An anniuersarie memoriall of Englands deliuery from the Spanish inuasion deliuered in a sermon on Psal. 48. 7,8. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith.
Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.
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TO THE WORSHIPFVLL HIS VERY LOVING Friend M. Thomas Chapman, Sonne and Heire to the Religious Founder of this Exercise.

Worthy Sir,

WHat your selfe, and others with your selfe haue through your means former∣ly by word of mouth heard from me, you shall now vpon your second request receiue here in writing. I should not haue deemed it worthy the reseruation, but that it pleased Page  [unnumbered] you (who haue best right to it) to require it. In scatterd notes only (like Absyrtus his limmes) I had the summe and heads of it; which I haue againe here recollected, & cast (as neare as I could) into that mould and frame that it was deli∣uered in at first. If much seeme missing of that little grace that it then had, it must be remembred, that the liuelesse letter for viuaci∣tie and efficacie commeth farre short of the liuing voice. As it is, you haue it, and no more then your owne in it, from him, who for your pious building on your worthy Fathers foundation in this kinde, doth deseruedly affect you, and shall alwayes continue

Yours to be commanded in the Lord, THO. GATAKER.