The theorike and practike of moderne vvarres discoursed in dialogue vvise. VVherein is declared the neglect of martiall discipline: the inconuenience thereof: the imperfections of manie training captaines: a redresse by due regard had: the fittest weapons for our moderne vvarre: the vse of the same: the parts of a perfect souldier in generall and in particular: the officers in degrees, with their seuerall duties: the imbattailing of men in formes now most in vse: with figures and tables to the same: with sundrie other martiall points. VVritten by Robert Barret. Comprehended in sixe bookes.
Barret, Robert, fl. 1600.
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TO THE RIGHT HONORABLE MY SINGVLAR GOOD LORD, HENRIE EARLE OF PEMBROKE, LORD HARBERT OF Cardiffe, Marmion, and Saint Quintin, Lord President of her Ma∣iesties Councell established in the Principalitie and dominions of VVales, and the Marches of the same; of the most noble order of the Garter, knight; Lord Lieutenant within the Principalitie and dominions of South VVales and North VVales, and the Marches thereto adioyning; and of the Counties of VVilt and Sommerset, &c.

RIght Honourable, hauing spent the most part of my time in the profession of Armes, and that among forraine nations, as the French, the Dutch, the Italian, and Spaniard, I haue bene moued by sundry my friends, to set downe in writing such Martial points, as I haue noted, gathered, or learned from them, where∣by, such young Gentlemen, and others, my willing countrie men, as haue not, as yet, entred within the boundes of Mars his bloudy field, may, at the last, ga∣ther some instructions, to be the readier at the Alarme giuen: the which seemeth not farre off. And sith my principall scope and purpose hath bene, to open these discourses to the behoofe of the yonger and vnexperi∣mented sort, I haue therfore emboldened my selfe, with your good Honours consent, and fauour, to dedicate them vnto that Noble yong Lord your sonne, as a mat∣ter (were it handled by a more perfect souldier then my Page  [unnumbered] selfe) befitting his Lordship, as well for the Martial ver∣tues already shining in him, as for the sympathie that his honorable birth and Nobility hath with this sub∣iect which we treate of, being warre and Armes. Thus humbly crauing your good honours consent, I beseech the Almighty for euer to blesse you with all honour and felicity.

Your Honours humblie at commaund, ROBERT BARRET.