The lavves and statutes of Geneua as well concerning ecclesiastical discipline, as ciuill regiment, with certeine proclamations duly executed, whereby Gods religion is most purelie mainteined, and their common wealth quietli gouerned: translated out of Frenche into Englishe by Robert Fills.
Geneva (Switzerland), Fills, Robert, fl. 1562.

The order which ought to be kept for li∣tell children.

THat all cytezens and inhabitaun¦tes shall bring or sende their chil∣dren on the sondaye at twelue of the clocke, to the Cathechisme, which hath bene spoken of here before.

Item there shalbe a certaine forme or maner composed in the which they Page  [unnumbered] shalbe instructed, and they shalbe de∣manded and apposed in the same doc∣tryne whyche they haue before lear∣ned, to see if they haue wel vnderstan∣ded and kept it.

When a childe shalbe sufficiently instructed and haue passed his cathe∣chisme, then he shall recite solempne∣ly the sūme of that whyche is therin conteyned, and also shall make as it weare a confession of his christianity in the presence of the churche.

Item before this be done, that no childe be suffered to receyue the sup∣per of the lorde, and that the parents be aduertysed not to brynge them be∣fore that time: for it is a thinge most perelous as well for the chyldren as the parents, to enter into it withoute good and sufficient instruction, for yt which it is necessari to vse this order.

To ye ende that there be no defaute, it is ordeined that the children which goe to schole shall come to gether be∣fore none, & yt the maisters doe bryng them in good order in euery paryshe.

The others, that their parents doe bringe or send them.

Page  15 And to the ende to auoyde all con∣fusyon, they shall obserue as much as may be, the distinctiō of the pari∣shes in ye case as hath ben said before of ye sacramēts.

Item that those whyche shalbe by force constrayned to come, shalbe cal∣led before the Seniors, elders, or cō∣myssioners, and yf they wyll not be persuaded by good counsell, ye reporte shalbe made to the Seniorye. Also to take hede to suche whether they doe their duety or not, and that the com∣myssioners haue an eye vnto them to take order accordingly.