The key of knowledge which is, a little booke intended to bee of good use, as for all degrees of Christians, so especially for religious families, and religious schooles. The full use and contents whereof must be enquired in the preface or introduction to the worke, which is (first) deliberately to be read of those who desire to receive profit by the booke. By John Jackson, rector of Marsk neere Richmond in York-shire.
Jackson, John, 1600-1648.
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A MOST BRIEFE and contracted modell of know∣ledge, and yet withall plaine for the understanding, and methodicall for the Memory.

Wherein whatsoever is truely fundamentall in Christian religion, and absolutely necessary to salvation, is brought downe unto onely 12. Que∣stions and Answers, so as such Chil∣dren as are very pregnant, and of riper yeares may come to be well catechised in one day, by proportioning one question and answere to every hower of the day, and such as are more young for yeares, or dull for capacitie, in one yeare if their Parents or nurses (as it were playing, or doing another thing) doe but principle them with one que∣stion and answer eve∣ry Moneth

    The Collocu∣tours are
  • 1 Timothy, learning the holy Scrip∣tures from a child, 2 Tim. 3. 15.
  • 2 Lois the grand-mother, and Eu∣nice the mother, being the In∣structors, 2 Tim. 1. 5.

1 Iohn 2. 13. I write unto you little Children.