A retentiue, to stay good Christians, in true faith and religion, against the motiues of Richard Bristow Also a discouerie of the daungerous rocke of the popish Church, commended by Nicholas Sander D. of Diuinitie. Done by VVilliam Fulke Doctor of diuinitie, and Maister of Pembroke hall in Cambridge.
Fulke, William, 1538-1589.

The 33. motiue is the 21. demaund.

Ecclesiasticall monuments and liuings. Churches the worke of the Catholikes. Vniuersities of heretikes and Catholikes. Protestants be vsurpers of other mens liuings.

Although a great number of churches, that are now * standing were builded by Papistes, and for Popery, yet not all. For the chiefest and most auncient Cathedrall churches, were neither builded by Papistes, nor for Po∣pery, but by Christian Princes and for the vse of Chri∣stian * religion. Of such churches writeth Euseb. in vita Const. lib. 30. & Hist. Eccl. lib. 10. cap. 4. where was but one table or altare, which was remoueable & made of bords placed in the midest of the Church. contrary to the po∣pish fashion which hath many Altars, and all againste walles or pillers, and the chiefest against the farthest wall, most commonly. It is a fonde reason of Bristowe that they were built for Popery, because they are builte in length to the East, or in forme of a Crosse. For many are built rounde, and those with crosse Iles, are moste vnmeete for masse at the high Altar, which they that sit in the crosse Yles cannot see. Likewise Bede, whome Bristowe in the demaunde without shame doth quote for the contrary, testifieth that the churches of the Ro∣maines. lib. 3. Cap. 4. speaking of Niua, one that was brought vp at Rome, which at a place called Candida ca∣sa now Whiterne: Made a Church of stone of an other fa∣cion, then the Britans were wont to build. These are ye words Page  97 of Bede of Stapletons translation. And concerning the founding of Ecclesiasticall liuings and Vniuersities, we know that the first dotation of Churches, was by Chri∣stian Princes, what if superstition hath added any thing to them? Nether the building of Churches, not the founding of liuings and Vniuersities, doth proue the builders or founders to be of good religion, not yet cō∣demne the vsers of such Churches, liuings and Vniuer∣sities, of vsurping or sacriledge. The idolatrous Church of Pantheon at Rome, was turned into Maria rotunda. Gregory councelled Augustine to conuert the Idola∣trous Churches of the Saxons, to the vse of Christian religion. Beda lib. 1. cap. 30. The Vniuersitie of Athens, founded by heahen Philosophers, was after frequen∣ted by Christian schollers as testifieth Gregory Nazi∣anzene in Monod. And if we beleue our English stories, ye liuings of the Idolatrous Flamines & Arch Flamines was conuerted to the mayntenancs of the Bishops and ArchBishops.