A discourse of military discipline devided into three boockes, declaringe the partes and sufficiencie ordained in a private souldier, and in each officer; servinge in the infantery, till the election and office of the captaine generall; and the laste booke treatinge of fire-wourckes of rare executiones by sea and lande, as alsoe of firtifasions [sic]. Composed by Captaine Gerat Barry Irish.
Barry, Gerat.
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The greate battell of 10000. men before spoken of, is nowe divi∣ded into three battelles square of men as by the figure folowing appeereth.

OF the then thousande men (before spoken of, and of whiche were framed abattell square of men, and all redused into one boddy as before set downe, and the forme of there divisiones. Nowe supose that the Campe-master generall woulde have the self same nūber of 10000. men to be divided into three batteles square of men and to observe suche goode order in there divisiones that withe grace, and brevity and withoute any crossinge or confusion they may fall oute of there marche into battell, as by the divisiones, and figure folowinge youe may see. Advertisinge that of the Spaniardes and Italianes there shall by framed one squadron, and of the Irishe and English another, and of the Borgonones and Valones an other.


Spaniardes and Italianes.192816203548.
Irish and English.178615003286.
Burgonones and Valones.178613803176.

NOwe to oure pupose take the full number of pikes of the Spa∣niardes and Italianes whiche is 1928. pikes oute of whiche ta∣ke the square roote whiche will by 43. and 79. pikes remainen∣ge, consideringe that 79. pikes are muche to remayne oute of the Page  106 squadron divide 79 by 43. the square roote, and the number in the quotiente will by one, and 36. pikes yet remayninge, this one youe founde oute of 79. ad it to 43. and it will by 44. and 36. pikes remai∣ninge, and say that 44. is the fronte of the battell of pikes, and 43 the flanke, nowe consider that hardly aboue 4. shott can by, conveniently defended under the shelter and defence of the pike. And say that youe will line youre battell of pikes proportionally by 4. musketes every way. This resolution taken multiply 43. the flanke of the 〈 math 〉 battell of pikes by 4. musketes the linenge shott, the pro∣ducte wherof will by 172. musketes for the lininge shott of the righte flanke of youre battell of pikes, and iuste so ma∣ny more for the lininge shott of the leifte flanke of the bat∣tel of pikes. That don ad 8. the linenge shott of the two flankes to 44 the fronte of the battell of pikes whiche two aditiones makethe 52. the full fronte of the pikes and 2. linenges of the two 〈 math 〉 flankes, nowe to guarnishe the fronte of the battell of pi∣kes multiply 52. by 4. the producte wherof will by 208. musketes whiche is the number of shott that shall guar∣nishe the fronte of the battell, meaninge 52. rankes of 4. musketes in eache ranke. That done say that the two flankes and fronte of the battell are lined withe shott. Nowe to guarnishe the re∣rewarde of the battell, observe the self same order, and number whe∣re withe youe did guarnishe the fronte of the battell whiche was 52. rankes of 4. musketes in eache ranke, and withe so many shall youe guarnishe the re rewarde of the battell, and say that youre battell is proportionally lined every way withe shott.

Nowe for the division of the reste of youre shott take 〈 math 〉 1620. musketes the full number of shott propounded, oute of whiche deducte 760. musketes the girdelinge shott of the 4. frontes of youre battell, and there shall remaine 860. musketes. Whiche i divide into 14. troupes of 60. muske∣tes in each troupe, of the which one troupe shall conteine 74. mus∣ketes by reason the division so fallethe oute, and divided on the two flankes of the battell as by the divisiones, and figure followinge apere∣the, whiche is the firste battell of the three, and on the righte hande; advertisinge that in the laste division of shott there did remaine 6. musketes where withe youe may guarnish the coulores withe them, and withe the 36. pikes that did remaine oute of the division of youre pikes, so youre propounded number of pikes and shott are divided. Page  107 Advertisinge that the fronte of this battell is 44. and the flanke 43. multiplienge the one by the other and adinge there vnto 36 pikes that doe guarnishe the coulores makethe the propounded number of pikes, whiche was 1928. as by the divisiones followinge apeerethe, advertising that youe are to cut ten musketes that wantes for the guarnision of the culoures, oute of one of the troupes, which youe shall finde to muche in the battell, be reason they are borowed of one of the troupes so folowe the divisiones as they are set downe in the table which is the righte way, and infalible.

Table of the firste battell.

〈 math 〉

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