wyl bucke his testament
Lacy, John, fl. 1560.

❀ To make. iii. courses of a Bucke, or of a Doo.

THe potage of the first course, Chine chopped in small wirtes, and than venison and frumente, and then blake podinges. and tripes and carpe, & the tonge rosted.

❀ For ye seconde course of Bucke. The potage stued tripes, and Noumbles in sewe, and trotters, ye rape and the Hagges, the shulder rostid, & Alowes rosted stekis in sawce, venigre some bake.

¶ For the thrid course of the bucke. The potage Mo¦gets and Nowmbleis stued, the hostets in sewe chit¦terlinges broyled and therbut, and Isinge and the fenche rostid and ye felet, and noumbeis rosted stekes drye, and the breste chopped and chewets, bake dow¦cetts, and tendreus, and the liuer rostid, and if it be a Doo take the lure.

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¶ For to preporcion all this.

When the bucke is dede, and dight, loke that ye fleshe be hole and holsome, then take vp the blode with in him with a cuppe, or a pexe, then take the suet of the call and then cut hit but not to small and keste him to ye same blode, & take a good quantite of Otemele and ceste therto and salte, and medyll all these to ge∣thet with your handes for clodding of the blode, and then take the guttis that be moste best therfore and wesshe them clene, and then turne them and put the blode therin. And the be blacke podinges, than take the rape and opin him by the side of the length of an ynche and pike out the stuffe that is with in, & pinch not the skine that is without, and than take ye same stuffe that ye make your blake podinges and put hit in and fyll your rape but not to full for breaking and take a nedyll and a threde and shewe it, than take ye skine that is abought the herte, and that is called ye Erber, thā take and shewe them, saue leue a parte o∣pin for to put in your stuffe, and take the same stuffe that seruid for the blacke podinges & put it therin & then so him together close than caste all togeter in a faire sethīg pott with water or with broth, & pricke them, and turne them well podinges and all, or els the suete wilbe more in the to side than on the other and when they r Inough take them vp & ley them vpon a faire grediren and broyle them, and caste on salte, and serue them forth as the course spekes of.

¶ For to make the Ifinge poding.

Take the gutte that is hinde muste of al, that is the Page  [unnumbered] gutte of Isu, and then wasshe him clene with water▪ and salte, & picke awaye the fat that is aboute him, and then take faire suet & minse hit but not to small, and caste therto a grete quantite of Otemel, than ta∣ke the yolkes of Egges about a foure, & is Inough for one, and then cast therto powther of Peper, Sa∣fron and turne the oute side of the gutte out wardes for with the turning of the gutte ye shall put in the stuffe, pricke him and sethe him, faire bloile him on a grediron and cast salte on him, and serue him forthe for an Isinge.

¶ For to make Cheterlinges.

Take the smale gutte of ye Bucke but not all, for we muste kepe of the fatteste for Hagges, and than take the small gutte and cutte him in tweine yt euery gut be halfe as longe or your selfe, & then turne him faire with a sticke and let him lye & soke. ii. or, iii. howres in water for he wil be the swetter, & then knife them together and make of them. ii. chiterlinges or. iii. af∣ter that the stuffe is, & than seth them feyre & sowse them, then broyle them on a grediron and serue thē forth.

For to make the Hagges.

¶ Take the mawe and wasshe hit clene and let him soke in water also, & thē the guttes of the same dere and slytte them faire and scrape them clene & washe them clene and let them lie in water all a night, or els as longe as ye maye, and then caste them into a faire potte with brothe freshe, and cast ther to a quātite of Noumbleis, some of the herte, and some of the kidnes & a great quantite of suette for to make them fate Inough, & when that it is bolied al together I∣nough, Page  [unnumbered] then ley them vpon a fayre borde, & cast ther∣to fayre gratid brede and perseley feayre picked and a litel saueren and time & faire yelkes of Egges aboute, vi. or▪ vii. in on, and thē powther of Peper and safron but not to moche, lete them haue sum what a browne cullor, and then take. ii. knifis and hewe thē small, and then take the Hagges gut that I spake of before and putte the same stuffe therin, but fyll him not to full for he wyl swel, pricke him, close him and caste in a potte and gefe him a boyle, and let him soke a while, & take him vp & ley him in a disshe and cute of the grette ende that is pricked, & loke that he be fatte Inough with in him selfe, & cast brothe aboute him and serue him forth for a good Hagges.

¶ For to dight Tripes of the same Bucke.

Cutte the wombe and cast out the herbis, and take skalding hot water, let hit not be to hote, and scalde the Tripes feire and then let them soke in the water all the night and ye maye, and take and cast them in a pot of faire water and boile them tender and then take and put them in faire colde water, & then washe them and pike them white and lete the fat be on thē still; and then take the fatteste tripe and ley him in a souce and the cheterlings to gether, and if so be that yeserue them in haste make the souce the sharper of ale and salte, and then take a fayre grediron and ley your tripe ther vpō, and broile them fayre & browne and put them in disshes and serue them forth.

Then take another lener tripe and cutte him & dyse him of the bred of a dise and cast him in a fayre potte with stronge broth & caste therto powther of Peper Page  [unnumbered] and saffron, and a litell brede drawen thorow a strey¦nor, and then set him to the fire and boyle him bute let it not be thicke, and when he is ynough sette him oute and season them vp with vergis & a good quan tite of Ginger and salte & dresse them forth for stued Tripe.

¶ For to dight the Moget.

Skalde him faire and white, and cast him in a pos∣nete with faire water and seth him tyl the be tender and then take him vp, and take water and salte and rubbe him betwene thi handes till he be white, and kepe him hole and caste him in a fayre pot, and caste therto faire stronge brothe and a morsell of faire Li∣er befe, or Moton with all & caste therto faire leues of Persely ynough and let hit seth to gether a good pretie while, and then set him fro ye fire & caste there in Safferon and salte, and powther of Ginger and Uergis to gether, but putte hit not therin tyll thou shalt serue it forth, and then dresse it in a disshe ye her∣bes and ye hole Moget together and brothe ynough ther with & that is Mogets of ye bucke or of ye Doe.

¶ For to make the Trotters of the Bucke.

Take the fowre fete and skalde them faire & white and cast in a pote and boyle them tender, & then take them vp and laye them in faire water and salte and clefe themfaire and ley them in a dishe and cast ther on leauis of percely and veneger, & serue them forth and that ben the Trotters.

¶ For to dight the tonge of the same bucke.

Skalde him faire and scrape him and let him come in no coldewater, for than he woll be toughe, & par∣boyle Page  [unnumbered] him in water and salte, & put him on a broche and roste him & baste him well or els he wyll be drie drawe him oute and ley him in a faire dishe and cast on salte and serue him forthe.

¶ For to dight the liuer of the same bucke.

Loke, he be hole, and take ye gall oute & take a faire grediron and faire spilts vpon it, and take the same liuer and ley there vpon and lete hit haue an esy five and pricke him well with a pricke & roste him faire ley him a disshe, caste in him salte & serue him forth.

¶ For to proportion the fleshe of the same bucke.

Take a side and ley him in powther all night, or els seth him in water and salte & then cut him in twaine and bude it faire and take the roste side and cut it in pecis, and thou wilt serue hit with frumente & then take the same brothe and put thy uenison therin and kepe it hote, and take the breste & cut the skinne end∣longes and ouerthwarte to the bone, and then caste theron grated breade & powther of Ginger, & boyle hit on a sawe grēdiron browne both sides, & then ley him in a dishe & serue him forth for a good Carpe.

¶ For to make small wortes.

Take the chine and choppe him euery pece an ynche brode and then pece hit feyre and wasshe him & caste him in a potte and caste therto stronge brothe, & sete him on the fire and toyle him with a pot staffe tyl he sethe for quailing, and then he shal be browne of his owne kinde, and then set him downe and skime him fayre, and caste on him Otemel, and then take herbes of the beste that thou can gete for wortes, and hewe them small, when the flesshe is halfe Inough cast in Page  [unnumbered] thy wortes and let them, sethe to gether, and loke it be sum what browne of his owne kinde, & cast ther on saffron and salte, dresse him in disshes, flesshe and wortes to gether, & serue him forth for smal wortes

¶ For to make Frumente.

Take fayre whete that is faire picked and clene ād pile him well and washe him in many waters & cast in a pot of hote sethinge water and let him sethe tyl they be tender, and then take them vp, and caste him in another faire pot and caste therto lyer of befe and Moton, and caste therto swete milke & set him ouer the fire and stere them to the boyle, and then sete thē downe & let them sethe, & loke the be thicke ynough of his owne kinde, and cast therin saffron and salte, when it is ynough serue them forth in faire disshes Take the Uenison that is ordeyned therfore & serue it forth in other disshes by, & cast theron faire broth of the same, & serue it forth for Frumente & Uènisō.

¶ And than as for other Potages, stued Trypys, yt is dight redy. And than for to make the Numbleis in sewe.

Take the Numbleis and loke that they be clene, & loke they be not gored, and mince them small euen rawe and vnwasshen and put them in a faire, pot ād caste therto stronge broth & set him on the fire & stere him wel tyll he boyle, & then skime him & loke he be browne of his owne kind, thē cast therto a good quā 〈1 page missing〉

Page  [unnumbered] Powther of Canell and Powther of Peper some, and then take bread and skalde hit and let the Num¦bleis be newe Inough for to geue him selfe a good co¦lour els take blode of a good shepe or of a good kid & drawe hit with the brede & lier vp thy pot therwith but not to thicke. Than when it is Inough set him oute and caste in him a quantite of vineger and salte and a lytell saffron, but let his owne colour be these and then serue him forth.

And then for ye other potage, mogetts be made redy.

For to make Numbleis stued.

Take the Numbleis and loke yt they be clene wassh∣ed and dight, and then cut them to the length of the brede of halfe a thombe and sum what more, and thē put them on a broche and roste them til they be halfe Inough and put them in a faire pot and caste therto strong broth and wine to gether, and a good quanti∣te of Canell and powther of Peper, & Resons of Co∣rans, and lete them boyle to gether and thē lire him vp with crustes of brede drawne with with wine or els with brede tosted, other els the yolkes of Egges when they be sodin herde, and breke them small and cast there amonge powther of ginger, & powther of Clowes and of Mace, and melt all these together & when thou shalt serue hit forth cast therin vergis & a litell vineger, and if thou lire him vp with breade caste therin vineger and vergius, and ginger, & pow¦ther of clowes & mace, & giue him a colour of saffron and loke that he be sum what egre dowce and serue it forthe in disshes.

¶ For to make Hostes.

Page  [unnumbered] Take the faire bones of the bucke, that is called the maribones and cut awaye all the flesshe about him and breke the bones at euery ende that ye may se the marye or els hit wil waste awaye, & then cast them in a fayre pote and caste therto broth and wine, and other maner fleshe of the bucke what ye wyll & then set him on the fire and toyle him with a potstafe tyll he boyle, and than cast thereto Onions, minced but nothing small, and then cast therto Herbes, Persely Isope, Sauery, and Time, and let al these be boyled together and caste therto a quautite of Canel & pow ther of Pepper, Clowes and Mace, and let all these boyle to gether, whan it is ynough cast therto vine∣ger and salte, and loke he haue a browne couler of his owne kinde or els caste therto saffron and saun∣ders to gether but not to moche, & take vp thy bonis and ley theim in a disshe or in a charger and cast the same broth vpō him and serue them forth for Hostes in sewe.

¶ For to departe our flesshe the on of the sides in Fru¦ mente and Carpe to gether. And then take the other side and take out the fillet and roste the side, & picke awey the vtter skin, when it is rosted cut him fayre euery ribbe fro other and put them in a faire Char∣ger and take varges, and vineger & wine to gether and caste therto powther of Canell and Ginger and Pepper some and make it almoste boyling hote on ye fire in a pot, or a disshe and cast it on the brest that is choppid, and caste ther in salte and sarue him forthe for breste choppid. And then take thy fellet and cutte awey the senowis of ye to side and the bonis that is Page  [unnumbered] on the other side and parboyle him and put him on a smal spitte and roste him faire, and put him in a faire disshe, and then caste on him salte & powther of Gyn¦ger medled to gether and serue him forth for a good meate.

¶ For to cut out kindely the fowche.

Take of the buttockes of him by the inner Ioynt of of the loyne, and let both the loynes sitte to gether & not departed in no wise, and the flanke set therin al∣so and of the otter syde of the rybbe, and leue therin the Kidneys, of the Numbleis sitting styll. And yf it be of a Fawne, or els a small Der, cut of the buttoc kes sumwhat without the inner Ioynte for I speke by cause of the rostiuge, and put him on a great bro∣che and bynde him so faste, and let him haue. iii, or illi. howres rosting, and then drawe him out & laye him in a Charger and caste on Saite, and serue him forth, and then put the shoulder on a faire broche & roste him faire, and the call aboute him, and caste on salte and serue him forth also:

Then take the fatteste pece of the hawnche and cute him out in. ii. peces. or, ii. after that ye haue stufe for to take and parboile him in water and salte, and ley him vp & let him be colde. And thē take faire flower and make paste and make thy cakes faire and brode and take powther of Peper and salte, and medyll all to gether, and take thy peces of Uenison & lay them in thy cake and put the same stuffe there upon aboue hit and beneth hit, and then close him faire & bake Page  [unnumbered] him and serue it forth for pasteys of Uenyson.

¶ For to make Chewets bake.

Take a clode of the same Uenison and mince it small and sewet amonges it, cast therto powther of Peper saffron and salte, and a litle of swete wine, and make small cofins and put in faire peces of mary, and take the same stuffe and fyll it therewith, and put therin herde yolkes of Eggis Clowes, Mace, and Rasons of corans yuoughe, Then close him saire & bake him and serue him forth for Chewets.

¶ For to make tarte Barbones.

Take fayre yolkes of Egges and swete wine for to make the paste, and for to make the stufe. Take ten∣der chese of. iii. wekes olde or of a fourtnight & pare him clene and caste him in to a morter & grinde him small and caste therto a good quantite of yolkes of Egges and a good quantite of swete creme, and fair clarified butter, Suger, and Saffron medel al the∣se together, but make it not to thinne, then make thy coffins of thy paste abouesaide, & make them brode with low borders, then lay thy stuffe therin & sprede it all abrode. Than take the same paste and dryue him thine and couer thy coffin ther with, and pinche him, cut the lydde sumwhat aboue to make an Issue culler him with Saffron, bake him faire and cast on Suger, and serue him forth for a good Carte.

¶ For to make Bawderikes.

Take swete Creme and a quātite of Manchet bread Page  [unnumbered] and drawe all thorow a strainour then caste all into a faire pote and set it on the fire and geue him a litell boyle then set him downe, than take faire yolkes of Egges and streine them thorow a straynour & then caste them small renning into yt pote, take a pot stafe and ster it well that it quaile not then gife him a lit∣tell hete and loke it be stonding Inough than caste therto faire clarified butter and suger Inough and a good dele of Saffron and salte, medil these together but make it not to thine, if it be on a flelshe day take faire mary minced small in stede of butter & ye wyl. And for to make the paste. Take yolkes of Egges & fayre manchet flower and Saffron and sumwhat of Suger, and medill all this together and make thy paste, and make brode Cakes and thinne & loke thy stuffe be colde and standing Inough, than take yt same stuffe and plat him of bredth vpon a cake and keuer it with another cake and close him well, than kerue him out in the middes of both the cakes stuffe & all the brede of a sauser & close it well that the stuffe goo not out, and leue a good large hole in the middest, of bawdricke wise, then bake him faire and cast on su∣ger, and sarue him forth:


{quod}. Iohn Lacy.

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