A caueat o[r warening, for [?]] common cursetor[s vulgarely called [?]] vagabones, set forth by Tho[mas Harman, Esquier, for the [?]] vtilitie and profit of his natur[all countrey. Newly augmented and [?] en]larged by the first author [...] the tale of the second ta[...] crank, with the true [...]or, and also his puni[...] dissembling, most [...] hearer or reader [...]
Harman, Thomas, fl. 1567.

A Dell. Cap. 21.

A Dell is a yonge wench, able for generation, and not yet known or broken by the upright man. These goe abroade yonge, ey∣ther by the death of their parentes, and no body to looke vnto them or else by some sharpe mystres that they serue do runne awaye out of seruice, eyther she is naturally borne one, and then she is a wyld Dell: these are broken very yonge, when they haue ben lyen with∣all by the vpright man, then they bee Dores, and no Dell. These wylde Dels being traded vp with their monstrous mothers, musts of necessitie be as euil or worse then their parentes, for neyther we gather grapes from greene bryars, neyther fygges from I hstels. But such buds, such blossems, such euil seede sowen, wel worsse be∣ing growen.