The lavves and statutes of Geneua as well concerning ecclesiastical discipline, as ciuill regiment, with certeine proclamations duly executed, whereby Gods religion is most purelie mainteined, and their common wealth quietli gouerned: translated out of Frenche into Englishe by Robert Fills.
Geneva (Switzerland), Fills, Robert, fl. 1562.

Of the visitacyon of the sicke.

BEcause that many be negligent to comforte them selues in god by his worde when they be in extremity of sickenes, wherof it happeneth oftē tymes that many dye without admo∣nicion or doctrine, the whiche at that tyme is most nedefull of all times, for Page  14 this cause we haue ordeyned and de∣termyned that none shall tarye three dayes in their bedde or icke, but that it be made knowen to the mynisters, and that euery one shalbe aduertised to call ye mynisters, whensoeuer they wyl haue them at a cōuenient houer, they not to with drawe them selues frō their office in ye whiche they serue in common to the churche: and to put awaye all excuses, we haue determi∣ned that the same shalbe published, & moreouer to be geuen commaunde∣ment by proclamacion yt the parents frendes and kepers shal not tarie vn∣tyll the person be redye to yelde vp ye spirite, for in such extremitie the con∣solacion serueth to smale purpose for the most part.