The arte of diuine meditation profitable for all Christians to knowe and practise; exemplified with a large meditation of eternall life. By Ioseph Hall.
Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656.
Page  149

Chap. 28.

THE most * difficult and knotty part of Meditati∣on thus finished, there remayneth that which is both more liuely, and more easie to a good heart; to bee wrought altogether by the affections; which if our discourses reach not vnto, they prooue vain, and to no purpose; Page  150 That which followeth therefore, is the very soule of Meditation, whereto all that is past serueth but as an instru∣ment. A man is a man by his vnderstanding part: but he is a Chri∣stian by his will and af∣fections. Seeing there∣fore, that all our former labour of the braine, is only to affect the heart; after that the minde hath thus trauersed the * point proposed throgh all the heads of reason, it shall indeuour to find in the first place some Page  151 feeling touch, & sweete rellish in that which it hath thus chewed; which fruit, through the blessing of God will voluntarily follow vp∣on a serious Meditati∣on. Dauid sayes, Oh taste and see how sweete the Lord is: In Meditation wee doe both see and taste; but we see before we taste: sight is of the vnderstanding; taste, of the affection; Neither can we see, but we must aste; we can not knowe right, but wee must needes bee affected: Page  152 Let the heart there∣fore first conceiue and feele in it self the Sweet∣nesse or bitternesse of the matter meditated; which is neuer done without some passion; nor expressed without some hearty exclama∣tion.

Oh blessed estate of the Saints: O glorie not to bee expressed, euen by those which are glo∣rified! O incomprchen∣sible saluation! What sauour hath this earth to thee? Who can re∣garde the worlde thatPage  153beleeueth thee? Who can thinke of thee, and not bee rauished with woonder and desire? Who can hope for thee, and not reioyce? Who can knowe thee, and not bee swallowed vp with admiration at the mercie of him that be∣stowes thee? O blessed∣nesse worthy of Christs blood to purchase thee! worthie of the continu∣all songs of Saints and Angels to celebrate thee! Howe should I magnifie thee! Howe should I long for thee!Page  154how should I hate all this world for thee?