A retentiue, to stay good Christians, in true faith and religion, against the motiues of Richard Bristow Also a discouerie of the daungerous rocke of the popish Church, commended by Nicholas Sander D. of Diuinitie. Done by VVilliam Fulke Doctor of diuinitie, and Maister of Pembroke hall in Cambridge.
Fulke, William, 1538-1589.

The 10 and 11 motiues are confusely contened in the 34 demaund.

The Courches iudgement is alwayes infallible. VVhen by *Page  37Iewell the Church of God dyed. Donatistes and Luciferians a∣liue againe in Protestants. S. Augustine and S. Hierome were of our religion. Protestants in their owne conscience be against the Church which is euerlasting and visible. No scripture a∣gainst the Catholiks but all for them. Christ to be loued for the authoritie of his Church, for which there be playner prophe∣cyes then for Christ him selfe.

Although we should graunt the Churches iudgemēt * to be alwaies infallible, yet would we neuer graunt the popish churches authoritye which falleth so manifestly from the word of God, & thereby sheweth her self to be the malignant Church, & Synagogue of Satan. That the Church of Christ hath alwaies ben from ye beginning, & shal continue vnto the end of the world, we all confesse and defende. Wherefore it is an impudent slaunder of Bristow, to saye that by Iewell the Church dyed within six hundreth yeares after Christ. And that the Donatistes and Luciferians are reuiued in Protestants. For we nether say, that the Church is perished out of all places, except Africa, as the Donatistes, nor that it is become a stewes with the Luciferians. But the Papistes are more like to the Donatistes, which say the Church is perished out of all partes of the world except Europe, and in steede of the Church they defende a stewes and sincke of all do∣latrie, superstition & vngodlines. Therefore Augustine and Hierom be not of Bristowes religion, for condem∣ning those heretikes to whome Bristow and his Papistes are more like then the Protestants.

Nether doe Protestants in their conscience thinke the Church of Christ to be against them, because Castalio an Anabaptist translateth Ecclesiae the Churche into reipublicae the common wealth, or because many vse the name of congregation, which is the true signification of this word Ecclesia, as no man will deny that is not past all shame. That the Churche is euerlasting and visible to them that haue suche eyes as the Churche is, that is spirituall, we neuer deny. But that it is visible to the Page  38 world alwayes, that shall neuer be proued. That no Scri∣pture is against the Catholikes we graunt, but that ma∣ny Scriptures are against the Papists, it hath bene more then a thousand times proued. That the church geueth testimonie to Christ & that the prophecies of the chur∣ches euerlasting continuance are plaine & euident, It is no question betwene vs. But that the synagoge of Ro∣mish Papists is the church of Christ, to whō such credit or reuerence is to be geuen, that I say, if Bristow woulde burst for anger, against the Protestantes, he shall neuer be able to proue.