A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the 9. of Februarie being the first Sunday in the Parleament, Anno. 1588. by Richard Bancroft D. of Divinitie, and chaplaine to the right honorable Sir Christopher Hatson Knight L. chancelor of England. Wherein some things are now added, which then were omitted, either through want of time, or default in memorie.
Bancroft, Richard, 1544-1610.
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*SChismaticos non fides diversa facit: sed com∣munionis dirupta societas. Schismatikes are such as retaining with us the true faith: do separate themselves from us, for orders, and ceremonies.
*Nullum Schisma non sibi aliquam postea confin∣git haeresim, ut recte ab ecclesia secessisse videatur. Schismatikes in short time for the most part do proove heretikes.
*Epistolas plenas mendaciorum & fraudulentiae atque perjurii in orbem dirigunt, ut & aures pol∣luant audientium & existimationem simplicium laedant, quod impleatur in eis hoc quod scriptum est: Aprophetis Hierusalem est egressa pollutio in om∣nem terram. Non enim eis sufficit iniquitatem pro∣priam devorare & proximum laedere: sed quos se∣mel oderunt per universum orbem infamare co∣nantur & ubique seminare blasphemias. That is in effect thus. In that they cast abroad their infamous libels, so leudly fraught with lies, and sleights, to corrupt therby the eares of their hearers, and to hurt the opinion and judgement of the simpler sort: that is fulfil∣led in them which is written: From the false prophets which are in the church, is wicked∣nes gone foorth into all the lande. For it is not sufficient for them to hide and devoure their owne iniquities, and by such calumni∣ations to hurt their neighbors: but those whom once they hate they labor to defame Page  [unnumbered] through all the world, and do sow in everie place their cursed and slanderous speeches.
*Discipulos saepe numero gignunt, ideo se nocen∣tiores quòd Magistros superent audacia, vana ostentatione & inani suasione perfectionis. Hi cum aliquid addiderunt aut immutarunt, suam quoque seorsim habent sectam, cujus ipsi eadem permoti gloriae cupiditate authores videri volunt? Nemo enim est ejusmodi vir, qui non aliquid novi commi∣niscendo eminere & nominari: & magister suo∣rum, aut doctor dici & haberi cupiat. The schol∣lers of schismatikes, through a vain ostenta∣tion, and perswasion of perfection, are com∣monly more impudent and woorse then their masters. These men having added or changed any thing, will have by themselves a sect of their owne, whereof (being as desi∣rous of glory as their masters) they desire to be reputed the authors. For there is 〈◊〉 of them who by devising of some new t〈…〉 doth not covet to be famous, and to be a•…∣counted a captaine and doctor of his ow•… crue.