wyl bucke his testament
Lacy, John, fl. 1560.

¶ For to make Bawderikes.

Take swete Creme and a quātite of Manchet bread Page  [unnumbered] and drawe all thorow a strainour then caste all into a faire pote and set it on the fire and geue him a litell boyle then set him downe, than take faire yolkes of Egges and streine them thorow a straynour & then caste them small renning into yt pote, take a pot stafe and ster it well that it quaile not then gife him a lit∣tell hete and loke it be stonding Inough than caste therto faire clarified butter and suger Inough and a good dele of Saffron and salte, medil these together but make it not to thine, if it be on a flelshe day take faire mary minced small in stede of butter & ye wyl. And for to make the paste. Take yolkes of Egges & fayre manchet flower and Saffron and sumwhat of Suger, and medill all this together and make thy paste, and make brode Cakes and thinne & loke thy stuffe be colde and standing Inough, than take yt same stuffe and plat him of bredth vpon a cake and keuer it with another cake and close him well, than kerue him out in the middes of both the cakes stuffe & all the brede of a sauser & close it well that the stuffe goo not out, and leue a good large hole in the middest, of bawdricke wise, then bake him faire and cast on su∣ger, and sarue him forth: