The herball or Generall historie of plantes. Gathered by Iohn Gerarde of London Master in Chirurgerie very much enlarged and amended by Thomas Iohnson citizen and apothecarye of London
Gerard, John, 1545-1612., Johnson, Thomas, d. 1644., Payne, John, d. 1647?, engraver., Dodoens, Rembert, 1517-1585. Cruydenboeck.

¶ The Vertues.

The tops, seed, and leaues of Atractylis, saith Dioscorides, being beaten and drunk with pepper and [ A] wine, are a remedie for those that are stung of the scorpion.

Blessed Thistle taken in meat or drinke, is good for the swimming and giddinesse of the head, it [ B] strengthneth memorie, and is a singular remedie against deafenesse.

The same boiled in wine and drunke hot, healeth the griping paines of the belly, killeth and 〈◊〉 [ C] pelleth wormes, causeth sweat, prouoketh vrine, and driueth out grauel, clenseth the stomack, and 〈◊〉 very good against the Feuer 〈◊〉.

The iuice of the said Carduus is singular good against all poison, as Hierome Bocke witnesseth, in [ D] what sort soeuer the medicine be taken; and helpeth the inflammation of the liuer, as reporteth 〈◊〉 Camerarius of Noremberg.

The pouder of the leaues ministred in the quantitie of halfe a dram, is very good against the pe∣stilence, [ E] if it be receiued within 24. houres after the taking of the sicknes and the party sweat vpon the same: the like vertue hath the wine, wherein the herbe hath been sodden.

The green herb pounded and laid to, is good against all hot swellings, as Erysipelas, plague sores, [ F] and botches, especially those that proceed of the pestilence, and is also good to be laied vpon the bitings of mad dogs, serpents, spiders, or any venomous beast whatsoeuer; and so is it likewise if it be inwardly taken.

The distilled water thereof is of lesse vertue. [ G]

It is reported that it likewise cureth stubborne and rebellious vlcers, if the decoction be taken [ H] for certaine daies together; and likewise Arnoldus de Villanoua reporteth, that if it be stamped with Barrows grease to the form of an vnguent, adding thereto a little wheat floure, it doth the same, be∣ing applied twice a day.

The herbe also is good being stamped and applied, and so is the iuice thereof. [ I]

The extraction of the leaues drawne according to Art, is excellent good against the French dis∣ease, [ K] and quartaine agues, as reporteth the foresaid Camerarius.

The same Author reporteth, that the distilled water taken with the water of Louage, and Dod∣der, [ L] helpeth the sauce-flegme face, if it be drunke for certaine daies together.