Huloets dictionarie newelye corrected, amended, set in order and enlarged, vvith many names of men, tovvnes, beastes, foules, fishes, trees, shrubbes, herbes, fruites, places, instrumentes &c. And in eche place fit phrases, gathered out of the best Latin authors. Also the Frenche therevnto annexed, by vvhich you may finde the Latin or Frenche, of anye English woorde you will. By Iohn Higgins late student in Oxeforde.
Huloet, Richard., Higgins, John, fl. 1570-1602.
    P. ANTE. I.
  • PIckeax, or matocke. Ligo, onis. masc. gen. Vn hoyau. S. Picq ou pique de fer. Pals.

    To picke a purse. Manticulor, aris. Ex crumena alicuius pecuniam furari, Pecuniam è crumena alicuius furtim surripere.

  • Picke craftely. Mantiscinor, aris.*
  • Pickepurse, or a cutpurse. Manticularius, ij. Zo∣narius sector, Crumenisseca nonnullis qui in cō∣ferta turba marsupijs manum inijcit, & aut secat aut inanit. Coupebourse, coupeur de boursis. H.
  • Picker of quarrelles. Discordiosus. Noisi & qua∣releux. S.
  • Picker, or thief that steales smal thinges. Psichar∣pax, Fur micarius, Fur minutarius. Bud. ar••n de petites choses. S.
  • Pickerell, or a little pyke. Luciolus, li. masc. gen. Brocheton. S.
  • Pickers, or theues yt goe vp into chambers, ma∣king as thoughe they sought some thing. Diae∣tarij. Vlpian. Larrons qui montent iusques ux cham∣bres, faisant semblant de cercher quelque chose. S.
  • Picke••uce. Oxyporum, Oxygarum. Saupicquet. H.
  • Pickethanke. Sycophanta, ae. Parasitus, ti. m. ge▪ Et Sycophantia, ae. Is the offence, or qualitie of a pickethancke. Et Parasitor, taris. Sycophantor, aris. Sycophantisso, as. Is to playe the picke∣thanke.
  • Pickle for fyshe. Tharia, ae.*
  • Pickle, bryne, or suche salte lyquour made to kepe meate in. Muria, Salsugo, vel Salsilago. inis f. g. Saulmure. H.
  • Pickle that is very strong, or bryne that wil beare an egge. Muria dura. Celso.
  • Pickeled hearing. Muriaticum halec, Halex con∣ditonea. Hareng salé. H. Vide Pikled.
  • Picture, or lyuely image of a thing. Effigies, Ex∣pressa imago, Icon, nis. f. g. Image, ou resemblance & pourtraict faict sur le vif. S.
  • Picture drawen with a lyne. Monogrammus, mi.
  • Picture of beastes. Zographia, ae.*

    To picture, painte, or to make a pycture. Pin∣gore, Page  [unnumbered] Depingere. Expingere. Peindre. S.

    The pourtraict of a picture. Graphis, dis. foe. g. Proiect de peincture. S.

  • Pictures made in bourdes and sylinges carued. Anaglypha, orum. n. ge.

    The science of making pictures, or painting. Graphice, ces. foe. g. Pictura, rae. foem. ge. L'art de peincture. S.

  • Pictures, or images attached on plate with vices to take of & on at pleasure. Emblemata, tū. n. g.

    A maker of pictures, or painter. Pictor, oris. m. ge. Plin. Peinctre. S.

  • Pye byrde. Citta, ae. Pica, ae. f. g. Whose Epitheton is Garrula, Loquax. as A chattering pye. Gar∣rula pica.
  • Pye, or pastie. Artocrea, ae. f. g. Pasté. H. Vide pasty.
  • Piece, or a morsel cut frō some thing. Segmen, nis. Segmentum, ti. n. g. Piece au morceau qu'on à coupé de quelque chose. S.

    A little piece, or morsell of any thing what euer it be. Frustū, ti. Frustulū, li. n. g. Vne petite piece & morceau de quelque chose que ce soit. S.

  • Piece of any thing broken. Fragmen, nis. Fragmē∣tum, ti. n. g. Vn piece de quelque chose rompue. S.
  • Piece meale, or by pieces. Frustillatim, Articula∣tim, Assulatim, Concisé, Frustratim, Particula∣tim, Membratim. En pieces & morceaux, ou par pieces. S.
  • Piece of a stone. Scrupus, pi. m. ge.
  • Piece of a tree bodye cutte of, or of tymber. Trun∣cus, ci. m. g.
  • Piece of golde. Aureus, ei. m. g. Plin.
  • Piece of lynnen cloth. Linteolum, li. n. ge. Petit dra∣peau, ou drapelet. S.
  • Piece, or gobbet. Frustū, ti. Frustillū, li, vel frustu∣lum, li. diminut. Ang. A little piece or gobbet.
  • Piece of fine tried golde. Palacra, crae. foe. ge. It is called a masse of golde. Vne masse d'or. S.
  • Piecely, or in pieces. Concise. Frustatim. Vide Piecemeale.
  • Piele to set bread into the ouen with. Pala, lae. In∣furnibulum, Instrumentum quo pistor furno pa∣nem immittit. Pale. H. Et Patella, lae. foe. g. Paelle à mettre le pain au four. S.
  • Piep lyke a chicken, crane, or fawcon. Pipio, is, iui. Piuler, ou pioler. S. & Pipiones, Bee they that do piep, some call them pigions.
  • Piers, or nobles of the realme. Magistanes, Pur∣purati. Vide Princes.
  • Pigeon, or a doue. Colūbus, bi. m. g. Pigeon ou coulon.

    A yonge pigeon. Pullus colūbinus, Colūbulus, li. Pipio, onis. m. g. Pigeonneau, ou vn ieune pigeon.

  • Pigeon house. Columbarium, rij. & Columbaria. ae. foe. g. Pigeonnier, ou columbier. S.
  • Pigeons egge. Ouum columbinum. Oeuf de pigeon.
  • Pigeons dunge. Columbare stercus, Columbinū stercus. Fiente de pigeon. S.
  • Pigge that sucketh, or a sucking pigge. Porculus siue porcellus subrumus, Lactens. Porcelet te••ant, cochon de laict. H.
  • Pygge weyned. Nefrens, dis. com. gen. Quasi qui frendere fabam nondum possit. Cochon, porcelet. H.
  • Pyke, a fyshe. Lupus, pi. Variolus, li. Lucius, cij. m. gen. Brochet. S.
  • Piked head, whiche is sharpe about lyke a suger lofe. Argutum caput. Vide Head.
  • Pikle, or bryne, or salte water made. Muria, ae. Mu∣ries, ei. Aqua salsa. Saulmure. S. Salsugo, vel Salsi∣lago. Saumure. Vide Pickle.
  • Pikle, or sauce spiced. Conditura, ae. Condimen∣tum, ti. n. g. Saulse, confiture. S.
  • Pykled, or bryned. Muriaticus, a, um. Qui à esté long temps en la saulmure. S.
  • Pilche for a saddle. Instratum, ti. n. g.*
  • Pilcharde fyshe lyke a hering. Gerres, ris. Halecu∣la, lae. foe. ge. Sardine. Pals.*
  • Pyle of clothes, or other thynges. Strues, Moles, lis. foe. ge. Vne pile de draps, ou d'autres choses. S.
  • Pyle dryuen into the grounde for a brydge. Subli∣ca, ae. foe. ge. Et Sublicium, cij. neut. gen. Pieu, ou Pilotis. S.
  • Pile of woodde. Strues, is. f. g. Lignier, vne pile de bois.
  • Pile, or pappe in the fundament, a disease called also the Emorroides. Haemorrhois, idis. foe. ge. Hemorrhoides. H.
  • Pilgryme. Peregrinus, ni, Viator, oris. Peregri∣nator, toris. m. g. Pellerin. Pals.
  • Pilgrimage. Peregrinatio, onis. foe. g. Et Peregre. on pylgrimage.
  • Pilgrimage to go. Peregre vado. Peregrinor, a∣ris. To go on a voyage. Voyager. S.
  • Pille medicinable. Cancris, is. * Catapotium, tij. Pilula, ae. foe. ge. Pillule. H.
  • Pill, or to waste and spoyle all. Populare, vel Po∣pulari, Depopulari, Perpopulari, Spoliare, De∣spoliare, Diripere, Depeculari, Peculatum fa∣cere, Praedam facere, Praedari, Expopulari, Sup∣pilare, Compilare. Depraedari. Gaster & piller tout, & faire degast. S.
  • Pille, or to barke trees. Decorticare, Glubere, De glubere. Oster l' escorse. S.

    Whiche hath bene pylled, or spoyled. Compila∣tus, Spoliatus, Expilatus, ta, tum. Populatus, ta, tum. Qui à esté pillé. S.

  • Piller. Columna, nae. Domiporta, ae. Pila, ae. Stela, lae. foe. ge. Vn pillier. S. Et Columnatus, a, um. Gar∣ni de piliers. S. Garnished or set with pyllers. Et columnium, ij. A place set about with pillers.
  • Pyller by piller. Pilatim. Vitru.
  • Piller, poller, or a spoyler. Expilator, Spoliator, Direptor, Praedator, Populator, Depeculator, toris. mas. ge. Pilleur. S.
  • Piller, robber, or pyrate on the sea. Praedo, nis. Pi∣rata, tae. m. ge. Pilleur & escumeur de mer. S.
  • Pillery and rapine. Rapacitas, Raptio, Direptio, Spoliatio, onis. f. g. Pillerie & rauissement. S.
  • Pillers, or postes set without, to susteyne a frame or house. Antes, tium. plur. m. g.
  • Pilling, or pollyng. Compilatio, Expilatio, onis. foe. ge. Pillement. S.
  • Page  [unnumbered]Pillory. Collistrigium, gij. Columbar, aris. neut. g. Numellae versatiles. Le pilori. S. Vide Reproche openly. &c. Et Catamidio, as. Ang. To set on the pyllory. Et Numellis publicis insertus. Bud. Mis au pillory. S. set on the pillory.

    Set vp on ye pylory. Numellis versatilibus col∣lo inserto à carnifice conspicuè in foro venalium rotatus, Numellis à carnifice insertus & versa∣tus, Numellis publicis insertus. Mis ou tourné au pillori. S.

    Setting on the pyllory. Traductio stigmatica. Piloriement. S.

  • Pylory knighte, a terme of reproche to an infamed persō. Stigmaticus, & Stigmosus. Flatré, diffamé.
  • Pillowe. Puluinar, ris. Puluinus, ni. Puluillus, Pul∣uinarium, rij. n. g. Oreillir, orillier. H.
  • Pilot or maister of a shippe. Nauclerus, Nauicula∣rius, Nauarchus, Nauiculator, quem vocant Pa∣tronum nauis, Magister nauis. Pilot, ou pilote & patron d'vne nauire. H.
  • Pimpernell an herbe. Bipenella, ae. Pampinella, ae. Pampinula, ae. Teucrium, ij. n. g. Pimpernelle. S.
  • Pincers. Volsella, siue vulsella, lae. f. g. Forceps, pis. foe. g. &. m. g. vel dubij, gen. Pinces ou pincettes. S.
  • Pincers to drawe teethe with. Forfex, cis. foe. gen. Odontagra, Dentiducum, Dentarpaga, gae. f. ge. Pincette ou tenaile pour tirer vne dent. H.
  • Pinche, or to nippe. Summis digitis comprimere, vel premere. Pincer. S.
  • Pinche. Vellico, as. Idem.
  • Pinche peny, or a nyppe cruste. Parcus, Auarus, Restrictus, Tenax, cis. Chiche. S. Et homo sordi∣dus. Idem. Vn pincemaille. S.
  • Pine apple. Coccalus, li. Nux pinea, Strobilus, li. Cybeles pomum. Pomme de pin. H.
  • Pine apple tree. Conus per metaph. Pinea, ae. Pi∣nus, ni. m. g. Vn pin. S. And the female pyne apple tree. Conois, dis. Et Pinaster, ri. m. g. The wylde pyne tree. Vn pin sauuage. S. Pinetum, ti. neut. gen. The place where pyne apple trees growe, or place planted with pynes. Vn lieu plant de pins. S Et Pineus, a, um. Of a pyne apple tree. Qui est de pin. S.

    A kinde of wylde pyne tree. Strobulus, li. mas. g. Vne sorte de pin sauuage. S.

  • Pine apple kernell. Nucleus pineus. Le noyau de la pomme de pin. H.
  • Pine, or to languishe awaye. Languere, Oblan∣guere, Languescere, Oblanguescere. Languir. S.
  • Pinnacle. Pinnaculum, li. n. g. Vn pinnacle. S.
  • Pinne. Acicula, ae. Spinula, lae. f. ge. Espingle. S.
  • Pyncase to putte pynnes in. Acicularium, rij. Spi∣nularium, rij. n. ge. Espinglier à mettre les espingles dedans. S.
  • Pinne duste. Peripsema, tis. Psegma, tis.* Puluis scriptorius.
  • Pinne of a halke, or beame. Trabalis clauus.
  • Pynne of Iuory, or woodde, wherewith women trymme their heares. Clamistrum, tri. Discer∣niculū, li. Discriminale, lis. n. g. vide Frisling irō
  • Pynne a house vnder the grūdsyle. Substruo, is, xi.
  • Pynne of tymber. Asser, eris. Impago, ginis. * Im∣pages, Clauus ligneus. Cheuille. S.
  • Pynne cattle. Includo, is.
  • Pynner, or a pounder of cattell. Inclusor, ris. m. g.
  • Pynner that maketh pynnes. Acicularius, Spinu∣larius. m. g. Espinglier, qui fait les espingles. S.
  • Pinnage of cattel, or powndage. Inclusio, onis. f. g.
  • Pynning of houses. Substructio, onis. f. g.
  • Pynnion of a fowle. Armus, mi. Pennula, ae. *
  • Pynnion of a shoulder of a beaste. Ala, ae. f. g.
  • Pynnioned, Armatus, a, um. Penulatus, a, um.*
  • Pynson, or a shoe. Calceamen, inis. Calceamentū, ti. Calcearium, rij. n. g. Caffignon, ou soulier. Pals.
  • Pynte measure, the eight part of a gallon. Cheo∣pina, nae. f. g. Bud. Chopine. Et Pinta, tae. f. g. Pinte
  • Piony, herbe. Paeonia, ae. Pionia, ae. Ideus dactilus. Piuoine, peuoene. S.
  • Pype. Calamus, mi. Tibia, ae. Fistula, lae. foe. ge. Vne fleute. S. Fistula, Is the generall latine for anye thing that is hollowe, & of the shape of a pipe, or whereof a pype may be made, as an Oote straw or other strawe, or reede. &c. vt Virgil.
    Est mihi disparibus septem compacta cicutis,
    Fistula: Damoetas dono mihi quā dedit olim.
    Et dixit morien: te nunc habet ista secūdum.
    With seuen vnequall spaces I
    a pype thats ioyned haue,
    Whiche whilom for a gifte to me
    my frende Dametas gaue,
    And dieng sayde: th'art second nowe
    this pype could euer haue.
  • Pype, called a recorder. Syrinx.*
  • Pype of a conduyte. Canalis, is. Fistula, ae. Salien∣tes, tum. plur. Tubus, bi. Tubulus, li. m. ge. Tuyau de fontaine. S. Et Canaliculus, li. vella, ae. dimin. Ang. A little pype of a conduite.
  • Pype, a vessell so called. Cadus, di. m. g. Cacque. S.
  • Piper. Auletes, tis. Fistulator, toris. masc. gene. Vn fleuteur. S.
  • Piping. Fistulatio, onis. f. g.
  • Piping, or pieping of byrdes, or fowles. Pipilatus, us. Et Pipio, is, iui. Is to pype as chyckens, yōg cranes, and other fowles doo. Vide piepe.
  • Pippe, a disease among chickens and fowles. Pi∣tuita, ae. foe. ge. La pepie. H.
  • Pipped nutte. Cassa nux.
  • Pippine. Malum curtupendulum. Capendu. S.
  • Pipple stone. Calculus, li. Vmbilicus, ci. m. ge. Gra∣uois, Grauelle. S.
  • Pyrate, rouer, or robber on the seas. Pirata, tae. m. ge. Praedo, donis. m. g. Pirate. S.
  • Piracy, or practyse of a pyrate. Piratica, cae. foe. ge. L' art d' escumeur de mer. S.

    Of a pyrate, or robber of the sea. Piraticus, ca, cum. D' escumeur de mer. S.

  • Pirwycke. Galerus, ri: Galerum, ri. n. g.*
  • Pismier, ante, or emot. Myrmerium, ij. Salpiga, ae. Sepes, dis. Salpiga, Is not the commen pismier. Formica, cae. foe. ge. Fourmi. S. Et Formicinus, na, Page  [unnumbered] num. Of a pismier. D' vn fourmi. Et Formicosus, sa, sum. Full of pismiers. Plein de fourmis. S. For∣micarium, ij. Formicetum, ti. A pismier hyll.
  • Pisse. Lotium, ij. Vrina, ae. Vrine, pissat. H.
  • Pisse. Reddere vrinam, Meio, is. Mingo, is, xi. E∣dere vrinam, Fundere vrinam, Humorem red∣dere. Pisser. S. Micturio, is. Ang. To haue desire to pysse.

    To cause to pysse. Vrinam concitare, vel ciere vel pellere. Faire pisser. S.

  • Pissepotte. Lasanum, ni. Matella, ae. Matula, ae. Sca∣phium, ij. Trulla, lae. f. g. Pot à pisser. Et Matellio, onis, diminut. inde, Ang. A little pissepotte.
  • Pissing place. Oletum, ti.*
  • Pitche. Pix, cis. foe. g. De la poix. S.
  • Pitche of an olde shippe, whiche beinge eftsones mingled, or tempered with salte and waxe, is of more effecte then newe. Zopissa, pissae. f. g.
  • Pitche tree. Apinus, ni. Picea, ae. f. g. Pinasse. S.
  • Pitched, or dressed with pitche. Picatus, a, ū. Poissé, enduict de poix. S.

    Vesselles pitched within. Picata dolia. Vaisseaux poissez. S.

    Wyne whiche tastes of pitche. Vinum picatum. Vin qui sent la poix. S.

  • Pitche, or to araye, or dresse with pitche. Pico, cas. Oppico, cas. Poisser. S.
  • Pitchie, or of pitche. Piceus, a, um. Qui est de poix. S.
  • Pitche of a hyll. Cliuus, ui. Cliuum, ui. n. ge. La des∣cente d' vne montaigne. S.
  • Pitche nettes. Tendere retia, vel plagas. Tendre les filets. S.
  • Pitche a pauilion, or tente. Tendo, dis. Adplicare castra.
  • Pitcheforke. Merga, ae. Furca qua frugum mani∣puli eleuantur. Iauelier. H.
  • Pitcher, potte, to carie water in. Lagena, ae. Manci∣sterna.* Vrceolus, li. Vrceus, i. Vrna, ae. Hydria; ae. f. g. Cruche à porter eaue. S. Et Laguncula, ae. Vr∣nula, ae. diminut. Ang. A little or small pitcher. Petite cruche. S.
  • Pithe of a tree. Matrix, cis. Medulla arboris. La moelle. H.
  • Pitie. Misericordia, ae. Miseratio, onis. Pietas, is. Commiseratio, onis. foe. ge. Pitie & compassion qu' on ha de la misere d'aucun. S. One of the spirituall graces whiche is the reuerende loue, and duti∣full honour to God, and the charitable, sincere, true minde and zeale towardes our Christian brother.

    To moue one to pitie. Animum alicuius ad mi∣sericordiam adducere, vel reducere, Commo∣uere miserationem, Misericordiam alicui com∣mouere. Esmouuoir aucun à pitié. S.

  • Pitie, or to haue cōpassion. Miserior, eris. Respicio, cis. Misericordiam capere, Miserere, Miserari, Commiserari, Miserescere alicuius. Auoir pitié & compassion d'aucun. S. Miseret, bat. It doth py∣tie. Cum genit. vt Miseret me tui.
  • Pitied to be, or which moueth pity, or is misera∣ble. Miserādus, a, ū. Miserabilis, le. Qui es••ut à pi∣tié, miserable. S.
  • Pitifull. Pius, a, um. Misericors, dis. Clemens, tis. Qui a pitié d'aucun. S.
  • Pitifull man. Miserator, oris.*▪
  • Pitifully. Misericorditer, Pi. Misericordiusement.
  • Pitious. Miser, ra, rum. Pitieux. S.
  • Pitte. Puteus, i. Fouca, Fossa, Scrobs, bis. Dub. ge. Vne fosse. S. Putealis, e. Puteanus, a, ū. Of a pitte. D'vne fosse. S.
  • Pytte, or seller made in the grounde to kepe corne very long in. Sirrus, ri. vel Syrus, ri. m. g. Vne fosse à tenir froument. Cal.
  • Pitte where potters claye is digged. Argilletum, ti. neut. gen.*
  • Pitte where sande is hadde. Arenarium, ij. n. g.*
  • Pytfall. Decipula, ae. Tendicula, ae. Decipulum, li. n. g. Vn trebuchet. H.