A retentiue, to stay good Christians, in true faith and religion, against the motiues of Richard Bristow Also a discouerie of the daungerous rocke of the popish Church, commended by Nicholas Sander D. of Diuinitie. Done by VVilliam Fulke Doctor of diuinitie, and Maister of Pembroke hall in Cambridge.
Fulke, William, 1538-1589.

The 16. motiue is the 30. Demaunde.

Page  61
Their owne Doctors. The disorde of Protestants. Luther *ondemneth our Pretestantes. Carolstadians, Zwinglians, and Caluinists. Luther corrupteth the Scripture to helpe his heresie of the breade to be Christes body. The head of the church to be a Layman is against the Magdeburgenses and Caluine. The prophecie fulfilled in the accorde of the Prote∣stants and Puritants Parliament religion. The inconstancy of Protestants. VVhat an impudent attempt is chaunge of re∣ligion. True Christianitie by Luther is vnder the Popedome.

The discorde of our owne Doctors: Bristowe would haue to be a Motiue against vs. As though it were not * as great a motiue against them, whose Doctors dissent as much as ours. To omit all other controuersies, when will they bee agreed whether the Pope bee aboue the Councell or the Councell aboue the Pope. In which discention they haue not onely Doctor against Do∣ctor, but also Councell against Councell, and Pope against Pope, and Cardinall against Cardinall, as Con∣stance and Basill against Ferraria & Florence. Nicola∣us & Felix with thir Cardinals, against, Eugenius and and his Cardinals. But now let vs see what discorde he findeth in our Doctors. Luther condemneth the Pro∣testants, Car••stadians, Zwnglians & Caluinistes in the cause of the Sacramet, The more was his immoderate heate and bitter zeale to be blamed, and their Christian mo∣destie to be commended, which notwitstanding his o∣uermuch vehemency in maintayning his error, yet ac∣cepted hm alwayes as a brother. The corruption of the Scripture wherwith he chargeth Luther, is a slaunder of his owne, for Luther altred no wordes of Scripture, but declared his vnderstanding of them, when he said, Take bread and eate his is my body. And this is the on∣ly discorde that he can proue betweene the professors of the truth For it is a meere sophistry of the ambigui∣tie of the worde head of the Church, that maketh that shewe of contrarietie betweene the Magdeburgenses, Caluine, and vs, who in sence and meaning therof, doe Page  62 perfectly agree as I haue often shewed. And Bristowe cannot altogether deny where he derideth the Parlia∣ment Religion, and inconstancie of Protestants for chaunging the title of head into gouernour, and then expounding the gouernment by iniunction. Whereas in neither of bothe titles was any other meaning of the godly sorte in the time of King Henry, Kinge Ed∣warde or her Maiestie, then is contayned in that ex∣position. In deede Stephen Gardiner (as Caluine re∣porteth) at Ratisbone, abused the title of supreme head, not more wickedly thē absurdly to defend all Pa∣pistrie, which thē was not abolished by king Henry. And against that grosse errour of Gardiner writeth Cal∣uine and not against our vnderstanding of that tytle. But the Apologie prophecieth that shortely the Lu∣therans and Zwinglians should bee accorded, which is fulfilled in the accorde of the Protestantes and Puri∣tanes, who in the demaunde he sayth doe abhorre the tytle of supremacie, If I knewe whome he did meane by Puritanes, I might aunsweare him the better, but seeing hee maketh Protestantes and Puritanes mem∣bers of a diuision, If hee recken the Puritanes for such as bee no Protestantes, let them aunsweare for them selues. If he calles them Puritanes which de∣sire to haue the Church thorowly reformed, there is no such dissention betweene them, but that they all agree in the Articles of Faith, maintayne brotherly concorde one with an other, notwithstanding in di∣uersitie of opinions concerning the matters and manner of reformation. But what an impudent at∣tempte is chaunge of Religion, hee will shewe vs out of Luther, which writing againste the Anabaptistes Anno 1528. affirmeth that much Christianitie, and true Christianitie is vnder the Popedome. If chaunge of Religion bee so impudent an attempte, why were the Papistes finding Religion quietly establyshed by lawe, so impudent in Queene Maryes time, not only to attempte but also to bring to passe in deede an alte∣ration Page  63 of Religion. But the Popish Religion was true Christianitie by Luthers confession. I aunswere, Lu∣ther did meane nothing lesse by that confession, then to defende any parte of Popery to bee Christianitie, but writinge against the Anabaptistes which woulde haue all thinges abolyshed which the Papistes vsed, he sheweth that such partes and Articles of Christia∣nitie, which in generall confession and acknowledg∣ing of the authoritie of the Scriptures, the Papistes haue common with vs, are not therefore to bee re∣iected, because of them they haue bene abused. Other∣wise it is a poore Moiue vnto Popery, that Luther by these or any other woordes did euer minister vnto you.