Popish glorying in antiquity turned to their shame Whereby is shewed, how they wrong, villifie, and disgrace, that whereunto they pretend to carry greateste reuerence: and are most guilty of that which they vpbraide vnto others. Collected and proued out of themselues, for the singular profit both of pastors and professors. By William Guild, minister at King Edward.
Guild, William, 1586-1657.
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Page  59

The fourth Poynt, concerning Limbus Patrum: and for probation there-of whether it was Samuel truelie, who appeared 1 Kings 28, us. Bellar∣mine holdeth, agaynst the most cōmon consent of venerable Antiquitie.

LAst, when the consent of Fa∣thers is particularlie adduced agaynst Bellarmine → , both Greeke and Latine, to infirme his proofe of Limbus Patrum, out of 1 Kings 28; they affirming, that it was Satan that appeared to Saul, and not the Prophet Samuel; thus disdaynfullie doeth hee reject their harmonie,* saying, His non bstantibus, enendum est vere Smith elis animain fuisse: that is, Notwithstanding that all those Fathers say so, it is to bee helde, that it was truelie the soule of Samuel who appeared. I omit how Bellarmine showeth, that in the matter of Marriage,* their Canus did holde an opinion, both singular & new, agaynst all Antiquitie: wherfore hee concludeth, that Canus opinion must bee altogether false: or else it should folow that in a most weigh∣tie Page  60 poynt the whole Church assu∣redlie had for manie Ages rred. As also how Gropperus,* another of their number, in the same matter of Matrimonie, dissented from all An∣tiquitie.

Wee see then, howe consonant to their Practise, is their Thrasonick Bragging, who sayeth, Nos Patrum doctrinam non aliqua ex parte admitti∣mus, alia repudiamus, sed integram am∣plectimur: that is,* (sayeth Durie) We admit not the doctrine of the Fathers in one poynt, and reject the same in another, but whollie embrace all that they holds. Or as Campian sayth,*Tenemus integra horum volumina: that is, Hee keepe vs close, by their whole Wytings. Ethos ma∣gistros à De dats in omnibus audiunt Catholici,* sayeth Costerus: that is, The Catholicks hearken vnto them in althings, as to Masters given vnto them from God. Beeing here-in no lesse impudent, than was the Hereticke, Dioscorus, vvho dissenting most clearlie from the Orthodox Fathers, yet hee vt∣tered these wordes most peartlie Page  61 and perverselle,* in the Councell of Chalcedon, saying, I am cast out with the Fathers, I defende the doctrine of the Fathers, I transgresse them not in anie Poynt.

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