The lavves and statutes of Geneua as well concerning ecclesiastical discipline, as ciuill regiment, with certeine proclamations duly executed, whereby Gods religion is most purelie mainteined, and their common wealth quietli gouerned: translated out of Frenche into Englishe by Robert Fills.
Geneva (Switzerland), Fills, Robert, fl. 1562.
Page  69

¶Published in Geneua by the sound of trompet after the accustomed maner, decreed in the counsell, hopynge for better god willing.

LET it be knowen to you by the commaundement of our redoub∣ted Seniours Sendicques, & coū∣sell of this citie, yt euery one ought, & is bound to come to heare the worde of God, principallye vpon the Son∣dayes, and the dayes of prayer, and other dayes, when they maye haue time and leysure. Also that euery one ought and is bounde, to gouerne and guyde him self after the same instru∣ctions, vpon paine to be reprehended by iustice.

Item, that all men oughte and are bounde, to sende their children to the Cathechisme, for to bee instructed, that is to say, those which be of age, and haue knowledge to lerne, vpon pain to loose when they shalbe found lackyng. iii. shil.

Item, that none shall be so hardye to swere by the name of God, vpon payne for the firste tyme to kisse the grounde: and for the seconde to kisse Page  [unnumbered] the grounde, and thre shillinges: for the thirde tyme thre score shillings, and three dayes in prison with bread and water: for the fourth tyme to be depryued, and banished the towne for a yere and a daye.

Item, that none shall blaspheme the name of god, vpon payne for the first time to kisse the ground, & foure and twentie houres in prison, wyth breade and water, and. v. shil: for the second, to kisse the grounde and two dayes in prison with breade and wa∣ter, & x. shil. For ye thirde tyme, to be put in prison thre dayes with breade and water, and xxiii. shill, and other∣wyse to bee punished, and chastised accordynge to the extremitie of the facte.

Item, that none shall renounce, despyte,* or maugre God, vpon payne of amende honourable, wyth a tor∣che in hys hande, and in case that anye doe rebell or repugne agaynst suche good statutes and ordinaun∣ces, that he shall ouer and besyde the sayde payne and punyshement be put in prison thre dayes.

Page  70 Item, that none shal playe, or run ydlye in the streates, durynge the tyme of the sermons on Sondayes, nor daies of praier, nor to open their shoppes durynge the sermon tyme, vnder payne withoute anye fauour. fyue shyllinges.

Item, that none shall playe at any maner of game, for golde, siluer, or money, vnder payne of three dayes imprisonment, and lx. shill.

Item, that none shall make, nor cause to be made or imprinted, ney∣ther to buye, nor sel, cardes nor dyce, or anye papisticall thinges, concer∣nynge the arte of pryntynge, nor o∣ther thynges, contrarye to the bolye christian reformation, vnder payne of the losse of the marchaundise, and thre score shillings.

Item, that none be hardy to com∣mitt whoredome, or fornication, ey∣ther to be droken, to runne ydlye a∣bout, loosing their tyme, nor runne awaye from their maisters, or from their occupatiōs, but y euery one shal be occupied & traueil in his vocation according to his qualitie, vnder paine Page  [unnumbered] to be punished by iustice, accordinge to their demerites, and made an ex∣ample to all others.

Item, that none be so hardie in no maner wise to practise or procuer se∣cretly or openlye, to abolishe, stoppe or hinder, the preachinge and seruice of god and of his holy gospell, nor to aduaunce set furth, or bring in anye maner of papisticall law or doctrine, vnder paine to loose his lyfe.

Item, folowinge the same statute passed in the generall counsell, that no maner of person dareth, or bee so hardye, to moue, speake, practise, or procure, to solicite or vse anye meane what so euer it be, to alienate, trans∣port or chaūge in any maner of wise, the Seniorie, and principalitie, and state of Geneua, otherwise then God hath ordeyned it, and as it is at this present, but that euery one according to his power ought and is bounde to mainteyne the libertie and fredome of this citie, vpon payne to lose bo∣die and goods.

Item, yf any do perceyue any ma∣ner of conspiracie, or practise, against Page  71 the sayde principallitie, or againste the worde of God and his holye gos∣pell, that he ought and is bounde, to come incontinent to the Seniorie, to reueale and declare it vnder the payne aforesayde.

Item, that none say, or do, nor con∣tract or put in vre, anye thing with∣out the citie, which he dareth not do nor speake within the same, concer∣ning the worde of God, and his law, and the reformation of his gospell, vpon payne to be punished according to his demerit.

Item, that no man of what estate, qualitie or condicion so euer he be, dareth be so hardie to make, or cause to be made, or to weare, hosen or doo∣blettes cut, iagged, embroydred, or lyned with silke, vpon payne to for∣feyte .lx. shill.

Item, that none bee so hardye to misname, or report euill of the prin∣ces and magistrates, vpon payne to be put in prison, and chastised accor∣ding to equitie and iustice.

Item, that none bee so hardye to speake euil, or misname, or slaunder, Page  [unnumbered] the ministers of the worde of God vn¦der the same payne.

Item, that no maner of personne of what estate qualitie or condicion soeuer he be, shall not take or ioyne vnto him anye suspect person or of e∣uyl lyfe nor vacaboūds what soeuer they be, but such people that haue no meane to lyue shall withdrawe them selues within three dayes next folo∣wing, vpon paine to be chastised ac∣cording as the case requireth.

Item, that none shall let any ma∣ner of house or chamber to anye vn∣knowen person, without lycence of the Seniorie, and their captaine or dyzener, vpon payne to forfeyte for euery tyme, lx. shil.

Item, that none bee so hardye to walke by nighte in the towne after nyne of the clocke, with out candell lighte, and also a lawefull cause, ex∣cept those whiche bee appoynted for the watche, vpon payne to bee put in prison thre daies and to pay, lx. shil.

Item, that euery one according to his qualitie & power ought to be fur∣nished wt armour & weapon, & to bee Page  72 obedient to his capitaine, lieutenant and dizener and other officers appoin¦ted for the affaires of the warres vn∣der paine of thre traictes with a cord.

Item, that none shall forsake 〈◊〉 citie, to serue anye foreyne prince in his warres, withoute lycence of the Seniorie, vpon payne of the indig∣nation of the sayde Seniorie.

Item, that none of what estate or qualitie so euer he bee, dareth bee so hardye to oppropriate to hym selfe that whiche is common, vpon payne to bee punyshed according to the exi∣gent of the case.

Item, that no straunger shall sell any marchaundise, but vpon the thre market dayes openly, and in the com¦mon places, vpon the payne compri∣sed in the texte of the fraunches.

Item, that no maner of person transport or cary out of the citie any maner of buyllion, excepte he haue fyrste presented it to the maister of the mynte, vpon payne of losse of the sayde buyllion, and for euerye tyme so doing, to forfeyte three score shil∣lynges.

Page  [unnumbered] Item, that none shall bye nor con∣tract with anye of the citie, beinge within the age of .xxv. yeres, with∣out the licence of his Tutour or Gar¦dein appointed for the same, vpon paine to loose the money delyuered, and the contracte to be voide, and to be reproued by iustice.

Item, that no maner of persons, what so euer they be, shall singe any vayne, filthye, or dishonest songes, neither daunce, or make maskes, mummeries, nor any disguysinge in anye maner of wyse, vpon payne to bee put three dayes in prison, with bread and water onely, and for eue∣tyme .lx. shill.

Item, that none bee so hardye, but expressely defende generallye ye none do outrage, iniurie or wronge, to an∣other in any maner of wyse, nor also to moue or raise vp, any rumour, chi∣ding, brauling, stryuing, questions, or debate, in no maner of wise what soeuer it be, vpon payne of .lx. shill. and to be put in prison & punished ac∣cordinge to the demerit and exigent of the case, by ye extremitie of iustice.

Page  73 Item that no cittezen burgeoys or inhabitaūt of this citie of what estate qualitie or condicion soeuer he be ha∣uinge house or housholde resydent in this citie, dareth be so hardye to goe from henceforth to eate, or drinke, in anye tauerne,* Celler, shoppe, in anye maner of wyse: and also that no hosts nor Tauerners shall geue to eate, or drinke, any of the aforesayde citezens burgeois or inhabitaūtes, vpon paine for euery tyme thre score shillinges, payable as wel for ye hoste as ye other.

Item that euery notarie sworne to this citie ought and is boūde to cause to be sealed all and singnler publique Instrumentes, which he shal receyue accordinge to the ordynaunces of the towne, and make expedicion to the partyes vpon payne for euery tyme, three score shillings.

Item y none doe producte to helpe him selfe with anye iudiciall acte, or∣dinaunce, letters, patentes, nor pub∣like instrumentes, made and set forth in this citie, excepte they be first sealed vpon paine of .lx. shil

Item that al notaries be sworne to Page  [unnumbered] this citie ought and are bounde in re∣ceyuinge the Instrumentes of anye thinges recouered, dilygently to en∣quire and knowe of the parties what title, or by what meanes, they come by those goodes of which those instru∣ments be made, and to reueale it, and bring the designacions of all such in∣strumentes, which by them shalbe re∣ceiued into the hādes of the Seniors, committed for the chamber of ac∣comptes for this citie, euery thre mo∣nethes, vpon payne for euerye tyme .lx. shil.

Item that euery one is bounde to reueale vnto oure moste redoubted Seniors, all those persons, which they shall perceaue or knowe, to be offen∣ders against these present ordinaun∣ces and proclamacyons, of oure most redoubted Senyors, in all or in anye maner of parte, vpon payne to be re∣proued by the othe whyche they owe to the towne.

¶Made and passed in the ordinarie counsell of Geneua.