A discourse of military discipline devided into three boockes, declaringe the partes and sufficiencie ordained in a private souldier, and in each officer; servinge in the infantery, till the election and office of the captaine generall; and the laste booke treatinge of fire-wourckes of rare executiones by sea and lande, as alsoe of firtifasions [sic]. Composed by Captaine Gerat Barry Irish.
Barry, Gerat.
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PHILIPPE by the grace of God Kinge of Castille, Leon, Aragon, and of both the Sicil∣les, of Hierusalem, Portugall, Navare, Grana∣de, Toledo, Valencia, Galicia, Mallorca, Si∣villa, Sardena, Cordoua, Corsica, and Murcia, Jean Algarues, Algesire and Gibraltar, of the Iles of the Canaries, easte and Weste-Inges, of the Iles and continente of the ocean sea. Arch∣ducke of Austria, Ducke of Burgondie, Lo∣thier, Brabante, Limburcke, Luxenburghe, Gildres, and Millan: Earle of Habsburgh, Flandes, Artoies, Burgondie Thiroll, Palatin, Henawe, Holande, Zelande, Namure, Zutphen: Prince of Suban, Marques of the holly Impyre of Rome, Lorde of Friselande, of Sali∣nas, Machlin, of the city and countrie of Vtreghte, Over-yssel and Groninge, Dominator of Asia and Africke.

BE IT KNOWEN TO ALL MEN to whom thies presentes shall a peere that we haue received the homble suplication and peticion of oure wel beloved Captaine GERAT BARRY Irishman, oure pensioner at the Zass of Gante, Specifienge that wheras he is desirouse and willinge for the goode and advancemente of oure service; as alsoe for the goode and generall vtilitie of his countrimen, and otheres who followes the warres (to inlighten them and cause to by printed) a certaine booke which he hath writen in Inglish, cauled and intitulated Military Discipline, conteininge dive∣res obligationes, instructiones and directiones, apertaininge to the Professores of this arte, as alsoe of fortificationes and inventiones of Artificiall Fire-wourkes, offencives, and defencives be sea and lande. And in respecte that the saide impressiō can not be permited or suffe∣red withoute oure speciall warāte and permissiō; he hōbly beseecheth vs that we woulde by pleased to grante him the same for seavē yeares.

BE IT KNOWEN to all men that wheras we havinge consi∣dered the aforesaide, and seene in oure privy Conunsell the Aproba∣tion of the censure done, and performed be the Archbishop of Mack∣lin in the revewe of the booke above mencioned. And oure speciall favor inclininge to the suplication and petision of the saide Captaine GERAD BARRY oure petisioner. We haue permited consented and auctorised, and by thies presentes oute of oure speciall grace (we Page  [unnumbered] doe permit consente and auctorise) givinge him full permission and power to cause printe the saied Booke by any Printer dwellinge in oure countries in thies partes; whome he shall please to choose, and afterwardes to cause sell and distribute them in and trough oute oure foresaied countries, prohibitinge, and defendinge all other Printeres Booke, seleres and other persones who soever, not to conterfett, printe, sell nor distribute the same duringe the time and tearme of six yeares nexte insuenge; withoute permission and express consente of oure saied petitioner, or of whome he hath chosen and given au∣ctoritie for the saied impression; as alsoe for the sellinge of them. And that in paine of cōfiscation and losse of all that shall be printed, and moreover to incurre and pay the some, of six florince for every copie that shall be founde to by printed, soulde or distributeth, wit∣houte the aforesaied comission and consente of oure petitioner Ca∣ptaine GERAT BARRY, and the one haulfe to be applyed to oure profit, and comoditie; and the other to whome the saied Captaine hath chosen as before declared, and that in the maner, and acordin∣dinge to theire agrimente and a corde paste betwexte them. To be vnsterstoode that the Printer who is chosen shall be oblidged to con∣forme him selfe with the proclamation made and published uppon the arte of printinge. Besides that when the whole impression shall be finished, he shall be obliged to deliver in the handes of oure Secre∣tary havinge singned thies presentes, two copies of the saide bookes, and that verie netly bounde; to be given for the augmentation of oure library, as it is apointed and ordained.

OURE WIL IS therfore and we comaunde oure wel beloved and trustie Counselleres, oure Presedentes, and all otheres of oure privy and greate Counsell, and all other oure Officeres, justises, and subje∣ctes, that upon oure presente grace, priviledge, aprobation, permissiō and consente. They doe cause suffer and permitt, the aforesaied pe∣tisioner, as also whome he shall choose to printe, fell and distribute the saide bookes, to injoy fully and peaceably, and to vse duringe the time, and acordinge as before declared and ordained, withoute doin∣ge, givinge or suferinge, to be made don or offered any trouble, hinde∣rance, or wronge to the contrarie. For suche is oure will and pleasure, in witnes wherof we haue comanded oure greate zeale to be affixed and put to thies presentes. Given at oure city of Bruxelles the twelfe of December one thousander six hondereth thirty of three yeares and of oure Regne thirtinth.

By the Kinge in his Counsell G. Ottingnus.