wyl bucke his testament
Lacy, John, fl. 1560.

¶ For to make tarte Barbones.

Take fayre yolkes of Egges and swete wine for to make the paste, and for to make the stufe. Take ten∣der chese of. iii. wekes olde or of a fourtnight & pare him clene and caste him in to a morter & grinde him small and caste therto a good quantite of yolkes of Egges and a good quantite of swete creme, and fair clarified butter, Suger, and Saffron medel al the∣se together, but make it not to thinne, then make thy coffins of thy paste abouesaide, & make them brode with low borders, then lay thy stuffe therin & sprede it all abrode. Than take the same paste and dryue him thine and couer thy coffin ther with, and pinche him, cut the lydde sumwhat aboue to make an Issue culler him with Saffron, bake him faire and cast on Suger, and serue him forth for a good Carte.