Tvvo sermons vvherein we are taught, 1. Hovv to get, 2. How to keepe, 3. How to vse a good conscience. Preached in Alldermanbury Church, London. Not heretofore published. By Robert Harris.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658.
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To the Printer.

WHereas you request mee to enlarge my selfe in some passages of my former Ser∣mons touching Conscience, against this new Impressi∣on: I haue resolued rather to adde two new Sermons of the same subiect, than to alter any thing in the old, and this I haue beene led vnto vpon these reasons. First, because I would haue you deale firmely with all men in the venting of Copies. Secondly, be∣cause that labour would haue beene as tedious to me as this. Thirdly, because I haue now ad∣ded something touching the vse of Conscience, which my former text would not so fitly beare; My request vnto you is double; first, that you would be carefull in obseruing stops, inter∣rogations Page  [unnumbered]and distinctions, which neglected, the sence becomes sometimes darke, sometimes imperfect and none vt all, as is tobee seene in some passages of the Sermons on Prouerbs and Samuel. Secondly, that you will seuer these so from the former, as that who so pleases may haue them alone. Thus resting in your care for the due publishing of all, I commend you and the worke to the Lords blessing.

Hanwell,Oct. 8.