A retentiue, to stay good Christians, in true faith and religion, against the motiues of Richard Bristow Also a discouerie of the daungerous rocke of the popish Church, commended by Nicholas Sander D. of Diuinitie. Done by VVilliam Fulke Doctor of diuinitie, and Maister of Pembroke hall in Cambridge.
Fulke, William, 1538-1589.
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A CATALOGVE OF ALL SVCH POPISH BOOKES EITHER AVNSVVERED, or to be aunswered, which beeinge written in the English tongue from beyond the seas, or secretly dispersed here in England haue come to our hands, since the begin∣ning of the Queenes Maiesties reigne.

  • 1 HArding against the Apologie of the En∣glish Church, aunswered by M. Iewell, Bishop of Sarum.
  • 2 Harding against M. Iewells challenge, aunswered by M. Iewell.
  • 3 Hardings reioynder to M. Iewell, aunswered by M. Edward Deering.
  • 4 Coles quarrels against M. Iewell, aunswered by M. Iewell.
  • 5 Rastels returne of vntruths answered by M. Iewel.
  • 6 Rastel against M. Iewels challenge, aunswered by William Fulke.
  • 7 Dorman against M. Iewel, answered by M. Nowel.
  • 8 Dormans disproofe of M. Nowels reproofe, aun∣swered by M. Nowell.
  • 9 The man of Chester aunswered by M. Pilkington Bishop of Duresme.
  • 10 Sanders on the Sacrament in part aunswered by M. Nowell.
  • 11 Fecknams Scruples, aunswered by M. Horne B. of Winchester.
  • 12 Fecknams Apologie, aunswered by W. Fulke.
  • 13 Fecknams obiections against M. Goughes sermō, aunswered by M. Gough and M. Lawrence Tomson.
  • 14 Stapletons counterblast, answered by M. Bridges.
  • 15 Marshall his defence of the crosse, aunswered by M. Caulfehill.
  • Page  [unnumbered] 16 Fowlers Psalter, aunswered by M. Sampson.
  • 17 An infamous libell or letter (incerto authore) a∣gainst the teachers of Gods diuine prouidence & pre∣destination, aunswered by Robert Crowley.
  • 18 Allens defence of Purgatory, aunswered by W. Fulke.
  • 19 Heskins Parleament repealed by W. Fulke.
  • 20 An offer of a Catholickque, to a learned Prote∣stant, answered by W. Fulke.
  • 21 Hosius of Gods expresse word translated into En∣glish, aunswered by W. Fulke.
  • 22 Sanders rocke of the popish church, vndermined by W. Fulke.
  • 23 Sanders defence of Images answered by W. Fulk.
  • 24 Marshals reply to Caulfhill, answered by W. Fulk.
  • 25 Shaclockes pearle, aunswered by M. Hartwell.
  • 26 The hatchet of heresies, aunswered by M. Bartlet.
  • 27 M. Euans aunswered by him selfe.
  • 28 A defence of the priuate Masse, aunswered (by coniecture) by M. Cooper Bishop of Lincolne.
  • 29 Certaine assertions tending to maintayne the Church of Rome to be the true & Catholique Church, confuted by Iohn Knewstub.
  • 30 Bristowes motiues and demaunds, aunswered by W. Fulke.
  • 31 Stapletons fortresse of the faith, aunswered by W. Fulke.

These Popish treatises ensuing for the most part are in aunsvvering, & those vvhich are not (by Gods assistance as time vvill serue) shall receiue their seuerall replyes. If the Papistes knovv any not here reckoned, let them be brought to light, and they shall be examined.

  • 1 Sanders, vpon the Lordes supper, partly vnaun∣swered.
  • Page  [unnumbered] 2 Allens defence of Priestes authoritie to remitte sinnes, and of the Churches meaning concerning in∣dulgences.
  • 3 Stapletons returne of vntruthes.
  • 4 Rastells reply.
  • 5 Vaux his Catechisme.
  • 6 Canisius his Catechisme translated.
  • 7 Frarins oration translated.
  • 8 Iohn de Albynnes discourse against heresies, en∣•••hed, with an offer of a Catholique to a learned Pro∣testant: which offer is aunswered vnder the name of Ristons articles, by W. Fulke.
  • 9 Gregor. Martins treatise of schisme.
  • 10 Poyntes of the Sacrament.