An anniuersarie memoriall of Englands deliuery from the Spanish inuasion deliuered in a sermon on Psal. 48. 7,8. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.
Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.
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BE pleased (good Reader) to vn∣derstand in few words the occa∣sion whereupon this Sermon was preached, and thou wilt iudge it to be a kinde of necessitie to make that publike to the common view, which was first intended for the eare onely of a priuate Auditory. There is, we see, too great and generall a want (in these our dayes) of monuments and memorials of that miraculous deliuerance which God wrought for this Land in 88. When Tongue and Pen, Pulpit and Presse are silent for that, we may expect the stones to cry out against vs, and to celebrate that praise to God whereof we are neglectiue. But mans memory being a table booke to regi∣ster acts passed, and not able to comprehend all Page  [unnumbered] that is to be recorded therein, when new things of note come to be imprinted in it, the old are wip't out: so God affording vs a daily supplie of new preseruations, those other which we haue formerly receiued grow quite out of date, are rased out, and buried in obliuion. Therfore to reuiue this blessing (which ought neuer to be forgotten) amongst the rest in this Land, and for it to eternize Gods praise amongst vs, it hath beene religiously prouided by Mr. Tho∣mas Chapman (sometimes a worthy Citizen) that yeerely three Sermons shall be preached in the Church of St. Pancrace in Soper-lane, where he lately liued a well deseruing parishi∣oner: One of the Sermons to be preached No∣uemb. 17. in thankfull remembrance of the coronation of that Virgin Queene ELIZA∣BETH of famous and neuer-dying memory, with whose gracious gouernment accompanied much happinesse to our kingdome; but this as chiefe of all, (scil.) the establishment of that truth of the Gospell & discipline of the Church which we now enioy vnder our dread Soue∣raigne Lord King CHARLES (whom God long preserue a religious Defender of this truth and peace amongst vs.) Another Ser∣mon Page  [unnumbered] to be preached August 12. for our deliue∣rance from that Spanish Armado (in which course this Sermon was preached.) A third Nouemb. 5. for the preseruation of our King and State from that damnable powder-plot as yet vnparalleld in any age since the world be∣gan. In each of these we may behold Gods goodnesse: first in bringing vs to the glorious light of the Gospell by making that Queene a Mother ouer his Israel and a Nurse ouer his Church: neither was it lesse goodnesse in him to preserue vs in this happy state, then to con∣ferre it vpon vs; and this he hath done maugre the malice of our enemies, who haue not wan∣ted both power and policie in these their at∣tempts, yet when they were strong and many, our God was mightier than they, and there were more with vs than against vs: when they had laid their plots and traines, God con∣founded the wicked imaginations of those Achitophels, and let them fall into the pit they had digged for others. This good man, famous in his generation, in thankfull remem∣brance to God of these three blessings, in his life time solemnly obserued three Sermons, and hath left large Legacies at his death for their Page  [unnumbered] continuance vnto posteritie; that in succee∣ding ages fathers may declare vnto their chil∣dren how great things God hath done for vs in the old times before them. By this godly care of his, he hath built himselfe a monument of fame to remaine longer than those Aegyp∣tian Pyramides, or that Pillar which Abso∣lom reared vp in the Kings dale for the per∣petuitie of his name vpon earth. Thus they that honour God, God will honour them, in seeking the glory of Gods name, God hath made an honourable memoriall of his name to re∣dound vpon his owne head. He was second to none, being the first Founder (of late) of this pious act: but I hope he shall not stand alone, but that there will be many found to se∣cond him hereafter in so good a worke worthy the imitation. So now (Reader) I commit this Sermon to thy perusall: whilest in it thou seest Gods wonderfull workes which he hath done for our Nation, or what good soeuer thou shalt reape else in this Exercise, be thankfull to God and pray for the Author.