Hezekiahs recovery. Or, A sermon, shevving what use Hezekiah did, and all should make of their deliverance from sicknesse. First preached, and now published by Robert Harris, pastor of Hanwell
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658.
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GEntle Reader, I entreate thee correct these faults (being the most materiall) with thy pen.

In the Epist. pag. 1. l. 8. read our. p. 4. l. 9. for here r. fure. ib. in marg. r. servi. In the Serm. p. 16. l. 23. r. no more. p. 22. marg. r. Videatur. p. 26 l. 11. r. Noble Hezekiah. p. 29. marg. l 8. & to. r. quod. p. 33. l. 11. r. finnefull povertie. p. 41. marg r. Tacuimus. p. 42. marg. for vol. r. Reg. p. 43. l. 29. r. much.