A good vvife Gods gift and, a vvife indeed. Tvvo mariage sermons. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.
Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654., Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654. Two mariage sermons.
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TO THE RIGHT WORSHIPFVL, AND his louing Kinsman, Sir ROBERT HARLIE Knight of the BATH; And to the right worthie and religi∣ous, the Ladie BRILLIANA his Wife.

RIght Worshipfull; A former Sermon of mine concerning matter of Mariage being now the second time called for to passe the Presse; In stead of adding to that, which some desired, I was aduised and re∣quested Page  [unnumbered] rather by others to annex this. Where∣unto hauing yeelded, I knew not which way bet∣ter to direct it than to your selues; ut whose happy conjunction some part of it was prea∣ched, the residue through streits of time being for that time suppressed. What then you should haue heard, if the time had permitted, both your selues may now reade (if you please) with some further enlargement, and others also (if they thinke it may be of vse to them) vnder your Names. Therein, as in a Glasse, as you, Worthy MADAM, may (I doubtnot) see your selfe liuely deciphered; so you, Blessed SIR, yea thrice blessed in this your happy choise, might learne, but that (I know) you are not now to learne it, what a pretious Iewell God hath in her bestowed on you, and how great a measure of thankfulnesse you owe to him for his mercy to you therein. Yea both of you may behold here, what a blessed estate and condition of life it is, that GOD hath pleased to call you vnto, where the same is managed through his grace according to his will; notwithstanding those vile and foule aspersions here in part Page  [unnumbered] laid open, that those of that Romish faction are wont to cast vpon it. If of those that abuse this holy and diuine Ordinance, and carry themselues otherwise therein than they ought, there seeme to any a Censure ouer-harsh here to be passed; Let them consider that it is no other than Gods word giueth good warrant for; and let them take heed, lest by censuring it, they giue suspition that themselues come within compasse of such Censure. To your selues (I am assured) no Apology shall need either for it, or mine addressing it to you. But hoping it will be accepted, as it is inten∣ded, as a testimonie of my sincere and in∣tire affection to you both; with hearty prayers to GOD for your happy cohabi∣tation to be long continued to his greater glory, your mutuall comfort, and the fur∣ther benefit of those that may haue depen∣dance vpon you: I commend you to*him, and his gracious Word, who vouch∣safe thereby to build you further in those good graces that hee hath begun in you, that you may haue inheritance Page  [unnumbered] with those that are here truly sanctified, and shall hereafter bee eternally saued.


Your Worships to be commanded in the Lord, THO. GATAKER.