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Title: Prolicionycion [sic]
Author: Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364.
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wel nyghe al nyght in his bookes Therfor it is rad that he had a candelstyk made by craft of honde. so that the oyle shold rnne in to the crysler withoute trauayle of theodcius· for trauayle shold not lette hym. And soo he wythstode slepe and made kynde trauayle by strength ¶Also he was like traianus in al poyntes meke and myld and softe to men and subget to god / but he wold lyghtly be wroth / therfor he was taught of a philosooher that he shold whan he bygan to wexe wroth saye softe and by ordre foure & twenty lette of grue er he shold ordeyne ought that shold gre¦ue for so his thought sholde be occupyed in somwhat ellis and his wrath shold sece in passyng of tyme In a tyme he wold ha¦ue entred in the queor of clerkes at melan for to here masse And Ambrose forbade hym vnto the tyme that he hadde don his penaunce for the deth of thyrtty knyghtes that he had slayne in wrath in constantinople ¶ Therfor the emperour dyde penaunce and ordeyned a lawe that the dome of prynces vpon thauysemēt of deth sholde abyde thyrtty dayes withoute xecucion for tabyde yf it myght be founde· or if it nede were that the dome shold be re∣pelled or chaunged Victor the sonne of maximus the tyraunt was slayne of one Arbogastes / Aboute that tyme was a childe y bore in the catel of emaus that hadde twey bodyes fro the na¦uel vpward two brestes / two hedes & ten wyttes in eyther body fyue soo that the one myghte ete or slepe though that other dyde nether ete ne slepe And whan they had lyued two yere to gy¦der that one deyde thre dayes to fore that other ¶Valentinianus Augustus / was sory of his lyf for the cruelnes of Arbogaftes the maystr of knyghtes and henge hym self with a suar in vi∣an in fraunce Therfor Arbogasts made one eugenius empe¦rour in gallia ¶Therfor theodocius axed counseyl of Iohan the heremyte at egypte and axed what de the batayll sholde ta¦ke ayenst eugenius / And he sayd that he shold haue the vy∣rye ¶R That yere deyde seynt martin the bisshop / One seuerus sulpicius a preest of gyen wrote seynt martins lyf that was ful of vertues and of goodnes Gnadius de viris illustribus. Seyth that seuerus in his elde was begyled of the heretyks pe∣lagyens and was sory thefore And for he had synned with his speche he toke silence vpon hym to his lyues ende for to pu∣nysshe that synne with sparyng of spech Archadius theodoci{us} sone whan his fader was dede he regned fourten yere and heelde the eest londes. And his broder honorius helde the west londes
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