Hiren: or The faire Greeke: By William Barksted, one of the seruants of his Maiesties reuels
Barksted, William, fl. 1611.
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TO THE PERFECTION OF Perfection, and wisedome of Woman∣hood, the intelligent, and worthily admi∣red, ELIZABETH Countesse of Dar∣by, wife to the thrice-noble WILLIAM Earle of Darby.

VVHen as the skilfull Statuaries make,
The image of some great & worthy one,
They still, as they intend his forme to take,
Forecast the Basis he shall rest vpon,
Whose firme infixe thunders nor winds can shake,
Nor Time, that Nature deads to liue alone.
So (worthiest Lady) may I proudly vaunt,
(Being neuer guilty of that crime before)
That to this Laye, which I so rudely chaunt,
Your diuine selfe, which Dian doth adore,
As her maids her, I haue select to daunt
Enuy: as violent as these nam'd before.
Page  [unnumbered] Vertue and beauty both with you enioy.
Gorgon and Hydra (all but death) destroy.

Your honors from youth oblig'd, WIL. BARKSTED.