The theorike and practike of moderne vvarres discoursed in dialogue vvise. VVherein is declared the neglect of martiall discipline: the inconuenience thereof: the imperfections of manie training captaines: a redresse by due regard had: the fittest weapons for our moderne vvarre: the vse of the same: the parts of a perfect souldier in generall and in particular: the officers in degrees, with their seuerall duties: the imbattailing of men in formes now most in vse: with figures and tables to the same: with sundrie other martiall points. VVritten by Robert Barret. Comprehended in sixe bookes.
Barret, Robert, fl. 1600.
  • Bando, a Spanish vvord, and signifieth, an act, or law made by the Generall and Counsell of war, in the Campe, and published by sound of the drumme or trumpet vnto the souldiers.
  • Bisognio or Bisonnio, a Spanish or Italian vvord, and is, as vve terme it, a raw souldier, vnex∣pert in his weapon, and other Military points.
  • Burgonet, a French vvord, is a certaine kind of head-peece, either for foote or horsemen, couering the head, and part of the face and cheke.