The theorike and practike of moderne vvarres discoursed in dialogue vvise. VVherein is declared the neglect of martiall discipline: the inconuenience thereof: the imperfections of manie training captaines: a redresse by due regard had: the fittest weapons for our moderne vvarre: the vse of the same: the parts of a perfect souldier in generall and in particular: the officers in degrees, with their seuerall duties: the imbattailing of men in formes now most in vse: with figures and tables to the same: with sundrie other martiall points. VVritten by Robert Barret. Comprehended in sixe bookes.
Barret, Robert, fl. 1600.
  • Garrita, a Spanish vvord, is a little vvatch house or towre, for the souldier to stand in at Sen∣tinell, seated vpon the walles.
  • Grueues, a French vvord, is the arming for the legges, from the knees downeward.
  • Guantlet, a French vocable, is the arming or gloue to the hand.
  • Guidon, a French vvord, is the ensigne vvhich is borne vvith the shot on hosebacke.