A discourse of military discipline devided into three boockes, declaringe the partes and sufficiencie ordained in a private souldier, and in each officer; servinge in the infantery, till the election and office of the captaine generall; and the laste booke treatinge of fire-wourckes of rare executiones by sea and lande, as alsoe of firtifasions [sic]. Composed by Captaine Gerat Barry Irish.
Barry, Gerat.

THE SECONDE CHAP. Treatinge of the election and office of a Corporal in a Companie of Infanterie.

THE office of a Corporal is verie antciente for in times paste in the electiones made of Captaines of Infante∣rie in theyre reall patentes, no Officeres were elected with them but Corporales, and afterwardes were ele∣cted the offices of Alferifes, and Sardgentes; in the ele∣ction of the a foresaied Officeres the Captaine oughte to doe it with great consideracion, and to choose those of greatest vertue and expe∣riēce, to the ende he mighte be the more beloved and respeed: geevin∣ge them goode exāples, and instructiones, procuring to pacifie they∣re quarelles, that they may still live in unitie and love licke bretherin.

He is to procure that his squadron be devided into comarades and live togither in theyr lodginges and all other places vvithe greate Page  11 conformitie and love: and if a ny contraversies shoulde happen or a rise betwext them, he is to be verie earneste to see it pacified vvithou∣te delay, and if in case a ny disorderes shoulde fall oute that he can not remedy: Let him vvithoute delay repaire to his Sardgent, Alferis, or Captaine vvhich of them firste he can finde, soe that the quarell may be a comotaded in due time.

Let him be carefull to see that theyre armor be neate and servisa∣ble, vvithoute a ny empediment or let, that he may be readie vvith the same all times and occationes. Let him not truste onelie to the rowle of his squadron, but rather learne everie Souldieres name in memo∣rie, and where each one lodgedh. Let him teach and instructe the bi∣sones and rawe men who to handle theyre armes, and by experte in the same to a compilsh vvith theyre Kinge, and alsoe for theyre one honor, utilitie, and defence. He is alsoe to by carefull to knowe the qualitie and condicion of eache one of his squadron, for beinge em∣ployed in convoy or a ny other separated service, vvherof he is to gi∣ve a compte. If in his squadron theyre be a ny disordered fellowes; and it is alsoe necessary that he knoweth such as are soe inclined to prevente remedie a ganiste theyre unruly disordered apetites.

A Corporall or cavo de esquadra beinge employed vvith his squa∣dron in convoyes or a ny seperated vvatch let none be ingnorante that he is to oversee and correcte all disorderes comitted, beinge in o cationes of his Majesties service; or for any other kinde of disorder committed, for he is the person that muste yealde accompte to his Superior of all that is refered to his chardge: Wherfore he is to co¦maunde resolutely such as are comitted to his care and chardge, who∣me they are to obey and observe his orderes in all that he comaun∣deth touchinge his Majeties service, and vvhosoever shoulde not o∣bey his directiones as a foresaied of those under his chardge, if be fai∣re meanes he doeth not a complish. Let him severelie punish him with the sworde, but in no case maine the Souldier as some raish and unconsiderate Officeres doeth: But let him alwayes see vvho he co∣maunded, and a complished the contentes of the order given him a cordinge as discression time and the occation shall require (and not otherwise. Trouh much libertie wee dayly see resulte many disorde∣res, wherefore obedience muste be observed, and seaveritie minstred, but that vvith greate concideration and equitie, rather then vvith raishnes and litle prudence. For som times some Officeres trough theyre auctoritie blinde and sinister, understandinge doe comit faul∣tes, Page  12 but the Souldier alwayes is bounde in obedience to his Superio∣res, but nothinge the furder in optaininge Iustic.

All vituales and amunitiones that shall be delivered by the Sard∣gentor furiell to the Corporal, he shall with equalitie devide and di∣stribute the same betwexte the Souldieres of his squadron, vvithoute any fraude or parcialitie, and procure that they a comodate them selves in all places vvith amitie like true companiones, and let him selfe in vvourde and deede be carefull and lovinge towardes them, so shall he by the better reputed both by his Superiores and Inferiores.

Those that are bisones or rawe men, he is to be carefull in instru∣ctinge them, in handelinge theyre armes, and who to serve whith the same because he is to instructe him to stande in his centerie, and who to a complishe his obligationes, to have his peece ready chardged and primmed, and to cock his burninge matche, and soe to presente his peece and who: And beinge a pickemam to terciar or chardge his picke. When the rounde comes let him demaunde for the wour∣de▪ and vvith soe lowe a voice in receivinge or givenge the same, that they may understande one a nother and no higher.