A collection of some modern epistles of Monsieur de Balzac. Carefully translated out of French. Being the fourth and last volume
Balzac, Jean-Louis Guez, seigneur de, 1597-1654., Marshall, William, fl. 1617-1650, engraver., Bowman, Francis.
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and professe; Among these severe speculations, you shall see some flashes of wit break forth, which will serve to entertaine you with much delight; I speak of the French Epistles, for as for his Latine, I re∣serve them to the judgement of those that doe better understand the beauty and delicacy of that lan∣guage▪ I am content to believe that Cicero never entertaind his friends with better grace and content∣ment▪ nay, that the very close and compacted stile, and the strong and vigorous expressions which Brutus found wanting in the writings of that great Orator, are here to be found; But I feare I should detaine you too long, from the pleasure of these novell Lectures, if in com∣mending rare Epistles, I should ar∣rest you any longer, in reading this Page  [unnumbered] poore one of mine. Indeed (my Lord) for to speak nothing that were unworthy of you; it were re∣quisite, that Mons. de Balzac would lend me some of the graces of his stile; or, as he will be ravisht with joy, that I have made choice of you to be the Patron of his writings, he would come himselfe to make the Dedication; It sufficeth me, if my de∣signe and undertaking for to per∣forme something that might be ac∣ceptable to your Greatnesse, doe not give you any distast, and that you believe, that I am sincerely

My Lord

Your most humble and most obliged servant IOHN CAMUSAT.