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Title: Scala perfecc[i]onis
Author: Hilton, Walter, d. 1396.
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That is to saye / yf thou haddest lost all the reason of thy sou¦le by the fyrste synne thy soule sholde neuer haue founde hym ayen / but he lefte to the thy reason. and soo he is in thy soule / and neuer shall be lost oute of it / Neuertheles thou arte neuer the nerer to hym tyll thou haue founde hym / He is in the tho∣ugh he be lost fro the / But thou arte not in hym tyll thou ha¦ue foūde hym / Thenne was this his mercy that he wold suf¦fre hym to be loste oonly where he maye be founde / It nedeth not to renne to Rome ne to Iherusalem for to seche hym the¦re / but tourne thy thoughte in to thyne owne soule where he is hydde. as the prophete sayth / Vere tu es deus absconditus Sothly lorde thou art an hydde god / & seche hym there. M· 13.Thus sayth hymself in the gospell / Simile est regnū celorum the∣sauro abscondito in agro. quem qui inuenit homo abscondit & pre gaudio illi{us} vadit· & vendit vniuersa que habet. et emit agrum illū / The kyngdom of heuen is likened to a tresoure hyd in the felde. the whiche whan a man fyndeth for Ioye of it he gooth and selleth alle that he hathe and byeth the felde / Ihesu is tresour hydde in thy soule / Thenne yf thou myghte fynde hym in thy soule. and thy soule in hym / I am syker for Ioye of it thou wolde yeue the likyng of all erthly thyng for to haue it / Ihesu slepith in thy herte ghostly· as he dyde somty¦me bodily whan he was in the shyppe wyth his discyples But they for drede of perysshynge wakened hym. and soone after he saued hem fro tempeste / Doo thou soo. styre hym by prayer / and wake hym wyth grete cryenge of desyre / and he shall soone ryse and helpe the / ¶What letteth a man to here and see Ihesu wythin him selfe / Caplm L.NEuertheles I hope better that thou slepest ofter to him than he dooth to the / For he callyth the full ofte wyth hys swete pryue voys / & styreth thyn hert full stylly yt thou sholdest leue all other Ianglyng of al other vanitees in
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