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Title: Prolicionycion [sic]
Author: Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364.
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enherytaunce by yonde the see / And that he may regne in them to the playsyre of almyghty god / herthe of his sowle / honoure and worshippe in this presente lyf / and wele and prouffyte of alle his subgettis / and that there may be a veray fynal pees in al cry∣sten Royames that the Infydeles and myscreauntes may be with∣standen and destroyed / and our feyth enhaunced / whiche in thyse dayes is sore mynuysshed by the puyssaunce of the Turkes and hethen men / And that after this presente and short lyf we maye come to the euerlastyng lyf in the blysshe of heuen / AmenAnd here I make an ende of this lytel werke as nygh as I can fynde after the forme of the werk to fore made by Ranulph monk of Chestre / And where as ther is fawte / I beseche them that shal rede it to correcte it / For yf I coude haue founden moo storyes / I wold haue sette in hit moo / but the substaunce that I can fyn¦de and knowe I haue shortly sette hem in this book. to thentente that such̄ thynges as haue ben done syth the deth or ende of the sa∣yd boke of polycronycon shold be had in remembraunce and not putte in oblyuyon ne forgetynge / prayenge all them that shall see this symple werke to pardone me of my symple / and rude wrytynge / ¶ Ended the second day of Iuyll the xxij yere of the regne of kynge Edwardthe fourth & of the Incarnacion of oure lord a thousand four honderd foure score and tweyne / Fynysshed per Caxton
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