The key of knowledge which is, a little booke intended to bee of good use, as for all degrees of Christians, so especially for religious families, and religious schooles. The full use and contents whereof must be enquired in the preface or introduction to the worke, which is (first) deliberately to be read of those who desire to receive profit by the booke. By John Jackson, rector of Marsk neere Richmond in York-shire.
Jackson, John, 1600-1648.
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A BRIEFE, METHODICALL, plaine, and full forme of doctrine, reduced unto xxxi Questions and Answeres: so as by learning one onely Question and it's Answer every day, the Christi∣an Scholler shall within the space of one Moneth bee well principled in Re∣ligion.

    The Collocu∣tors are
  • Paul, the Que∣stionist, and Gamaliel, the Resolutor,
    • Acts. 22. 3,

1. Iohn 2. 13. I write unto you Young men.