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Title: Scala perfecc[i]onis
Author: Hilton, Walter, d. 1396.
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ony good dede: ne for to ayenstonde by displesyng of wyll the leest stirynge of synne whan it comyth / but it falleth downe therto as it were a beest vpon careyne / But a soule that is re¦fourmed though he vse his flesshly wyttes / and fele flesshly stirynges / neuerthelesse he lotheth hem in his herte· for he wol¦de for noo thynge fully reste in hem / but he fleeth the reste as the bitynge of an adder / and had leuer haue his rest and the lo¦ue of his herte in god yf that he cowde· and somtyme desyreth therto / and often grutcheth of the lykynge of this lyfe for lo∣ue of the lyfe euerlastynge / This soule is not borne in this y∣mage of synne as a seke man though he fele it. but he beryth it / For thorugh grace he is made myghty & stronge for to suf∣fre and bere his body wyth all the euyll stirynges of it wyth∣oute hurtynge or defoylynge of hymself / and that is in asmo¦che as he loueth hem not. ne foloweth hem not· ne sēteth not to hem the whiche arn dedely synnes as a nother dooth / This was bodily fulfylled in the gospel of a man that was in the palsye. and was soo feble that he myghte not goo / and ther∣fore was he layed and borne in a lytere and broughte to our lorde / And whan our lorde sawe hym in myscheyf of his godnesse he sayd to hym / Surge et tolle grabatum tuū et in domum tuā / That is: Rise vp and take thy bedde and in to thy hous / And soo he dyde. and was hole / And soothly right as this man bare vpon his backe whan he was made hole the bedde that before bare hym / Right soo it maye be sa∣yd ghostly that a soule refourmed in fayth berith this ymage of synne the whyche bare hym before / And therfore be not a∣dradde tomoche of thy blackenesse that thou haste of beryng of this ymage of synne. But as ayenste the shame & the dyscō¦forte that yu hast of the beholdyng of it / and also ayen vpbray∣dyng that thou felist in thy hert of thy ghostly enmyes whan thei say to the th{us} / where is thy lord Ihūs. what sekest yu. wher̄ is ye fairnes that yu spekest of. what felist yu ouʒte but blindnes
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