The lavves and statutes of Geneua as well concerning ecclesiastical discipline, as ciuill regiment, with certeine proclamations duly executed, whereby Gods religion is most purelie mainteined, and their common wealth quietli gouerned: translated out of Frenche into Englishe by Robert Fills.
Geneva (Switzerland), Fills, Robert, fl. 1562.
Page  79

❧Other proclamations published by the sounde of a trompet, the .xxviii. daye of Februarye, and the .xxv. day of March, the yere of our Lord God .M.D.LX.

BE it knowen on the behalfe of our most redoubted lords Sendicques and counsell of this Citie, that e∣uery person, oughte and is bounde to come to heare the worde of god,* princi¦pally vpon sondaye and the dayes a∣pointed for prayer, and at other times whē they may haue laisour, and that euery person shall gouerne and rule them selues accordinge to the same vpon payne to be reproued by iustice.*

Item that euery person shall sende their children and (such as be of age) to the cathechisme there to be instruc∣ted and taught vpō paine of thre shil∣linges when they shalbe founde lac∣kinge.

Item, that all suche as come with ye children to baptisme, shalbe there as∣sistant and to heare the sermon, vpon payne of .lx. shil.

Item, that no maner of person doe plaie or run Idely aboute the stretes during the time of the sermon, vpon Page  [unnumbered] the sondayes, nor none to open their shoppes vpon the sondayes or dayes of praier, during the sermon time, vp∣on payne of fyue shillinges withoute anye pardon.

¶For children.

Item it is commaūded to euery per∣son of what estate soeuer they be, to fetche home their children, be it sōnes or daughters that they haue, or maye haue in the papisticall countrey: and it is expresly commaunded and defen∣ded yt from henceforth they send none thether, nor suffer any to goe thether accordīg to the cōmaūdements here∣tofore geuē in yt behalfe: vpō paine to encur the indignaciō of oure aforesaid lords & counsel.

¶For swering.

Item that no maner person be so hardie to swere by ye name of god, vn∣der payne, the firste tyme to kysse the groūde, the second to kisse ye groūd & to pay .3. shil: for ye third to pay lx. shil. & .3. daies in prisō wt breade & water, & for ye fourthe to be banyshed ye towne for a yere & a day, according to ye com∣maundementes heretofore giuen in that behalfe.

For blaspheming.

Item y no maner of person doe blas∣pheme Page  80 ye name of god vpō payne, the first time to kisse ye groūd & 24. houres in prisō wt bread & water & to pay fiue shil: for ye second time to kisse yt groūd & two daies in prisonmēt wt breade & water & .10. shil: for yt third time to be imprisonned .3. daies wt bread & water & lx. shil: & further to be pūished & cha¦stised accordīg as y case requireth. Item ye no maner of persō doe renoūce or dispit god, vpō paine of a great fine & to stād wt a torch ī his hād, & if any doe resist these ordinaūces, yt besyde ye same paine or forfeit to be imprisoned and chastised accordinge as the case requireth

¶For playing or gaming.

Item yt no maner persō do play at ani maner game for money vpō payne of lx. shil. & .3. day imprisonment.

¶Against printing or making of cards & dies.

Item ye none do make or cause to be made or printed either to bye or sell cards, dies or any other papistical thī∣gs, ye be imprinted cōtrary to the holy christiā reformaciō, vpon paine of lx. shil. & losse of the marchandise.

Page  [unnumbered] Item that no maner of men shall goe to the bathes or stoufes appointed for women, and also women not to goe to those that be appointed for mē vpon payne of .lx. shillings for whoso∣euer shalbe so founde, and asmuche for ye maister of ye stoufe for suffrīg it.

Item that no manner person doe sing anye vayne dishonest or rebau∣dye songs, neither to dance, nor make masques, or mommeries, or any dis∣guisinges in no maner or sort what∣soeuer it be, vpon paine to be put thre dayes in prison with breade and wa∣ter and .lx. shillynges for euery tyme so offendyng.

¶For reuerent vsing of the magistrates and ministers.

Item that no maner person doe mis∣name or raylle vpon the prynces or magistrates vpō payne of imprison∣mente, & to be further chastisied accor¦ding to the factes.

Item, that no maner person doe mis∣name or raylle vpon the mynyster of the worde of god vnder ye same paine.

Item, that no maner of person of what estate soeuer he be, shall in no Page  81 maner of wise procure nor practise se∣cretly or opēly to abolishe, let, or stop, or cause to hinder ye worde and seruice of god and his holy euangelly, neither to aduance or bring ageine the papi∣sticall lawe, vpon paine of death.

¶Against dissolute and wicked behauiour.

Item yt no maner of person be so har∣dy to vse whoring, drōkenes, or rūne idely by ye streats, or to spend his time folishly, or to wtdraw them selues frō their occupaciō or facultie, but y eue¦ry persō shal trauaile & be occupied in his vocaciō, vpō paine to be pūished by iustice, accordīg as ye case requireth.

¶For the preseruacion and liberty of the citie.

Item that no maner person (accor∣dinge to the acte made by the whole counsell) shall or dare be so hardye to speake, practise, moue, procure, or vse anye meanes whatsoeuer it be, tou∣ching alienation, change or alteraciō of ye seigniory or gouernement of the state of this Citie of Geneua, other∣wise then god of his goodnes hath or∣deyned, and is established at this pre∣sent, but that euerye person doe hys endeuour as he is boūd, to mainteine Page  [unnumbered] the holy euangelycall reformacion, ye liberties and Franchises of the citie, vpon paine to losse body and goodes.

Item yf any doe perceyue any ma∣ner of practyse or conspiracie against the principalite of this city, or against the worde of god, and hys holy Gos∣gelly that he is būnde to come and re∣uele it incontinent vnto the lords of ye councell, vpon the said paine.

Item that no maisters of craftes, or prentises, of what occupacion soeuer they be, shalbe so hardye to gather or make any vnlawfull assembly, ney∣ther to vse from henceforth anye ma∣ner of ordinances or statutes hereto∣fore made amonge their companyes, but that they shal first present & shewe them to the lordes Sendicques, to be reformed by them according to their discrecions, vpon paine to forfeyt for euery tyme offēding .lx. shillings and otherwyse to be punished as the case shall require.

For brauling and scolding.

Page  82

Item it is expresly defended, & for∣bidden, to euery persō perticuler, and to all ingenerall, to braull, skolde, misname, slaunder, or sturre vp anye rumours or false tales, either to qua∣rel, or doe wronge to any person, vp∣on payne of imprisonment and to be further punnished accordynge as the case requyrethe, wyth the extremitie of Iustyce.

¶For tauarnes.

Item that no citezen, burgeoise, nor inhabitant of this Citye, of what estate or qualitie soeuer he be, hauing a householde or residence in the same, shall from henceforth eate nor drinke in anye manner tauerne, seller, nor cabyn whatsoeuer it be, nor any hosts hostesses, nor tauerners shall geue to eate or drynke to anye of the sayde Citesyns, burgeoyses or inhabitants vpon payne of .lx. shillynges, for e∣uery of them, and for euery tyme to be payd aswell by the hostes as the geestes, as is aforesaid.

¶Against daunger of fier.

Page  [unnumbered]

Item, yt no maner person doe beare any candell light, into anye stabyll, barn, or grange, or anye place where lieth wood, coale, or strawe, where is daunger of fyer, excepte it be with a lantarn, vpon payne of .lx. shillinges for euery tyme.

Item that no maner person doe shute of anye handgun, harqueboushe, or dag, within the walles of the citie vpon the same payne.

¶For suspicions and suppressing of sud∣dein tumultes.

Item that all citezens, burgeoises, and inhabitantes shall take diligent hede aswell by night as by day (euery man for his owne parte) for al maner of goers or commers, and in thys be∣halfe euery one hath aucthorite, to ex∣amine any suspected persō, and to dis∣couer and reuele them to the lords.

Item that no person shall take to them anye maner of person suspected of anye euell-conuersacion, or vaga∣bondes whatsoeuer they be: but such as haue no meanes to liue, shal depart within thre daies folowing.

Item when nede shall require ey∣ther Page  83 for fier, commociō, or other trou∣ble that euery man, shal incontinent repaire to his quarter armed with his armour and weapon, vnder the com∣mō officers appointed for that charge by the lordes, vpon paine of ye indig∣nacion of the aforesaid lordes.

Item that no straungers which haue not geuen their othes to the lordes, and be not inhabitantes in the towne when such case shall happen (from the which god defend vs) shal not be foūd in any place abrode in the towne, but being abrode shall incontinent retire into their lodging, vnder the custody of their host, vpon payne being found to be imprisoned, punished & chastised corporally, and otherwise at the dis∣crecion of the aforesayd lords.

¶Diuers other good ordinaunces to be obserued aswell of inhabitauntes as passingers.

Item that all persons aswell inha∣bitantes as passingers and straūgers which haue not geuen their othe to ye lordes, nor haue licens to dwell and kepe house in the towne, shall retyre within three daies, & depart ye towne Page  [unnumbered] vpon paine of imprisonment and to be chastisyd as rebells.

Item, that no citezen, burgeoise, or inhabitant of this city, of what estate soeuer he be, shall lodge nor take in∣to their houses any straungers what∣soeuer they be, neither let them anie house, excepte fyrste they haue giuen their othe to the lords and be receiued inhabitāts, hauing to shewe ye letters & seales of our sayd lordes, vpon paine of .lx. shillings for euery tyme yt they shalbe found lodging, or receyuing or letting houses to any, cōtrary to these present proclamacions, and further to be punished and chastisyd as the case requyreth.

Item yt no maner person shall kepe any Inne, tauerne, or seller, neyther to bake breade to sell, except first they be admitted by ye lords, with licence to set vp a signe, vpon paine to be pu∣nished accordingly, and beīg receiued they shal sell oute their wine to euery one for theyr money.

Item that from henceforth no hoste, nor hostesses, or any other of thys ci∣tie, whatsoeuer they be, shall receyue Page  84 anye trauayler, or passanger, to kepe hym lenger then two dayes, nother procure them lodginge in anye other place, withoute axing licence of the lordes vpon payne of thre dayes pri∣sonment, and to pay a fyne of lx. shil∣linges accordinge to the former pro∣clamacions.

Item it is commaunded to al hosts and hostesses that euery day they shal come, and reuele or declare to ye lordes al such gestes as doe come into their houses, and declare their names and surnames, and from whence they doe come, and thys to be done the same tyme they doe come, or incontynent after.

Item the said hostes and hostesses, shall take all suche armours as their gestes haue, as shertes of Maill, gons or pistoletes, and to kepe them vntyl they depart, and to bare them, but on∣ly their swordes.

Item, yf anye suche gestes shewe them selues obstinate, that inconty∣nent the hoste doe declare it to the lordes, that they maye take order therin accordingly.

Page  [unnumbered] Item, that all hostes and hostesses shal aduertyse their gestes and expres∣ly forbyd them, not to be oute of their lodging, after ye trompet soūde to the watch, or ringing of the bell (whiche is at .ix. of the clocke) vpon paine of ye indignacion of the aforesaid lords.

Item that no straungers be founde vpō the towne walles, eyther olde or newe, neither vpon the rampares or towne ditches, but shall walke on their waye directly, and doe that they haue to doe in the towne, vpon paine aforesayd, excepte in those cases the sayde straunger be lycensyd by vs the lordes Sendicques.

Item that all hostes & others, shall make their prayers to god and gyue thankes before meate and after vpon paine of .lx. shillings, & for euery time being foūde or prouid, and if ye hostes or hostesses be founde negligent and not doyng it, to be punished furder▪ as the case requireth.

¶For stretes and common places.

Item that no maner person shal en∣close or appropriat to hym selfe any parte of the common or streate, vpon Page  87 payne to be punished as the case re∣quireth.

Item, that whosoeuer shall fynde anie thinge that is lost, not knowing the owner therof, to bring it to ye com∣mon cryer, appoynted by the lordes, who shal bringe it incontinent to the sayde lordes, they to kepe it vntyll he that oweth it shall haue knowledge therof, and to render it againe, vpon paine to be punished as it foloweth.

Item that none shall kepe within the city nor limites of ye same, gootes, Hogges, or Gese, vpon paine of three shillinges for euery tyme.

Item that none shall bie any victu∣alles or marchandise in the strete of ye citie, nor folowe those that bye them to any such entent, but shall bie them in the accustomed market places, vp∣on payne of fyue shillinges, and losse of the things so bought.

Item that no such as doe bie victu∣alles to sell againe within the Citye, shall bie any victualies, before .xi. of the clocke, nor in ani other place then in ye common market places accusto∣med for the same, vpon payne of fyue Page  [unnumbered] shillinges, and losse of the thinges so bought euery time.

Item that no victuallers doe bring into the towne, any maner of victuall, and especially chese, butter, & fyshe, yt is not lawfull or good, neither to vn∣lode the same, but in ye market places appoynted for that purpose, vpon paine of fyue shillynges and losse of the goodes.

Item that no person shall enter vp on an others bargaine, nor come be∣twene hym and the seller, to defeate hym of hys bargayne, vpon payne of fyue shillinges for euery time.

Item that no baker, cooke, miller, or anye that selleth againe, shall bye nor cause to be bought anye corn, vn∣tyll it be .x. of the clocke, the prise be∣inge set by ye offycer, as the maner is, vpō paine of fiue shil. for euery tyme.

Item, that all corn that is to be solde, which shalbe brought into thys Citie, shalbe solde at the next market place to the gate, that it commeth in at, and shall not be caryed to anye o∣ther market, nor sold by the way, vp∣on paine of lx. shillinges.

Page  86 Item, that vpon the corn markets, the byer nor seller shal not be arrestd for cyuyll matters, nor commytted prisoner, from thence.

Item, that no butcher shall sel any fleshe, but vpon those market places appointed for the same, vpon paine of lx. shillinges for euery time.

Item that none doe brynge anye infected or corrupted fleshe vpō paine of .lx. shillinges & losse of the things.

Item that no person doe sell anye fleshe, before it be sene and tared by ye clark of the market, appointed by the lordes after the accustomed maner, vpon payne of .lx. shillinges and losse of the fleshe.

Item the sayde fleshe to be sold by iust & true weights vpon payne yt he that shalbe founde wyth false wey∣ghtes, to pay .lx. shillinges, and to be chastyced for desceyt and falshode.

Item, that no butcher sell the heades of anye beaste by wayghte, nor yet by peice mele, but whollie and by estymacyon, vpon the payne aforesayde.

Page  [unnumbered] Item that no butcher doe dysguyse hys fleshe, of oxen, steres, kyne, shepe or other bests whatsoeuer they be, nei∣ther to cut in peces the kyne to make thē seme to be oxe beffe, or stiere beffe, nor to conterfaite any maner of fleshe to make it seme other then it is, vp∣on payne to beare a torche in his hād thorowe the Citie with the sayd pie∣ces vpon him, and to be depriuid from the exercyse of butchery for euer.

Item that no butcher doe choke any best to make the bloude to staye in the fleshe, neither to sell any bloude from Maie to September.

Item that euery person shall kepe iust and true weightes and measures vpon paine to be reproued and chasti∣syd for deceyt, according as the case requireth, and to paie fyue shillinges to him that reuealeth it.

Item that no maner person shall contract or bargaine with anie of the towne which is vnder the age of .25. yeres, wtoute licens of hys gouernor apointed for him, vpon payne to lose the money delyuered, the bargaine to Page  85 be frustrate, and to be reproued by Iustyce.

Item that al commyssaries hauing charge, dizeners and other officers of this citie shall diligently take hede to the execucion and obseruaciō of these present proclamacions, euery one in his quarter, wtoute fayll, vpon paine to be punished as the case requireth.

Item that none doe enterpryse to doe, saye, nor contract anye thynges oute of this Citye, that he dare not doe or saye wythin the same, concer∣ning the lawe of god and reformaci∣on of the Gospell, vpon payne to be punnyshed, accordynge as the faulte requyreth.

Item that euery person is bounde to reueale to the Magistrates all such as they doe know to be offēders ī any of these present statuts either in part or in the whole, vpon payne to be re∣proued vpon the othe that they haue made vnto the Citie.

Item that no maner of person doe contemne anye of these present ordi∣naunces or statutes of oure aforesayd Page  [unnumbered] lordes Sendicques, neyther doe ab∣sent themselues, nor departe yt towne but to appeare when they shalbe law∣fully called, eyther in their persons, or by some of thers, or their house∣holde, vpon the losses and confi∣scacion of their goodes, and further punnyshement whan they shalbe ap∣prehended.