A caueat o[r warening, for [?]] common cursetor[s vulgarely called [?]] vagabones, set forth by Tho[mas Harman, Esquier, for the [?]] vtilitie and profit of his natur[all countrey. Newly augmented and [?] en]larged by the first author [...] the tale of the second ta[...] crank, with the true [...]or, and also his puni[...] dissembling, most [...] hearer or reader [...]
Harman, Thomas, fl. 1567.

The names of the vpright men, Roges, and Pallyards.

HEre followeth the vnruly rablement of rascals, and the moste no∣torious and wickedst walkers that are lyuing now at this presente with their true names as they be called and known by. And although I set and place here but three orders, yet good Reader vnderstande, that all the others aboue named are deriued and come out from the Vpright men and Roges. Concerning the nūber of Mortes and Do∣xes, it is superfluous to write of them. I could well haue, done it, but the nuber of them is great, and would aske a large volume.

    Upright men.
  • Antony Heymer.
  • Antony Iackson.
  • Burfet.
  • Bryan Medcalfe.
  • Core the Cucklde.
  • Christouer Cooke.
  • Dowsabell skylfull in fence.
  • Dauid Coke.
  • Dycke Glouer.
  • Dicke Abristwe.
  • Dauid Edwards.
  • Dauid Holland.
  • Dauid Iones.
  • Edmund Dun a sin∣ging man.
  • Edward skiner, alias Ned Skinner.
  • Edward Browne.
  • Follentine Hylles.
  • Fardinando Angell:
  • Griffyn.
  • Fraunces Dawghton.
  • Great Iohn Braye.
  • George marynar.
  • George Hutchinson.
  • Hary Hylles, alias
  • Harry Godepar.
  • Page  [unnumbered]Harry Agglyntyne.
  • Harry Smith, hee dry∣ueeth whē he speaketh
  • Harry Ionson.
  • Iames Barnard.
  • Iohn Myllar.
  • Iohn Walchman.
  • Iohn Iones.
  • Iohn Tedar.
  • Iohn Braye.
  • Iohn Cutter.
  • Iohn Bell.
  • Iohn Stephens.
  • Iohn Graye.
  • Iohn Whyte.
  • Iohn Rewe
  • Iohn Morres.
  • Iohn a Ferdinando.
  • Iohn Newman.
  • Iohn Win alias Williams.
  • Iohn a Pycones.
  • Iohn Thomas
  • Iohn Arther.
  • Iohn Palmer alias Tod.
  • Iohn Geffrey.
  • Iohn Goddard.
  • Iohn Gray the great.
  • Iohn Gray the little.
  • Iohn Williams the Longer.
  • Iohn Harwod a maker of wels, hee will take halfe his bargayne in hande, & when hée hath wrought ii. or iii. daies, he runneth away with his earnest.
  • Iohn Peter.
  • Iohn Porter.
  • Iohn Appowes.
  • Iohn Arter.
  • Iohn Bates.
  • Iohn Comes.
  • Iohn Chiles, alias great Chyles.
  • Iohn Leuet he maketh tappes and fausets.
  • Iohn Louedall a may∣ster of fence.
  • Iohn Louedale
  • Iohn Mekes.
  • Iohn Appowell.
  • Iohn Chappell.
  • Iohn Gryffen.
  • Iohn Mason.
  • Iohn Humfrey with the lame hand.
  • Iohn Stradling with the shaking head.
  • Iohn Franke
  • Iohn Baker.
  • Iohn Bascafelde.
  • Lennard iust.
  • Long gréene.
  • Laurence Ladd.
  • Laurence Marshall.
  • Nicolas wilson.
  • Ned Barington.
  • Ned wetherdon.
  • Ned Holmes.
  • Phillip Gréene.
  • Robart Grauener.
  • Robart Gerse.
  • Robart Kynge.
  • Robart Egerton.
  • Robart Bell. brother to Iohn Bell.
  • Robart Maple.
  • Robart Langton.
  • Robyn Bell.
  • Robyn Toppe.
  • Robart Browswerd he weareth his heare long.
  • Robart Curtes.
  • Richard Briminish.
  • Richard iustice.
  • Richard Barton.
  • Richard Constance.
  • Richard Thomas.
  • Richard Cadman.
  • Richard scate good.
  • Richard Aprice
  • Richard Walker.
  • Richard Coper.
  • Steuen Neuet.
  • Thomas Bulloke.
  • Thomas Cutter.
  • Thomas Garet.
  • Thomas Newton.
  • Thomas Web.
  • Thomas Graye his toes begonne.
  • Tom Bobell.
  • Thomas Wast.
  • Thomas Dawsō ali∣as Thomas Iacklin.
  • Thomas Basset.
  • Thomas Marchant
  • Thomas Web.
  • Thomas Awefeld.
  • Thomas Gibbins.
  • Thomas Lacon.
  • Thomas Bate.
  • Thomas Allen.
  • well arayd Richard.
  • William chamborn
  • William Panell.
  • Page  [unnumbered] William morgan.
  • William Belson.
  • William Ebes.
  • William Garret.
  • William Robinson
  • William Umberuil
  • William Dauids.
  • Will Pen.
  • William Iones.
  • Will Powell.
  • William Clarke.
  • Water Wirall.
  • William Browne.
  • William Grace.
  • William Pickering.
  • Arch Dowglas a scot.
  • Black Dycke.
  • Dycke Durram.
  • Dauid Dew neuet a counterfet Crank.
  • Edward Ellys.
  • Edward Anseley.
  • George Belberby.
  • Godman.
  • Gerard Gybynes, a counterfet cranke.
  • Harry walles wyth ye little mouth.
  • Humfrey ward.
  • Harry Mason.
  • Iohn Warren
  • Iohn Don wt one leg.
  • Iohn Elson.
  • Iohn raynoles Irish man.
  • Iohn Harrys
  • Iames Monkaster a counterfet Crank.
  • Iohn Dewe.
  • Iohn Crewe with one arme.
  • Iohn Brown a great stammerar.
  • Little Dycke.
  • Little robyn.
  • Lambart rose.
  • Nicholas Adames.
  • Nicholas Crispin.
  • Nicholas Blunt, alias Nicholas Genins, a counterfet Crank.
  • Nicholas Lynche.
  • Richard Brewton.
  • Richard Horwod, wel néer lxxx. yeare old he will bite a vi. peny na¦yle asunder wt his eh & a baudy dronkard.
  • Richard Crane he ca∣rieth a Kynchen Co at his backe.
  • Richard Iones.
  • Raffe Ketley.
  • Robert Harrison.
  • Symond Kyng.
  • Thomas Paske.
  • Thomas Béere Irish man.
  • Thomas Smith with the skalde skin.
  • Thomas Shawneam
  • William Carew.
  • William wastfield.
  • Wylson.
  • William Gynkes wt a whyte beard, a lusty & strong man, he run∣neth about y countrey to fecke worke with a big boy his sonne, ca∣ryinge his toles as a dawber or playsterer, but little woorke ser∣ueth him.
  • Bashford.
  • Dick Sehan Irish.
  • Dauid Powell.
  • Dauid Iones a coun∣terfet Cranke.
  • Edward Heyward hath his Mort follo∣wing him, which fai∣neth the Cranke.
  • Edward Lewes, a Dummerar.
  • Hugh Iones.
  • Iohn Persk a coun∣terfet cranke.
  • Iohn Dauids.
  • Iohn Harison.
  • Iohn Carew.
  • Iames Lane, with Page  [unnumbered] one eye Irish.
  • Iehu Fisher.
  • Iohn Dewe.
  • Iohn Gilford Irish.
  • wt a ounterfet licence
  • Laurence with the great legge.
  • Nicholas Newton ca∣rieth a fayned licence.
  • Nicholas Decase.
  • Prestone.
  • Robart Lacley.
  • Robart Canloke.
  • Richard Hilton cari∣eth ii. kinchē mortes about him.
  • Richard Thomas.
  • Soth garde.
  • Swanders.
  • Thomas Edwards.
  • Thomas Dauids.
  • William Thomas.
  • William Coper with the harelyp.
  • Wil Pettet beareth a kichē mort at his back. wylliam Bowmer.

There is aboue an hundreth of Irish men and women that wan∣der about to begge for their liuing, that hath come ouer within these two yeares. They saye they haue ben burned and spoyled by the Earle of Desmond and report well of the Earle of Urmond.

¶ All these aboue written for the most part walke aboute Essex, Middlesex, Sussex, Surrey & Kent. Then let the Reader iudge what nūbers walks in other Shieres. I feare me to great a nūber, if they be well vnderstand.

Here followeth their pelting speeche.

HEre I set before thee good Reader, the leud louse language of these leutering Luskes, and laysy Lorels, wherewith they bye and sell the common people as they passe through the countrey: whiche language they terme Peddelers Frenche, an vnknowen tounge onely, but to these bold beastly bawdy beggers, and vayne vacabonds, being halfe myngled with Englishe, when it is familiarly talked, and fyrste placing things by their proper names, as an Introduction to this pee∣uish speache.

Page  [unnumbered]Page  [unnumbered]
Naba toung.prathosen.
a head.Crashing chetesa buttocke.stampers
a hat or cap.Hearing chetes.legges.a mofling chete
glasyersares.a castera napkin.
eyes.famblesa cloke.a belly chete
a smelling chete.handes.a ogmanan apren.
a nose.a fambling chetea coate.dudes
gana ring on thy hand.a commissionclothes.
a mouth.quaromesa shirt.a lag of dudes
a pratling chete.a body.drawersa bucke of clothes.
a slate or slatespeka house.woman.
a sheete or shetes.meate.a stauling kenthe quier cuffyn
lybbegepoppelarsa house that will re∣ceyue stollen wares.the iusticer of peace
a bed.porrage. the harmā beck
boungruff peka bowsing kenthe Constable.
a purse.baken.a ale house.the harmans
lowrea grunting che∣te or a patricos kinchena lypkenthe stockes.
money. a house to lye in.quyerkyn
mynt alybbega pryson house.
golde.a pyggea bedde.quyer cramp∣ringes
a bordea cakling cheteglymmar 
a shilling.a coke or capon.fyer.boltes or fetters.
halfe a bordea margeri praterRome bousetryning
sixe pence.a hen.wyne.hanging.
flagga roger or tyb of the buterylagchattes
a groat. water.the gallowes.
a wyna gose.a skypperthe ygh pad
a penny.a quaking chete or a red shankea barne.the high way.
a make strommellthe ruffmans
a halfepeny.a drake or a ducke.strawe.the wods or bushes
bowsegrannama gentry cofes ka smelling chete
drinke.corne.a noble or gentle∣ble mans house.a gardē or orchard crasting chetes
benea lowhing chetea gygerappels, peares, or a∣ny other fruit.
good.a Cowe.a doore. 
benshipa bleting chetebufeto fylche
very good.a calfe or sheepe.a dogge.to robbe.
quiera prauncerthe lightmansto nyp a boung.
nought.a horse.the day.to cut a purse.
a gageautemthe darkemansTo skower the crampringes
a quart pot.a Church.the night. 
a skewSalomonRome vyleto weare boltes or fetters.
a cuppe.a altar or masse.London. 
yannampatricodewse a vyleto heue a b ugh
bread.a priest.the countrey.to robbe or rifle a boweth.
cassannosegentrome mort 
cheese.a Nunne.the Queene.to cly the gerk
parama gyba gentry cofeto be whipped.
mylke.a writing.a noble or gentlemāto cut benle
lapa Iarkea gentry mortto speake gentle.
butter mylke or whey.a seale.a Noble or gentleto cut bene
 a ken  
whydds.to see.to robbe a house.a woman eatnally.
to speake or giue good words.to ouse,to prggestow you,
 to drinke.to ryde.hold your peace.
to ••tte quyer whyddes.to maundeto dup y gyger,ynge a waste
to geue euil wordsto aske or require.to open the dore.go you hence.
or euill language.to stall.to couch a hogs headto the ruffian
 to make or ordain to the Deuill.
to cutte.to canteto ly downe and slepethe ruffian cly thée.
to saye.to speake.to nygle 
to towre.to mill a kento haue to dowiththe deuill take thee.