squa∣re 〈 math 〉 of grounde ordered to fighte, as by the figures folowinge youe see. The fronte of eache battell is 72 and 31. the flan∣ke, and 8. remaininge oute of the division of eache battell; eache battell containes 2240.

The army divided into five battelles.

SQUARE OF GROVNDE, by the rule of proportion.

The saiede army of 11200. divided into seaven battelles. Square of grounde, eache bat∣tell shall conteine 1600. and the fronte of eache battell is 61. and flanke 26. and 14. pikes remaininge oute of eache battell to guarnish the culoures, the which 7. battelles are ordered as by the figure folowinge youe see. — 1600. men in each battell.

〈 math 〉

The army divided into 7. battelles.

SQVARE OF GROVNDE, By the rule of proportion.

Page  139A Battell square of men, withe a center of Arcabuseros, which can not by defended under the shelter of the couched pike, when the ene∣my doe a bounde on horse, and wee feowe or none, in suche ocasiones the sureste way for the overpluse of shot is to by putt into the center, and proportionally guarnised with the pikes and musketes, as by the fi∣gure folowinge youe see, and howe they are diuided by the rule of pro∣portion.

  • 276 Arcabuses.
  • 360 Pikes.
  • 364 musketes.
  • 1000.


〈 math 〉

Table of the battell and center of Arcabuseros deposito.
BY the division of the center of Arcabuseros the square route of the same num∣ber yealdeth 16. Arcabuses in fronte and flanke of the center, and 20. remai∣ninge oute of the division, monteth256 arcab.
The firste division of pikes that guarnisheth the righte flanke of the center, divided into 16. rankes of 5. pikes in each, monteth80 pikes.
The secōde division of p. that guarnisheth the liefte flāke of the center divided into 16. r. of 4. p. in each.64 pikes.
The thirde division that guarnisheth the full fronte, and the two linenges of the center is divided into 25. rankes of 5. pikes in each ranke, monteth125 pikes.
The fourthe division of pikes that guarnisheth the full fronte of the rewarde is divided into 25. ran∣ke of 4. pikes in each ranke, monteth100 pikes.
The lining of musk. that guarnisheth the right flank of the pikes is divided into 25. r. of 3. m. in each.75 musk.
The seconde lining of mus. that guarnisheth the liefte flank of the p. divided into 25. r. of 3. m. in each.75 musk.
The thirde division of musketse that guarnisheth the full fronte of the pikes and center, is divided into 31. rankes of 3. musketes in each ranke.53 musk.
The fourthe division of musketes that guarnisheth the rewarde of the pikes and center is divided into 31. rankes of 3. musketes in each ranke, monteth93 musk.
The remainder of musketes, that do guarnish the culoures.8 musk.
Of the 20. arcabuseres, that did remaine goes to guarnish the culoures.4 arcab.
The 11. pikes that did remaine oute of the division of pikes are employed to guarnish the culours.11 pikes.
Of the remainder of arcabuseros their remaineth oute of the battell.16 arcab.