A retentiue, to stay good Christians, in true faith and religion, against the motiues of Richard Bristow Also a discouerie of the daungerous rocke of the popish Church, commended by Nicholas Sander D. of Diuinitie. Done by VVilliam Fulke Doctor of diuinitie, and Maister of Pembroke hall in Cambridge.
Fulke, William, 1538-1589.

The 25. motiue is the 9. demaunde.

The conuersion of Heathen nations. Caluines Legates in * India. The discorde of Protestantes. Iesuites Fryers prea∣ching in India. Miracles for our whole religion. The A∣postles were of our religion. The church is euerlasting and visible.

All nations that were at the first cōuerted to the true faith of Christ were conuerted by the Apostles, whose * faith and doctrine we hold, and will proue by their wri∣tings that we holde none other. As for the argument of ryers preaching in India & miracles wrought so fa. re Page  78 hence, with such great conuersion of the Indians vnto Popery, if it were true, yet proueth it no more then the preaching and miracles of the false Apostles Phil. 1. and the conuersion of the Gothes and Vandalls Crepides &c. by the Arrians and other nations by Nestorius &c. doth proue those false Apostles to be true Apostles, or the heresies of the Arrians &c. to be true doctrine. Wherefore not the Papistes, but the Apostles of Christ, were his witnesses, vnto the vttermost places of the earth. But of this matter of cnuersion, and all thinges conteyned, you may reade somewhat more at large in mine aunswere to Stapletons fortresse, where the same is handled. part. 1. cap. 16. & 17.