A collection of some modern epistles of Monsieur de Balzac. Carefully translated out of French. Being the fourth and last volume
Balzac, Jean-Louis Guez, seigneur de, 1597-1654., Marshall, William, fl. 1617-1650, engraver., Bowman, Francis.

LET. XXXII. To Monsieur de Serizay.


THere is no way to beare any longer with the contumacy of your silence. I have sent this mes∣senger of purpose to make you speake, and to tell you (though with some distaste to you) that you have lost your memory; & that is no lesse then the third part of your soule. So Page  134 that there remaine but the Vnder∣standing & the Will, wherein I have (perhaps) some nook & seat. You have promised me wonders and perform'd just nothing; you did owe me a visit immediatly after your voyage to Sainctes, and since that, you might have gone to Rome and come backe againe. You see here great cause of discontent; ne∣verthelesse I am so facile, that if you would but bereave your selfe of the pleasures of the Court for three or foure daies, I would seale you a ge∣nerall Pardon for all that is past, & account you as honest a man as e∣ver I did before. While I expect this reasonable satisfaction which you cannot deny me, be pleased to ac∣quaint my Lord the Duke of Roche∣foucaut that Monsieur de Nantes is extremely troubled, that he cannot Page  135 receive the honor which he would willingly pay him by comming to visit him in these parts. He expects this morning some tidings from my Lord the Duke of Espernon for to render himselfe where he shall ap∣point him to finde him; and I looke upon him as upō a blessing which I expect to loose every moment. If he were not preparing to Masse he would signifie unto him his dis∣contents himselfe, and the earnest desire he hath to make his Sonne one of the Luminaries of our Church. He finds the businesse so farre ad∣vanced, that there will be no great difficultie to effect the rest, and that his Extraction is so happy, that a li∣tle cultivation will produce rare & excellent fruits. Doe me the favour as to deliver to Monsieur his eldest Sonne the Panegyricke fram'd for Page  136 the King of Sueden, together with the Letter which I wrote the last summer to poore —. This is not to recommend unto him the me∣mory of her: I know that She is in∣finitely deare unto him: nor to put him into any affright; for men of his sort doe apprehend nothing but dishonour. I desire onely that hee should see that my poore judge∣ment doth sometimes jump with good understandings, and that J had the honour to be his Rivall in one passion that he hath harbour'd. If you doe not send me by my Man the Discourse of — garnished with Notes and Commentaries, I shall have a new cause of quarrell; and doe not you thinke that I be∣take my selfe to Monsieur — for them, this is an Oracle (indeed) that is alwaies ready to answer, but Page  137 I feare me, that you have not al∣waies devotion enough to con∣sult with him. Adieu Sir, I am ab∣solutely

Balzac: 30. May. 1633.

Your &c.