A collection of some modern epistles of Monsieur de Balzac. Carefully translated out of French. Being the fourth and last volume
Balzac, Jean-Louis Guez, seigneur de, 1597-1654., Marshall, William, fl. 1617-1650, engraver., Bowman, Francis.

LET. XXVII. To the same.


Since I wrote my Letter, it comes to my head that for a Counter-cuffe to the Gazeta Parisi∣ensis, we might send to the Low-Countrey-men, Historia Hispana, and fill it with Comicall sport enough. First we must make it to be the in∣cestuous Off-spring of the Giants, begotten upon their own sister Page  102Fame, for the high and mighty lies wherewith it doth abuse the cre∣dulity of the simple; and (in truth) the naturall pride of that Nation which appeares, even in the wan∣dring Begger in extreamest misery; and those Rhodomontades which to them are so proper and usuall, that their very complements reteine a smack of them, are worthy of so Il∣lustrious an Extraction, and to de∣scend in a direct Line from Encela∣dus and Mimas, and Briareus. This premis'd Sir, and enricht with your art, I would have this monstrous Issue gaine upon the beleefe of the Jndians & the Cockneyes of Europe, that the beginning of the universall Monarchy promised to Spaine will betide just the next yeare, which is the climactericall yeare of all other States; that God's will is, that there Page  103 should bee but one Monarch upon earth; & that the Pope himself for his better accommodation, doth mean to resigne Rome to him, & exchange it for the Arch-Bishoprick of Toledo. That the Battle where the King of Sueden was slaine, was the last sigh of dying liberty; that this Prince was no such thing as we took him to be; and for those atchievements of his, which we entertain'd with such wonder, nothing was perfor∣med without the help of Magick, by vertue only of some charmes, & characters, and the assistance of the Powers of Hell, which at last were found too weak against the House of Austria. That to the end that se∣cond causes and humane meanes might concurre with the Designe of Providence, forreine affaires doe seeme to comply of them-selves to Page  104 this great change. That the King of England is not so brave, but that he would be contented to be a Feuda∣tary of the King of Spaine; and if it goes to the worst, that there will not be wanting some Gun-powder∣men to make him caper in the ayre with his whole Realme. That the cinders of the Holy-League, and the remainder of the Huguenot Party begin to flame a new in France by the bellowes and Libells of St Ger∣mains; that they have bargain'd with some secret Engineers, who have undertaken to fortify Rochell in one night. That Duke Charles must be revenged upon Nancy, and that he doth hold Paris already in extremity; that if there be not a Spa∣nish Garrison already in Turin and Casall, there will be one, when it shall seeme good to his Catholike Page  105 Maiesty, and when the Dukes of Savoy and Mantua, shall be received into his favour. That he will none of Venice or Amsterdam, because that an Illuminatée of Madrid, and a Sybille of Naples have assured him that the Sea will one day swallow up these two great Citties; and the losse of his Spaniards that should be their Commanders, would be a cause of great griefe unto him. That he had long since chastis'd the Rebells of Holland, if some con∣siderations of state had not hindred him from it. But let him preserve that land of contradiction, for a Fencing-schoole for his owne Sub∣jects, to keep them from idlenesse, and to breathe them by continuall exercise. That for the rest, if the world will not be so easily con∣quered, hee hath in his coffers Page  106 wherewith to buy it. And herea∣bouts, this Daughter of Fame and Enceladus her Brother, must raise her tone higher, and out-bid her first figure or number; shee must with one dash of the pen make more gold, then the Sun can make in a thousand years; she must make the windes laboure, and force the Ocean to groane under the new Fleet, which according to her computation, must arrive every moneth punctually at Lisbon and Sivill; she must make a discovery (if needs be) of the third Indies, & find out all the hidden mines there; not those within the Demaines of Anti-Christ excepted, & cause them to be guarded by those evill Spirits, which S. Augustin cals (for this rea∣son) Incubones Thesaurorum, &c. Be∣hold Sir, a rude draught of a work Page  107 which expects from you its con∣summation and perfection, which you might soone finish, if your Po∣eticall fancy should once seize you. Here is matter (you see) for an ex∣cellent Irony, and wherewith to continue it to a hundred verses and more, though the Comoedy did affect you ne're so litle, especially when you shall adde forme and fashion to the stuffe which I presente you with, who am


Your &c.

Balzac. 27. Nov. 1637.