The moste pleasuante arte of the interpretacion of dreames whereunto is annexed sundry problemes with apte aunsweares neare agreeing to the m atter, and very rare examples, not like the extant in the English tongue. Gathered by the former auctour Thomas Hill Londoner: and now newly imp rinted.
Hill, Thomas, b. ca. 1528.
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Certain briefe Dreames gathered out of the Pamph∣lettes of the wyse Salomon holye Joseph, and Daniell the Pro∣phet, with others now newlye added.

IF a Prynce or his wyfe shal seeme to haue ringes on the fingers, declare af∣ter so manye parsons son∣nes as ther appeared rin∣ges. To talke with the earth, signifieth to Princes victory. If it seme to a Prince to haue receyued poysoned drinke, or meate, that his heares seme to fal of: shal after ouercome ennemyes by pollicie.

If it seeme to a Prince to plucke vp anye trees by the roote, that he shall subdewe some of his nobles. But if those trees fal of their owne accorde, then those nobles shall dye without trespasse or facte of the Prince. If from the foote of Trees ship∣pes seeme to aryse then the Princes peo∣ple shal encrease.

If a Prince seemeth to haue the Sunne Page  [unnumbered] in his hande, signifyeth that he shall haue a Prince captyue. If this semeth to a no∣ble parson, that he shalbe a rebell: if to a priuate parson, that hee shalbee deliuered from the heauines of cares. To worship the starres, or before theym to wepe, syg∣nifyeth a good turne or grace to be had at the Princes hands. If to a Prince seeme Tapestrye clothes to be banged abroade, signifyeth a glad tydinges or message But if they seme decayed and torne, then a shorte lyfe: and if but olde, then that hee shal retayne a good ende only of the mat∣ter hoped after. To a priuate sicke parsō, good sauours & Musicke signifye health, but to a Prince death. A riche pompe or tryumph to a Prince sick declareth death but to a priuate man, the deliuerye frome that sickenesse. To a person in dignity to sit in the Clowds, declareth a hasti ruine to follow: to be whipped or scourged of a Maiestrate, & not of a Bedell or other of∣ficer withoute cryme, signifyeth that the sentence of law shalbe geuē against hym, to his hinderance. And if the same bee a frende, then this shalbe profitable & with ut damage.

Page  [unnumbered] And if any seemeth to raygne; declareth to hym a publick death, but to a seruaunt it is good for it signifyeth libertye. To see the Prince ireful, is euil to al parsōs, but especiallye to subiectes.

To worship the kinge is to worshippe Religion and God. To take a cloake, Crowne, or sword of a Prince, signifyeth good. to contende wyth a kynge or some parson in Authoritye, that hee shall acō∣plishe all his businesses, that hee woulde wyth either of them. And the lyke whā he ouercommeth them in cause of the lawe. To minister meate to a kynge, receyueth a gift according to the maner of ye meate. To bee kissed of an Emperour or kyng, or to talke wyth him, signifyeth gayne with ioy. to seeme to put on golden garmen∣tes declareth enuye or heauines. If any seeth an Eagle or done sittinge on him, signifyeth honour. If any seemeth to breake downe altars in sleape signifyeth death to followe. If any thinketh to see or fight with Bees, signifyeth ire. If a∣ny thinketh to cary armoure, declareth safegardes or honour. To loose or breake Armoure, signifyeth damage. To seek Page  [unnumbered] Tree with fruit in sleape signifyeth gain. To thinke hymselfe to be a tre, signifyeth a sickness. To clyme trees, signifyeth good tydings or some promotion. To fall out of a tree, signifyeth to fal frō a greate hope. To see trees grow in thy house, sig∣nifyeth strangers to dwell & kepe felow∣ship with thee. The leaues of plantes to fall on the sleaper, declareth deceytes & wyles to be forged agaynst hym. And to see plātes without roote, signifyeth vaine thoughtes & men of small trust & vtility. If a woman seemeth to bringe foorthe a peach tree, shal after bring foorth a sonne of worthy maners, but of shorte lyfe. To bende a bowe or shoote arrowes, signify∣eth sorrowe or labour. To loose or breake a bowe, signifyeth honoure. To gather to gether arrowes, signifyeth wicked de∣ceates to be intended vnto some one. To finde a howe signifyeth to take a iourney. If any thinketh in his sleape, to plowe, signifyeth aboundaunce with laboure.

And seeminge to plowe is good to suche desyrous to haue children, but to the sicke, the same is perillous. And one seemed to plowe, and sowe wheate, after Page  [unnumbered] whiche the dreamers wyfe & his children beyngthen oute of the country, returned home. To thinke he handled siluer, sig∣nifyeth gayne. To see a bigge Tree, sig∣nifyeth honoure. To plante a Tree with Arms or braunches, or to hear boughes, declareth gayne to ensue. And be that thinketh to see a broken Tree, signifyeth gayne out of doubte. To see a Tree bea∣ryng fruite, signifyeeh gayue or ioy to en∣sue: to see a most huge Tree, declareth death to ollowe. To leade or handle a Boare, declareth a happye expectation.

To fynde eyther gold or siluer, declareth enuye or hatred to ensue. To see golde or any gilden matter, declareth happye ty∣mes to ensue. To see siluer, and not to hā∣dle it, declareth greate stryfe to followe. And sometimes to se siluer and handle it signifyeth a greuous sadnesse. To seeme much higher then he is, declareth that he shal after be verye sicke. To take anye thing from a woman signifyeth damage. To see a fielde ull of thornes, declareth plētifulnes to follow. To se byrdes boy∣linge, signifyeth the euill talke of enne∣myes. To see byrdes and to fighte with Page  [unnumbered] them signifieth dammage. To see byrdes without fethers, signifyeth trouble. To se the starres in slepe, signifyeth a greate gladnes to follow. To see and talke with an Angell, declareth a happines to fol¦lowe. To clyme to heauen or to praye to God signifyeth a great tradition. That he goeth to churche to praye, or executeth the office of a minister, signifiethe greate gladnes to follow. That he catcheth ha∣stely at birdes, signifyeth damage. To se byrdes, hange in sleepe, declareth gayne. That abyrde fighteth agaynste hym, de∣clareth the anger of some man towardes hym. To see a byrde wythe her younge, declareth ioy to ensue. Tol loose or let go birdes, signyfieth damage. To haue byrdes wyth their yonge, declarethe gain to follow. To see bees vppon him, signi∣fieth enemyes to hurte hym.

That bees stinge and hurte hym, signi∣fieth to be hurte by the wiles & deceyts of men. To crepe into a bee hyue, declareth dissolution. To see a swarme of Bees signifyeth damage. To dreame that he seeth bees fight within themselues, sig, nifyeth the hurte of parsons. That a bee Page  [unnumbered] smyteth angarlye, signifyeth the sedition of enemyes. To see or haue Lambes or kyds, signifyeth consolation or increase.

To see a goose, declareth greate honour. To se lambes feadinge or sleapynge, sig∣nifieth deterimente. And to see an asse in sleepe, signifyeth the tediousnes of a sicke∣nes. And to thinke himselfe caught or ta∣ken holde of the deuill, signifyeth gayne. To be taken of a beare, signifyeth gayne. To flye to heauen, signifieth peregrina∣tion. To geue any thing into the handes of an other, signifieth gain. And to thinke himselfe taken or houlde of a wolf signifi∣eth to be oppressed of enemyes. To take rosted egges, signifyeth gayne, To drinke hot water in sleepe, signifyeth a sicknesse. To drink colde water in slepe, signifyeth health and longe lyfe. And to fall from a tree, signifyeth dead neare hande. To bee crouned of an Emperour, signifieth ioye. To bee crowned of a deade parson, signi∣fieth securitye. To bee caryed foorth of a Ryuer, signifyeth the discorde of enemies To sit at the table of a man of power, sig∣nifieth ioye and gladnes. To see the ayre cleare, signifyeth gayne or expediciō. To Page  [unnumbered] see the ayre troubled or cloudy, signifyeth a deceit or petition. To see or eate rosted flesh, signifyeth damage To clyme to he∣uen or pray vnto god, signifyeth a great traditiō. To think himself drawen of the dead, declareth no good lucke. To be vext of a deuil, signifieth happy gain. To think hymselfe bounde, signifieth a certayn hin∣draūce. To take meat or som other thing of the deade, or to talk wt him, signifyeth honor: that armed to be set vppō or smit∣ten wyth a weapon, signifyeth to bee op∣pressed of a mightye parson. To lose a bracellet or ryng, signifyethe a greuouse deceyte. To take an yron ryng, signifyeth security. To geue a ring or vracellet, si∣gnifieth a gifte & honour. To take or re∣ceyue a ring, ignifyeth gladnesse. To see a ram rūning declareth the anger, or fal∣ling out of thy neighboure. To see asses fighting or sttiuinge one with another or to run mourning, signifieth stryfe of ene∣mies. To see himselfe endamaged by Beasts, shalbe ouercome of enemyes or els subuersion, or disturbation.

To be assaulted of Serpentes, signifyeth uill. If anye thinketh himselfe to bee Page  [unnumbered] clothed in whyte or bright apparell, sig∣nifythe ioye to ensue. To see a Carter rūning, signifieth stryfe and contention with neighbours. To drincke vyneger, or wormewood signifieth greuouse sor∣rwes or asickenesse. To see the ayr tem¦pestuos, signifieth a great sorrow. To see or handle Eeles, signifieth labour.

To see white fethers on his cote or other garmente, signifyeth gladnesse. To see a tree, signifyeth deceyte or usines.

To walke by dunge hilles, fignifyeth a sickenesse to ensue.

To walke by a still water, signifyeth se∣curitye. To se hymselfe aged, signifyeth laboure To walke by a runninge wa∣ter, signifyeeth hynderaunce. To speake to an Emperoure, declareeh some aduaū∣cemente by a great man.

To conceaue anye thinge in thy loue, signifyeth carefulnes. To burne hys house, declareth charity & good newes.

To walke or talke with a straunger, de∣clareth expedition.

To dreame that hee hath a greate & long beard, declareth gayne & fortitude. To se hymselfe bearded, or in a strange maner Page  [unnumbered] from that he was, declareth contentiō or sorowe, or els decrease or sickenes. That he seethe himselfe to haue a bearde bur∣ninge or on a fyre, declareth tribulation.

To see thy bearde clypped or shauen declareth damage. To haue a staffe to walke wt, declareth sorow and sickenes to folowe. To bee feared and set vppon by beasts, declareth to take hede of thy ene∣mye, & to see beastes running, declareth some trouble. And tame bestes, declareth to winne fauoure withe enemyes, and to haue them a whyle in thy power.

And to dreame that hee heareth beastes speake, declareth greeuous sorowes.

To haue stronge armes, declareth en∣crease, to haue goodlye armes, a goode message or an ornamēt. And to haue foule armes, signifyeth stryfe and losse. And to haue greate armes, declareth power.

To haue smal armes, desolation: to haue myghtye armes of strengthe, declarethe frendship. And to se an Oxe clyme, signi∣fieth much good. To see Oxen play, feede or stand, signifyeth ioy, & to see fat Oxen, declareth temporal goodnes. To se leaue Oxen, declareth pouertye or needines of Page  [unnumbered] emporall goodnes after. To see an Oxe blacke or kylled, signifieth daūger. And to see an Oxe withoute hornes, declareth the conspiracye of enemyes. To heare an Oxe mowe, signifyeth stryfe. To se Oxē fight, signifyeth a businesse. To se Oxen run, signifyeth ioy, To see Oxen sleepe signifyeth an euill tyme. To tame Oxen, signifyeth a greeuouse sorrowe. That Oxen cun vppon him, signifyeth a wret∣ched businesse. To see a whyte Oxe, or to syt vpon him, signifyeth honor or aduaū∣cement. To se Olyphauntes, signifyeth sorow. To eate butter, declareth a hap∣py message. To see beasts make a noyse within themselues, signifieth the defence from enemyes. And yt he seeth the elemēt touche the grounde, signifyeth expediciō. And to se the elemēt al on fyre, declareth noe goodnes, but iniquytyes in the drea∣mers hart. And to sit in heauen, declareth happinewes. And to fe a hart attaint the, declareth that thou neede not to feare no man. And to se dogges playe, signifyeth grace or faore of thy aduersari And to thinke dogs barkinge, or leapyng on the: declareth hatred soughte on thee or thy Page  [unnumbered] enemyes to ouer come the. Also dogges leaping on the, signifyeth that thou shalt be deceiued of thy enemyes. And to make candels or light lampes, signifyeth ioye and iocundity. And to se a wax candel or cādels, great gladnes or a good message. To handle wax, declareth good. And to haue longe heare on the heade, signifyeth fortitude: the heade to be polled, signify∣eth sorowe or losse. To se himself heary de¦clareth a sicknes after. To singe psalmes anger. And the bel to toll or to heare the sounde therof, signifyeth fame, or a glad tydinges. And to se quick coles, signifieth to extincte or moue thy enemyes. And to eate coles, declareth yt the enemies speak euil of the. And to se thy neck bound, be∣ware how you geue credit to any, in anye thinge after. And to put on new shooes, or new apparel thy selfe, declareth gayn wt paynfulnes. And to put on olde woorne shooen, signifieth a damage, trouble, de∣ceuing, & sorrow. And to read or wryte a letter, signifyeth a good message. And to talke with the dead, signifyeth good and profit to follow, And to se bookes reading in thē, declareth the not to bee ouercome. Page  [unnumbered] To dwell with an Emperoure or Kinge, dedclareth ioy and aduauncemēt. And to eate a freshe cheese, declarethe gayne or fauoure. But salt cheese, no good happe.

And to haue an helmet on, declareth se∣curitye. To take or receyue a garlande of what kynde it be, declareth gladnesse or gayne. And to weare a garland of diuers flowers, declareth an equality of tempo∣rallgoods. And to se lightnings & thūder declareth gayne. And to see doues, decla∣reth some heauines after. To se or haue a borne, declareth hynderaunce or peril of lyfe. To dreame that he seeth hymselfe yt he cannot run, declareth a sickenes, hyn∣deraunce or losse. And that he can runne, signifyeth gladnes. And to dreame yt he talketh with a dead persō, signifieth gain With other to bee crowned, declarethe death to follow. And to imbrace frendly with a wife in bed, declareth a greeuous stryfe. And wyth thy sister, sorrowe or do¦mage. But with they mother, securitye. And wt a virgin also declareth sorow. And with a man, strife & deceate of the deuill. And with a beast infirmitye. To lye with harlottes, signifieth gayn. To haue cucū∣bers Page  [unnumbered] & gourdes, signifyeth wearines, be∣cause ye grayne there is both red & black.

To see the whyte grayn lyke pease. sig∣nifyeth a greuous stryfe. To giue a sese, then beware thy enemye. To take a knife of on, declareth that thy enemyes speake euill of thee. To sit in a carte, declareth great gain to follow To seme crouned or to weare a crowne, declareth gayne. To read bokes or to see them read, declareth ioy, to haue gyues or fetters on, signifi∣eth frendship. And to drinke anye spyced matter or sause, to take heede of an ene∣my. To se a prison shut, declareth securi∣tye. To talke or walke with strangers, declareth an expectation. And to talke wt thy master or lorde, signifieth great gain To cut his owne fleshe wyth yron, decla∣reth a greuous sickenes. And to eat mās flesh, declareth good as it wear sente. To see muche flesh, then beware thy enemye. And to se hymselfe greuously punished or tormented, declareth greuous tribulatiō To dreame that he hath a heary boodye, declareth hynderaunce. To haue a whyte head' signifyeth gayne. And to vomite vp meate, signifieth yt what thou shall haue Page  [unnumbered] wel setled in the, shalbe troubled & tossed after. And to swallow meat down, signi∣fyeth damage. And meat to ryse vp, signi∣fieth the effect of his wil. And to se a whalswim, signifieth losse And to dreame that his heade is washed, shalbe deliuered. frō al peril. And yt his head is polled, signifi∣eth damage. To thinke thy selfe blynde, signifieth a sicknes or to fall into sin. And to heare a harpe, signyfyeth vayne wor∣des. And to dreame that his teeth fal out signifieth the death of one of his frēds af¦ter. And to dreame that the neather eye teeth fal out with pain & bloud, declareth that he shal after come poore, or leese his neare kinsman. And to dreame yt he seeth himselfe rich, signifyeth to suffer an iniu∣rye. And to build thy house, signifieth cō∣solation or great gain. And to distroy thy house or to see thy house fal, signifyeth da∣mage or the death of .i. of thy parents: & to se thy house burning, signifieth the oc∣casion of an offence caused by one, or pe∣rill of life. And to be praised of yong chil∣dren, signifieth yt he shalbe glorified of his proper children. And to dreame that his heade is striken of, signifyeth gayne or to Page  [unnumbered] ouercome an enemye, to eate swete thin∣ges, signifyeth to be oppressed wyth ma∣ny crymes. And to see dragons signifyeth some aduauncement. And to haue or see a diadem, signifyeth gayn, To se hymsefe comly decked, signifyeth gayn, And to sit on a whyte horse or to see him, signifyeth iocūditye. To haue red or bay horses, sig∣nifieth a happy message, to se a gray horse signifyeth gayn, and to se a horse sadled, signifyeth labour. and to se hym selfe wā∣dring, signifyeth a great grief or sorow to follow. And to se a dead horse, signifyeth gayn. And to haue a black horse, or to sit on hym signifyeth sorow. And to gelde a horse signifyeth damage, & that secretes to be reueled. To se himselfe drunk, signi∣fyeth sicknes or scurity, And to see hym selfe gelded, signifyeth damage or a sick∣nes. To see hymselfe sick, signifieth some accusatiō. And to dreame yt he is a vany∣shed man, signifyeth a greate offence to follow. And to se spoyles or to be spoiled hymselfe, signifyeth yt he shal receiue losse by some of his neare frendes. And to see hymselfe not to exercise his proper rely∣gion, signifieth heauines to followe. To Page  [unnumbered] dreame that he is hurte with yron, decla∣aeth desolation. And to dreame that hee seeth his face in the water, declareth lōg lyfe. To thinke hymselfe to haue a comly face, signifyeth aduauncemente or to bee enryched. But to dreame that hee seeth hymselfe to haue a foule face, signifyeth that hee shalbe oppressed wyth many cry∣mes. And to see a cleare riuer, or quietly to passe the riuer, declareth securitye, to see a troublesome or tempestuous ryuer, declareth accusement or offentiō. And to passe a reddishe riuer, signifyethe a tem∣pest. To see a fountayue or wel, & to drink out thereof, declareth to grow to riches. To se a den or caue & to fall into the same declareth a greeuous acusmente, falslye or craftely brought in. And to haue sons or daughters borne, declarethe increase. To see brother, mother, or sisters deade, declareth ioye & long lyfe. To see a well spronge vp in his house, signifyeth conso∣latiō and gladnes. And to se a ryuer flow into his house, declareth perill of lyfe.

To haue springes of water, signifyeth yt he shal do matters for an other man, and wyn by hym To wash his face, signifyeth Page  [unnumbered] eth longe lyfe. To haue a rudy face, to be oppressed wyth many crymes. And to see his face in a glasse, a sonne to hym borne.

And to see antes or pismiers, signifyeth great variaunces or cōtrouersies. And to se wheat or wheat meale, or to handle the same, declareth weakenes or sickenes to follow. And to laugh or smile in thy slepe declareth sadnes. To se himselfe mad or become a sword player, signifyeth condē∣nation. And to see sword players, that thy enemyes shal ouer come thee. To see him∣selfe a mayster of fence, and with it to bee praysed, signifyeth a g••ouse sorrowe to follow. And cary a sword, & to receiue harme by it, signifyeth sorrowe or heuy∣nes to follow. To see people fighting & to beset vpon by thē, signifyeth variaunce or cōtrouersye & peril. A cocke to crowe or fight, declareth subuersiō or carefulnes. To lese a preciouse stone out of a ryng, de¦clareth that he shall lese somthing after. To se or here haile, signifyeth a great da∣mage. To see gote buckes, or rms, signi∣fieth plentifulnes to folow. To dreame yt thou hast gests or receiuest gests, signifi∣eth enuy or greate deceites. To dreame ytPage  [unnumbered] thou killest men, signifyeth damage. To se a garden or to walke in an orcherd, de∣clareth ioy. And to make gardens. signifi∣eth iocūdity. An emperour to dwel with thee, or a king, signifyeth ioy. And to se y∣mages, declareth mutation: To walk in a pallace, declareth sorrowe. To walke in a churche sygnifyeth ioye. And to walk or sleepe in the market place declareth a sicknes. Aduaunced to honors, signy∣fieth pouerty. And to see a man chaunged or transformed into a beastes lyknes, sig∣nifyeth to bee reprehended of his mayster or Lorde. And to dreame that bee wash∣eth in a cleare Well or ryuer, declareth gladnes wythe profite. But to dreame that he washeth in a foule spring or riuer troubled, signifyeth a most bytter or gre∣uouse accusemente and damage. And to dreame that hee seeth hymselfe walke or goo into battailes, declareth greueouse sorowes to grow to hym. To washe him selfe in a priuie bane, signifyeth sorrow∣fulnes. And to see hymselfe in prison or imprisoned, signifyeth som false or crafty accusation agaynst hym. To dreame that he playeth wyth yong babes or infantes, Page  [unnumbered] sygnifyeth felicitye. And to dreame that hee walketh man orchard, declareth ioy & mirth. Also to wash hymselfe in a well, or cleare riuer, declareth gayn to folow. In the sea, profite or gladnes. To swym in a great water, signifyeth a longe lyfe. To washe in a foule deepe pyt, signifyeth accusemente. To washe in a ponde, signy∣fieth: iocundity of lyfe: In a riuer, ioy. And to dreme yt hee falled into a wel sig∣nifyeth accusemente, Into the sea, sygny∣fyeth ioy. And to see fyers in any place of the house, signifieth peril to some part of the house. To eate coles, signifieth slaūde∣rouse talke or euel report of enemyes.

To paint in tables signifyeth long lyfe.

To se fiers otherwise in sleepe, declareth the perill of lyfe. And to see ii. or manye mones sygnifieth aucthorities or powers elles yll wyll. To dreame that thou se∣este the moone bloudye, sygnifyeth peril. To dreame that hee seeth the moone fall from heauen, declareth laboure or tra∣ueil. And to dream that thou seest thy selfe boūd, signifyeth hindraūce. To dreame yt he seeth his bed trimly made. signifieth yt he shal take or wed a faythfull wyfe. And to se ye〈…〉 good, to Page  [unnumbered] the moone of manye coloures or obscure, signifyeth heauines or losse. To see the mone shew whyte, signifyeth gayn To se a lyon assaylinge the, signifyeth sedicion To reade or to heare a booke read, a good message. To eate larde or fat, that some of his parentes shal dye. To se a lyon run∣ninge, signifieth an expedition of his busi∣nes. To se hymself clothed in white linnē declareth heauines of mynde, or a sicke∣nes. To se himselfe throw or gather sto∣nes, signifyeth sorrow to follow or a sick∣nesse. To see hymselfe brall or stryue, sig∣nifyeth increase. To see his bed well ap∣parelled or decked, signifyeth gladnes or ioy To se himselfe handle lightes, decla∣reth sicknes or some infirmity to followe

To make or kyndle lightes, declareth gayne and ioy. To drinke or eate milke signifyeth ioye.

To dreame that hee washeth hymselfe in coulde water, signifyeth healthe. To dre∣ame that he hath newe bookes, signifye yt he shall eyther remoue into a newe house or haue a newe house. To dreame that he seeth theues, signifyeth gayne or other∣wyse. To dreame that hee speake the Page  [unnumbered] faynedly in confession or to laughe in hys sleepe signifyeth stryfe or variance to fol∣low. And to dreame yt he seeth his handes foule signifyeth damage & offences. And to dreame that he seeth his mother deade declareth ioye. And to see the sea caulme, signifieth ioy. But to se yt sea troubled or tossinge, signifieth heuines or sorow. And to se the sea most cleare, signifyeth an ex∣pediciō. To dreame that he departeth the world, declareth remouinge into some de∣solate place. To dreame that he washeth his handes, signifyeth to bee deliuered of his offence or offences, and crymes excu∣sed. And to dreame y he seeth a womā wt the here sparsid abrode, declareth discord to a ryse after. And to dreame that he se∣eh hymselfe remoued frō one place in to another, signifeth deceyte. To dreame y he seeth a dead person or that hee talketh wyth hym, signifieth ioy. And to dreame that he seeth himself dead, signifieth hin∣derāce. And to dreame yt he kisseth a dead pason, signifyeth a long lyfe, To dreame y be seeth bādes boūd, signifieth greouns sorowes. And to see the maiestye of God, signifyeth death or a most greeuouse syck∣sickenesse. Page  [unnumbered] To dreame that hee gathereth vppe corne newe mowen, signifieth glad∣nesse or ioye. To take honny, beware en∣nemyes. To marrye a wyfe, a greeuous sorowe. To see souldiars, signifyeth ioy. To dreame that hee seeth fishes playinge in the sea, signifyeth security. To dreame that hee clymeth or goeth vp on a moun∣tayne highe and difficulte, signifyeth dy∣minutiō or losse, To dreame that he 〈◊〉 hymselfe to be a hill or mountayne, signi∣fyeth ioy. To dreame that thou feasteste mariages, or seest singers of songes, de∣clareth sorowing, weepyng, & laboure. To dreame that he walketh bare footed, or seeth himselfe naked, signifyeth soro∣wes or great labours & trauailes. To dreame that he seeth himselfe swym and cannot, signifyeth greeuous hinderance.

¶To dreame that he seeth byrds nestes, signifyeth his busynes to come to good, or happen prosperouslye to him. To finde a neaste of byrdes, signifyeth rather euill then good. To dreame that hee washeth his feete, signifyeth an expedition. To dreame that hee taketh apples, signifyth greuous anguishes of mynde. To geue Page  [unnumbered] Apples, signifyeth damage. To see pea∣cocks. signifyeth expedition. To dreame that hee fighteth or triueth, let him then beware his enemye. To dreame yt he ta∣keth mantels, signifyeth ioyfulnes. To dreame y he heareth a chickin crowinge, signifieth ioy. To take a yong maiden, sig∣nifyeth gayn. To handle pepper, to fight with enemyes. To haue hearye feete, a hinderaunce. To eate Apples, signify∣eth laboure. To burne a wall, signifyeth sicknis to followe. A woman to see a wall signifyeth damage or losse. To dreame yt hee seeth a woman deliuered of a child, signifieth damage. To thincke hymselfe cloked in purple, signifyeth a sicknes. To dreame yt he seeth the going out of swyne, signifyeth a true message or tydinges. To see his father alyue beynge dead, signifyeth security. To dreame yt he goeth downe into a pit, signifyeth losse or damage. To thincke himselfe in exile, to be oppressed wyth great crymes. To bee set vppon of four footed beasts. signifyeth no good. To dreame that he hath or go∣eth vppe to chariottes or horstiturs, sig∣nifyeth honor. But to go dow frō thē, Page  [unnumbered] or fal out of them, sygnifieth to loose o∣nours, or to offende his Elders. And that fowre footed Beastes speake, that thy enemyes shal fle before thee. And to dreame that he thinketh himselfe become blinde, signifyeth sedition to followe. And to dreame that he seeth himselfe flye, sig∣nyfyeth that hee shall remoue or chaunge his hydinge place. And to dreame that he seeth hymselfe beset wt a bear, signifieth y sedition of enemyes. To se horslitters, signifyeth heauins of minde or som infir∣mity. And to dreame y be geueth a foure foted beast, signifieth heauines to follow. To dreame that he seeth a king or kings, declareth departur out of the world or so∣rowfulnes. And to dreame y he seeth kin∣ges dye, signifieth damage. And to se rū∣ninge brokes or ryuers, signifieth varian∣ces at hande. And to dreame y he climeth or goeth vp a waterbancke, signifieth la∣bour & traueil. But to dreame y he goeth downe or falleth frō a waterbank, signi∣fyeth euill. And to dream y he is a quene, signifyeth deceite to follow. To se a rose, declareth healthe. And to geue or take a rose, of other gladnes. And to dreame yPage  [unnumbered] be seeth hymselfe shauen, signifyeth gain. And to laugh or to se laughing, signifieth gain. And to se frogs, signifieth sorow or heauines of mind to follow. To dreame y be eateth rotes, signifyeth stryfe or vary∣aūce to follow. To dreme y he seeth ships or to clyme into theym, declareth happye message or good newes. And to sea white cloud, declareth gladnes or good newes. To se ••le white clouds lying on y earth declareth smal goodnes to happē. And to see snowe or yse, signifyeth sorowe or he∣uines. To thinke himselfe sayle in peril, signifyeth ioy: To dreame that hee hath busines to do wt an Emperoure or iudge, signifyeth dignitye or aduaūcement.

To take or eate nuttes, signifieth ioye.

But to dreame that hee gathereth nutts, sygnyfyeth stryfe or variance: to dreame tha hee seeth a shippe saylinge, signifieth a happye message or good tydinges. To see a sippe charged or frayghted, signy∣fieth happier times, and dayes to follow.

To dreame that hee prayeth, signifieth happy dayes after. To se shorne shepe, sygnifieth damage. To lose the ryghte eye, to lose som next neighboure. To take Page  [unnumbered] or see oyle, signifieth gladnes. To dreame that he seeth dead mēs bones, or their bo∣dyes, declareth great trauailes or labors, damage and iiury: to take a kisse, signifi∣ioyfulnes and gayne.

Or to geue a kisse, signifyeth damage.

And to dreame that he heareth the sound of an Orgayne pype, or pypes playinge, declareth most greate ire and variances to followe. And hee that thinketh to do great woorkes, greuous hinderance shal followe. And to dreame that hee gathe∣reth Oliues, signifyeth gayue. Or to dreame that he sheareth or clippeth swine signifyeth damage. To eate potherbes, signifieth sorrowe. Or to eate egges, sig∣nifyeth stryfe: To heare a pipe sound, sig∣nifyeth variances: To dreame that hee hath oyle poured vppon him, signyfyeth gaine. And to dreame that he burieth or∣namentes in the bellye of the deade, de∣clarethe a happye message or good tidin∣ges: To dreame that hee feedeth sheepe, signifyeth sorowfulnes. And to dreame that he seeth rayne, signifyeth aboūdance of ryches and ioyfulnes: To dreame that hee seeth himselfe become hearye, signifi∣fyeth Page  [unnumbered] fortitude or encrease: To dreame y he diggeth or maketh a pyt & to fall ther∣in, signifyeth damage and a false & craf∣tye accusation. And to se himselfe weepe, signifyeth ioye after: to make, see, or to haue a stronge fountayne or well, decla∣reth securitye after. And to se welles or fountaynes broken downe, signifyeth he∣uines of mynd: To dreame that hee seeth hogges, a sickenes to followe: to handle leade, declareth a greate infirmitye to fol∣low. And to dreame that he eateth white breade, declareth gayne and ioye. To dreame that he eateth harlye breade, sig∣nifyeth sorrowfulnes to followe. And to dreame that he roweth on the water, de∣clareth labours: to se two or many star∣res cleare, signifyeth that thou shalte in∣crease in power & ioy. To dreame that he seeth the sonne cleare shyninge, signi∣fyeth ioye, or the stabilitye of the kinge. And to dreame that hee seeth starres fall from the firmamente, declareth that hee shall see men fall to the earthe in battaill or a great battaile to ensue: to dreame y hee seeth the Sunne runninge with the Moone, declareth a stryfe or a most wic∣ked Page  [unnumbered] message. And to dreame that thou arte beset or assayled by serpentes, signi∣fyeth an happye ouercome of an enemye: to se the Sūne darkeed, signifyeth the perill or danger of a king. And to see the Sunne and moone bloudye, signifyeth daunger or harme: To dreame that hee seeth bloude issue oute of his syde, decla∣reth perill and daunger to followe. And to see two or manye sonnes. foloweth ho∣noure and ioy. To dreame that he goeth vp a ladder, declareth a deceyte or begy∣lynge. To dreame that hee killeth a Ser∣pent, signifyth ioy. And to dreame that thou seeth eyther the Sunne or Moone, declareth ioyfulnes to follow. To dreame that he seeth Serpentes, signifyeth wo∣mens wily intrappinges. And to dreame that he sitteth, signifyeth an infirmitye of mynde or sickenes to followe: to dreame that he treadeth downe thornes, signify∣eth to ouercome enemies. And to dreame that hee seeth Images of timber or met∣tell, declareth hatred. To walke on the water, signifyeth honour and ioye▪ To dreame that hee maketh a wil signifyeth dscenton. And to heare thunder, signi∣fieeth Page  [unnumbered] a happye message or glad tydinges. To dreame that he seeth a tempest, signi∣fieth gaine. To dreame y he seeth it darck signifyeth sorow or sicknes to follow. To dreame that he seeth weauers weauyng, whether it bee in silke or clothe, declareth a good message or tydinges. Aud to dre∣ame that hee seeth and heareth an earth∣quake or the mouing of the earth, signifi∣eth the losse of somewhat, wherefore hee shal become very sad, or contrariwyse an infirmity or sicknes shal folowe.

To dreame that he seeth the earth moue or quauer, declareth that ruine, or some other vnprofitablenes shal happen of the place. And to dreame y hee seeth a lome or frame, after what maner it bee▪ or to weaue, signifyeth ioyfulnes. To dreame that he putteth on a rosy or scarlet colour cote, signifyeth heuines of mynde or sick∣nes to followe. And to dreame that hee passeth the seas, signifyeth ioy. To dre∣ame that hee seeth playinge at tables or dyce, signifyeth a ioyfulnes. To heare or see trumpets in slepe, signifieth a good ti∣dinges, and to see a bull, or a bull to run on him, signifyeth a bariaunce to ensue. Page  [unnumbered] To dreame that he hath a fayre and com∣ly garmente, signifyeth stryfe and vary∣aūc. To dreame that he hūteth signyfieth gayne. To burne his garmentes signify∣eth deceite or damage. To haue a fayre and comly garmente, declareth fauoure, and ioyfulnes, but in the beginning, or be¦fore to be sharply chidden or chalenged. And to make an oyntmēt, signifyeth per∣plexitye of mynde. To cutte or pare his nayles signifyeth greuous perplexityes of mynde. And to dreame that hee seeth lost garmentes, signifyeth damage. To drynke wyne, signifyeth a sicknes. To dreame that he walketh on a clay groūd, signifyeth a greuous sorow or peril. To see sower and vnrype grapes, signifyeth some variaunces. And to see ynes rype signifyeth gladnes. To see the gathering of grapes or makynge of wyne, signifieth ioyfulnes. To dreame that he seeth birds flye, vppon his heade, and plucke awaye the heere of hys heade, declareth an e∣uel deathe after to that persone. And to thinke himselfe to haue a fare house sig∣nifyeth perigrination. To se a banner or flagge, signifyeth to bee oppressed wyth Page  [unnumbered] greate cryme. And to dreame, that he maryeth a wyfe signifyeth damage. And to dreame that he handleth a glasse, sig∣nifyeth perplexity of mynde. To dreame that hee seeth a virgin haue a great bushe of heere on the head, signifyeth gayn. To think himself to flye, to wāder or to chaū∣ge place. To dreame that he seeth himself woūded, signifyeth dolour.

¶To se his wife in dreame to mary to an other or to lye wyth another man, signy∣fieth the death of his wyfe or a long sicke∣nes. To dreame that hee seeth hymselfe grene in coulour, signifyeth heauines: To dreame that he ••eth a beare runninge or settinge vpon him, signifyeth the discorde of an enemy. To dreame that hee seeth whyte grapes, signifyeth ioy. To dre∣ame that hee seeth blacke grapes, decla∣reth pouertye or a sicknes to ensue. To dreame that he sendeth presents, signifi∣eth damage. But to dreame that hee re∣ceueth presentes, signifyeth ioy and gain. To dreame that hee seeth water pots or pitchers full, signifyeth comforte in ad∣uersity and riches. To see gote buckes, signifyeth happyes to follow. And to Page  [unnumbered] thinke himselfe girte wyth girdels, signi¦fyeth safegard, to the parsonne. To dre∣ame that hee cutteth a girdell deuided in partes, signifyeth enuye and discord.

To be girt wyth golden girdels, signify∣eth gayne or enuye. To lose a girdell sig∣nifyeth sedition of fayth. To be gyrt with an olde girdell signifyeth langoure. To dreame that he soweth cockle or dar∣ell, declareth brawling or contentiō and salū¦der

Page  [unnumbered]