A collection of some modern epistles of Monsieur de Balzac. Carefully translated out of French. Being the fourth and last volume
Balzac, Jean-Louis Guez, seigneur de, 1597-1654., Marshall, William, fl. 1617-1650, engraver., Bowman, Francis.

LET. XLIII. To Monsieur the Abbat of Bois-Robert.


THe world is full of darstardly friends, but you are none of Page  175this world. You can love dare∣ingly and resolutely; and J see that my injuries are (commonly) more apprehended by you, then by my selfe; neverthelesse I am much vexed with the language which you received from Messieurs the — These are men, that doe understand too well the points of honour, for to give me any satisfaction; and for my part, I carry so much goodnesse about me, as to demand nothing from them but my life. J never be∣leev'd that their Superior had pro∣mised me nothing. Jf he hath left them no other debts to pay but this, they have great cause to com∣mend him for his good providence and thrift. Jn the mean while, J cannot dissemble my sorrow to you for his death, nor forget to tell you, that in all his ill carriages to∣wards Page  176 me, he hath never done me a greater affront then this, to dye. If J had had some particular Revela∣tion concerning it, or if he had ad∣vertised me thereof by the Spirit of Prophecy, which is spoken of in his Elogy, he should have seen his prat∣ing long since condemned, and should not have carried away into the other world, that great opinion of sufficiency, which his Fraternity did sooth him with. For the other extravagant Doctor, which you mention, it would not be accepta∣ble to God almighty, that J should undertake his reformation; it were needfull to create him anew, for to amend him▪ Jt were no mean en∣terprise but to examine his book, and to make a breviary of all the ab∣surd things therein contained. J would choose as soone to be con∣demned Page  177 to be a Scavenger for the streets of Paris, and to carry away all the dirt out of that litle world. His impertinencies are infinite, and would puzzle a better Arithmetician then I am to calculate them, and he that would goe about to count them,

Conterâ ancora in sùl'ombroso dosso &c.
Will count the Trees on top of sha∣dy Appennine
Assoone: or waves, when windes doe chafe the curling Brine.

Jf this Bearer shall stand in need of recommendation to the Councell, J doubt not, but knowing his name, and what a share J beare in his in∣terests, you will effectually assist him for love of me, who am more Page  178 then any man in the world;


Your, &c.

Balzac. 30. Ian. 1629.