The arte of diuine meditation profitable for all Christians to knowe and practise; exemplified with a large meditation of eternall life. By Ioseph Hall.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.

Chap. 29.

AFter this* Taste shall followe a Complaint, wherin the heart bewayleth to it selfe his owne pouerty, dulnesse, and imperfe∣ction; chiding and aba∣sing it selfe in respect of his wants and indispo∣sition: wherein Humili∣ation Page  155 truly goes before glory. For the more we are cast downe in our conceit, the higher shall GOD lift vs vp at the ende of this ex∣ercise, in spirituall re∣ioicing.

But alas, where is my loue? where is my lon∣ging? where art thou, O my soule? what hea∣uinesse hath ouertaken thee? Howe hath the worlde bewitched and possessed thee, that thou art become so carelesse of thine home, so sense∣lesse of spiritual delights, Page  156 so fond vpon these va∣nities? Doest thou doubt whether there bee an heauen? or whether thou haue a God, and a Sa∣uiour there? O farre bee frō thee this Atheisme; farre bee from thee the least thought of such de∣sperate impiety: Wo were thee if thou beleeuedst not: But O thou of little faith; doest thou beleeue there is happinesse, and happinesse for thee, and desirest it not, and de∣lightest not in it? A∣las, how weake and vn∣beleeuing is thy beleefe? Page  157 how cold and faint are thy desires? Tel me, what such goodly entertaine∣mēt hast thou met with∣all here on earth, that was worthy to with∣draw thee frō these hea∣uenly ioyes? what plea∣sure in it euer gaue thee contentment? or what cause of dislike findest thou aboue? Oh no, my soule, it is onely thy mi∣serable drowzinesse, on∣ly thy securitie: The world, the world hath besotted thee, hath vn∣done thee with careles∣nesse. Alas if thy delight Page  158 bee so colde, What diffe∣rence is there in thee frō an ignorant Heathē, that doubts of another life; yea, frō an Epicure that denies it? Artthou a chri¦stian, or art thou none? If thou be what thou pro∣fessest, away with this dul and senselesse world∣linesse; away with this earthly vnchearfulnesse; shake off at last this pro∣fane and godlesse securi∣tie that hath thus long weighed thee downe frō mounting vp to thy ioies; Looke vp to thy GOD, and to thy crowne, and Page  159 say with confidence, O Lord I haue wayted for thy saluation.