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Title: Prolicionycion [sic]
Author: Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364.
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to throw the men childer in to a Ryuer anone as they were borne Me troweth that for that synne the Egypcians felle in to that errour for to worshipe an oxe that they cleped▪ Apis in stede of god / Genesis Therfor moyses was hidde thre monethes whan he was born but atte last he was don in a scaf of asshes shapen as a lytel boot glued wele aboute and throwen in to the Ryuer / Than thermuth pharoos doughter fonde hym and toke hym vp of the water and made hym as it were her owne sonne and cle∣ped hym moyses ¶ Iosephus libro secundo / Moyses is a name made of twey names of grewe of moy that is water / and esis that is saued / and so moyses is sayde as he that is saued by wa¦ter / Also this child moyses hated al the wymens brestes of the Egypcians and wold suke no womans breste of the egypcians but he was slyly brought to his owne moder and she fedde him And whan he was thre yere old god almyghty made hym so fayr of shap and of stature· that whan he was born by stretes· al that were aboute hym lefte of her werke and occupacions for to loke and bihold on that child were they neuer so sterne ne an∣gry Than on a day thermuth Pharoes doughter brought the child to Pharao· for he shold see the child and make hym as it were his owne sonne ¶ Than the kyng had wonder of the fayrenesse of the child and toke his owne crowne in the whiche the ymage of Iupiter was grauen· and sette it on the childes heede. but the child anone threwe downe the crowne / and trade theron spytously with his feet. and there stode one that was god Eleopoles preeste and cryed and saide / this is that childe that oure god bade vs slee / that we drede no more and wold anone haue slayne the child / But there was a wyseman and sayde / that the childe hadde so do by vnconnyng of childhode and soo e saued the child ¶Petrus libro secundo ¶ In euydence of this excusacion of the child were brennyng coles brought bifo¦re the child moyses / & anone he put hem in his mouth & skal∣ded the poynt of his tonge. the Hebrewes trowed that by cause therof he hadde afterward a lette in his tong· This child Moy∣ses was so fayre that men that bihelde hym toke so grete hede to the fayrenes of him that they put of al angre & teene & toke hede to the fayrenesse of the childe ¶Me seyth that aboute this tyme hercules ouercome Antheus in wrastlyng Iosephus libro secūdo The ethyopes blue men warred vpon egypte & the dyuynours had answer that they sholde take a beder of hebrewes & vnnethe
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