A collection of some modern epistles of Monsieur de Balzac. Carefully translated out of French. Being the fourth and last volume
Balzac, Jean-Louis Guez, seigneur de, 1597-1654., Marshall, William, fl. 1617-1650, engraver., Bowman, Francis.
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THE Honourable mention that you were pleas'd to make of me in your booke, is a most singular favour, and I cannot behold my selfe in so faire a seat without some temptation of vaine glory. J know not as yet, whether my testimonie be to be admitted or rejected; and whether J be an Apo∣cryphall or Canonicall Author; but since you have cited me, it is not lawfull for me to doubt any more of the good successe of my wri∣tings; and after this, J dare claime a place in the noblest Libraries. It is true, I dare not owne that Title you bestow on me, of the Genius of Elo∣quence.Page  34 Besides, that this would be a wrong to Mercury & Pytho, who have for many ages possest the Chaire, and sweyed the Art of Elo∣cution; it were necessary also that J had the suffrages of all the Preachers and Advocats of the Realme; and you know Sir, that there is none of them so meane, that doth not perswade himselfe that he is the God of Perswasion, and would very hardly confesse a supe∣riour. J must not therefore enter∣taine an Elogie which would bee challenged from me by two so great Nations, equally terrible and potent, and J am content to be lesse Prized by you, since J am sure of the same affection; you shall pre∣serve that for me, if you please, since J am willing to give it its true esti∣mation, Page  35 and to be really


Your &c.

Balzac: 20 Dec. 1635.