A discourse of military discipline devided into three boockes, declaringe the partes and sufficiencie ordained in a private souldier, and in each officer; servinge in the infantery, till the election and office of the captaine generall; and the laste booke treatinge of fire-wourckes of rare executiones by sea and lande, as alsoe of firtifasions [sic]. Composed by Captaine Gerat Barry Irish.
Barry, Gerat.

NOwe that yove have done withe the number of pikes and shott the Spaniardes and Italianes gave. Take the 3286 men whiche is given in relation be the Irishe and Englishe, of the whiche 1786 are pikes, and 1500. musketes. To reduce them into a perfecte squadron square of men, and to be proportionally lined and guar∣nished every way withe shott. To wourke the whiche, firste take the number of pikes whiche is 1786. oute of whiche take the square roote whiche will by 42 and there shall remaine 22. pikes whiche may be imployed to guarnishe the coullores, that don say that 42 is the fronte and flanke of the battell of pikes and 22. pikes remaininge. And supose, that occasion offerethe that youe finde necessary the lininge shott not to pass 3. in ranke under the shelter, and defence of apike. Nowe to finde oute the lininge shott of the righte flanke of youre battell of pikes multiply 42. the flanke of the pikes by 3. muske∣tes that is aleowed for the linenge shott, the producte wherof will by 126. or 42. rankes of 3. musketes in eache ranke, then say the righte flanke of the pikes are lined withe shott, and iuste so many more ran∣kes of shot shall serve for the lininge of the leifte flanke of the battel of pikes, observinge the self same number and order as did the linenge shott of the right flanke of the battell of pikes whiche is 〈 math 〉 42. rankes of 3. musketes in eache ranke whiche monteth to 126. musketes, nowe to guarnish the fronte of the bat∣tel of pikes whiche is 42. ad therunto the two lininges whiche 3. aditiones will by 48. the full fronte of the pikes, and of the two lininges whiche youe shall multiply by 3. the producte wherof will by 144. musketes or 48. rankes of 3. musketes in eache ranke, so the two flankes and fron∣te of the battell of pikes are proportionably lined.

Nowe to guarnish the reregarde of the battell of pikes withe shott, observe the self same order before set downe Page  109 for the lininge of the fronte of the pikes. That is to say 48. ran∣kes of 3. musketes in eache ranke, so youre battell of pikes is proportionally lined every way. That don substracte the 540. musketes the linenge shott of the two flankes fronte 〈 math 〉 and rerwarde oute of the principall number of shott whi∣che is 1500 and there shall reste 960. musketes whiche yo∣ue shall divide by 12. or into 12 troupes and the quo∣tiente of youre division alowethe 80. musketes in eache troupe, whiche yove may double when occasion require (that don) say that the reste of youre shott is divided into 12. trovpes of 80. mus∣ketes in eache troupe to be divided on the two flankes of the battell of pikes to squirmish in single or double siele as occasion and situation shall require, so al youre pikes and shot are divided, advertisinge that the 22. pikes that did remaine oute of the division of the pikes are to guarnish the coulores, as by the divisiones folowinge youe may see. Advertisenge that by reason no musketes did remaine oute of the di∣visiones, youe are to cutt of one of the troupes 12. musketes to guarnish the coulores whiche are not to be rekoned in the boddy of the battell (but for borowed) but where the divisiones fauleth and sheoweth whiche is the righte way as here under youe see in the ta∣ble which is unfalible.

Table of the seconde battell.

〈 math 〉

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